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  1. theaub

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    With no Coman and Muller suspended, its basically him or Ribery on the wing against Liverpool.
  2. theaub

    CPL General

    Quite a waste A York/Hamilton match at 1 PM on a Saturday where TFC plays at 3 is a bit interesting in terms of drawing from the same crowd (although a TV doubleheader would probably be a good thing for the league if it inevitably gets there)
  3. theaub

    Milan Borjan

    What a night. Borjan had a couple nice saves including a point blank one against Salah late. Hopefully the CP story has something on him this time.
  4. theaub

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    This is a bizarre price structure. I was more than willing to support the league and put $500 into it for a pair of tickets, knowing that it would be unlikely I'd attend more than two to three games per year since I live downtown. But the fact that the lowest priced pair of seats is $1000 (estimate on $400 + 10% fees + 13% tax), and I don't even get an assigned seat for that cost? Laughable. What's the benefit of being a season seat holder over a single game ticket purchaser? A scarf that has my, uh, season ticket number inscribed in it? Just...woof.
  5. theaub

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    I have no issue with the Group D thing. In the long run it should incentivize minnows to put more money into their programs for hope of a larger payoff from the Euro revenue, and frankly if you include a potential host + winners of Group C/D, if you're not one of the best 21 (or 22 without a host) other teams in the continent you have no room to complain about missing out on the tournament.
  6. theaub

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Party at Phillip's Bakery. Lower Middle Street. (also its been over 10 years gah)
  7. Canada/Panama 2012 on a Friday night - which drew around 18K, which is nominally different than what Vancouver drew for their non-Mexico matches. But yeah this match is basically unmarketable. If you wanted to watch Alphonso Davies at BMO you could have paid $6 on Stubhub to watch him on Saturday and you also would have seen a far higher quality of play (not to mention is there any chance Davies plays in this with Vancouver playing the next night?). The number of people who care to watch big name club academy products can probably be counted by this forum's active membership.
  8. theaub

    Christine Sinclair calls out CSA

    I took it as nothing more than good banter at the time. It is unfortunate that people from all sides have to get all hyperbolic in their reaction to it.
  9. theaub

    Milan Borjan

    Yeah Red Star support is incredible. Their Euroleague atmosphere is off the charts too (probably get launched into the sun by MLSE for trying 1% of this in the ACC or whatever its called now).
  10. theaub

    Milan Borjan

    Nice clean sheet tonight against Napoli - made a few nice saves.
  11. theaub

    FIFA 19 Player ratings - Canada

    Ah yes its the time of the year to have an overload of fun creating squads/using the webapp and then the game actually comes out and its a horrible wasteland.
  12. theaub

    FIFA 19 Player ratings - Canada

    Surprised Borjan isn't in FUT since Red Star is confirmed to be in the game and seems like some of the other smaller leagues with only CL licensed teams (ie Czech/Croatian league etc) show up in the databases.
  13. Just taking a look at this and wow what a bizarre qualifying format.
  14. You don't fly Borjan all the way across from Serbia to sit him on the bench for a 17 year old. e: Due to U-20 qualifying being in November, unless he plays in Toronto seems like Busti wouldn't get capped until next March at the earliest.
  15. There is no way the pots will be based on WCQ results, they are definitely going to be based on the CONCACAF rating system (which had a Mexico/US/Costa Rica/Panama top four when they did the draw). Canada was in 7th in that, so winning all four matches will assure us of being Pot B, as goal differential is not factored into the calculation. e: updated rankings here. There is zero chance we aren't top eight if we win out. https://www.concacaf.com/en/rankings/mens-national-team