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  1. Its clear to you but not to the handful of above posters. Therefore in no way is it as clear cut as you make it out to be. Pausing at 1:30 the ball looks to hit dead centre of his chest, as others have mentioned above. Had it hit his arm you’d see much more recoil given the velocity of the shot. Also the ball explodes in the other direction most likely as a result of hitting a solid object such as his chest. Had it hit his arm you’d have seen the ball lose velocity versus explode 20 yards in the opposite direction. The footage is anything but clear and concise.
  2. Big goal for Atiba in a big game against the league leaders. Amazing the role he is playing at his age.
  3. Can you post the video showing the clear hand ball? The one above is not clear at, I’d like to get a look at the angle you’ve seen.
  4. To be fair thats a tough call against Henry. I watched the replay half a dozen times and it appears to hit his sternum.
  5. Dont we not get fifa points against martinique?
  6. Why the hell does second and first place in the same group stay on the same side of the draw? Amateur hour
  7. Akindele scores in the first half of Orlando's game tonight. If he keeps this up he's going to push his way onto a Gold Cup roster spot, and deservedly so.
  8. There were concerns about how terrible the turf was at bc place.
  9. I think there were other contribution factors to Zambranos firing which were more significant than actual results.
  10. I was more surprised to not see Millar. I guess we're in for more of these surprises as our player pool gets stronger and tough decisions have to be made on playing time.
  11. Piette and Borjan equally to blame there. Either one of them makes a better decision and theres no goal.
  12. This isnt where i parked my car
  13. I took that into consideration in my 13 to 15K assumption. The top 10 rows or so aren't for sale save for special group rates. If the entire bowl was for sale, based on the whited out seats, there would have been over 20K sold which isn't the case. Probably only 21K tix in the lower bowl on sale with 70% of those sold. They're going with Whitecaps capacity of 21K versus full lower bowl capacity of 26.5K.
  14. going by the Ticketmaster seating map, looks to be about 13 to 15K tickets sold. should be a half decent crowd given that we'll lose a fair amount of people who wouldve bought just to see davies
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