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  1. We must be pushing the highest attendance ever for a Canada game (men's or women's) in Toronto - certainly in recent times. Off the top of my head, the most I can think of is 22,453 for the match against USA in June 2013 - which was the last senior women's match in Toronto. Is there any Exhibition stadium or Skydome game I've completely forgotten about? With capacity now at about 30,000, we could be in the 27,000 range.
  2. Agree - looks like they opened the whole stadium for sale. Still some cheap seats for those that failed to order in time - including 114, which it looks like they just opened up.
  3. Not sure, given the entire tourney was on CBC, if I recall correctly. Perhaps CBC wasn't aware. Clearly the Yankee is bitter because the USA didn't even make it to the Hex for 1982 (unlike Canada), because Canada beat the USA in Vancouver in November 1980. I can only take it as a sign that Canada has significantly improved, if a Trump-loving troll feels the need to come here. We need to build a wall to keep these idiots out.
  4. That does make you wonder how the Italian community in PEI watches soccer.
  5. 4 years ago, BeIN didn't exist, and no broadcaster was going into El Salvador or Trinidad, etc., and offering to buy the Canadian rights for all 3 of their games. So Sportsnet could easily, and cheaply buy the Canadian rights for a single game - because otherwise, no one else was buying them. If TSN was willing to buy all El Salvador's games, then they could have outbid BeIN if they wanted.
  6. I just subscribed on Rogers by turning to Channel 391. It prompted me to subscribe, I said yes, typed in my 4-digit PIN, and 2 minutes later, I've got the channel. Not sure if that works for you - but worth a try, and probably a lot less paperwork. Perhaps your PIN is still like mine ... 4 zeros! (can't think how anyone here knowing that would hurt me)
  7. CSA is confirming it's on Bein on their website - http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-in-el-salvador-for-next-step-on-road-to-russia-p158847 No longer than a month normally. Perhaps less. They do have English Championship as well. And Itallian Serie 1, and French Ligue 1. And FA League Cup. And I watched the Six Nations Cup on it last year after the Iceland matches, before cancelling come summer. Looks like I'll be resubscribing as well.
  8. Bizarre, that wasn't what the website was showing me not 20 minutes ago .. it was only showing it on bein8. But it's there now. And on my PVR and zap2it.com on Rogers Cable 491. So we are all set!
  9. Are we sure about that for sure, in Canada? TV Listings say otherwise. I know this is all going to be last minute ...
  10. We're playing an El Salvador B team, that has everything to prove? in El Salvador? I know how this one ends ...
  11. To reply to my own comment - CSA has commented on twitter that the tournament rules don't allow for any additions. Not sure where I read otherwise.
  12. Have we added anyone to the squad now the international break has started?
  13. UHF 47? CFMT? Still on 47 - cable 4. Rogers Omni 1. TLN did show soccer back in the 1980s ... though not sure cable went higher than 36 back then.
  14. That means more Honduran squad members will be familiar with BC Place than Canadian squad members.
  15. Hmm " At the time of the game Garvin James was the holder of a United Kingdom Passport. He had a stamp inserted in that passport indicating he was a citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines by descent. This is a violation of the said Article 19(3), which recognises a passport as the only form of valid proof acceptable." I guess all those Welsh and Scottish players must be ineligible as well, given they don't have Welsh and Scottish passports. In fact,many would have no indication at all in their UK passports if they were eligible to play for Wales or not. Unlike James who did have clear indication in his passport that he was eligible to play for St. Vincent.
  16. Keep an eye out for it changing again. For Vancouver they tend to release more cheap seats as things go on; I was watching closely back in July, and the cheap seats would all vanish, and mostly reappear again a few days later. I doubt tickets will be cheaper for the March game, given that it's on Good Friday. (I can't imagine the March game being anywhere else other than BC - unless they want to play in the Big O).
  17. That's what we need. ... not only play on a pitch they are not familiar with - but also play with players they've never played with before ...
  18. The dates were all on Wikipedia back in July - https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2018_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_%E2%80%93_CONCACAF_Fourth_Round&oldid=673553914 Presumably someone was circulating them ...
  19. I suspect it is in Vancouver. But one assumes they'll announce all 3 venues. Presumably BMO will be September venue. So would Vancouver get both November and March? So possibly they announce March in Vancouver. And November somewhere that no one wants to go to for an announcement.
  20. Funnily enough, I think that's what the rights were being sold for ... peanuts. CBC has the resources to do a broadcast. It's the rights they can't afford. Surely CBC is the perfect answer. After all, they used to show Canada qualifiers, if my memory serves.
  21. I keep trying, and no matter what I do, I keep ending up with 18 points for Canada. Not sure how the rest of you do it ..
  22. Someone - I thought Alf De Blasis - was tweeting that last night, but it's all vanished this morning.
  23. They've said they are going to stream it on http://www.youtube.com/user/CanadaSoccerTV ... not sure what else you expect them to do for those that have poor TV providers.
  24. To be honest, the only game at BMO where I've seen the supporters get under the skin of the opposing players, was that 10 AM Thursday morning Champions League match against Dallas with only 200 or so in the stands (rescheduled from 8 pm the night before). And that's because there wasn't the background crowd noise, and they could hear exactly what was being shouted at them, half-way across the pitch.
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