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  1. I wondered last year, if some of the players were trying to avoid having to fly to Nicarauga mid-week. Guevara certainly looked like he was playing to go ... but some of the others I'm not so sure.
  2. ??????????????? I never said there were more TFC fans at the stadium than Impact fans. What I said is that most Impact fans failed to show up; from the shots on TV, the seats were more than half empty. Ergo most fans weren't there (as the game was sold out), so most couldn't have been ripped off. How did you turn that into me saying there were more TFC fans than Impact fans????????
  3. What comes around, goes around. Last year Montreal only got 1 point compared to 4 for Toronto, when they played each other, yet Montreal went to the Champions League, despite losing to Toronto.
  4. From the looks of the TV, the majority of the paying fans didn't even bother to show up ... so I don't think they felt particularly ripped off by the actual performance, as they majority of the fans didn't seem to care. The only section that seemed well filled were full of people in red ... and they didn't look too disappointed either.
  5. The biggest travesty here, is that this game was scheduled on a Thursday, with Montreal playing again on Saturday and next Tuesday. I'm sure had there been a better break before the next game, Montreal would have fielded a better team (though the biggest holes were from injuries and other absences). But the issue here, is that the scheduling was poor. Given the schedule, that Montreal would rest a few players was inevitable ... and in line with what other teams would do in a similiar situation.
  6. I'm sad to see such a "sore loser" thread here. I was devestated when the Impact "beat" TFC last year (beat in the never won a game against TFC sense). But I still cheered for the Impact once it was an International competition; and chastised those on Toronto boards who wanted only vengance. This isn't the small-minded attitude I expect on the Voyageurs board!
  7. Are these "stadium standards" published anywhere? I have to wonder about Swangard ...
  8. http://www.concacaf.com/view_article.aspx?id=4657 Same 13 stadiums as previously announced. None in Canada.
  9. Only way Canada would get more spots in the Champions League, is if they expanded from the current 24. If they expanded to 32, I could see it feasible that the first place team was seeded to round play, while the second place team went to elimination. It's not like USA or Mexico would get any more spots if they expanded it. Not sure that Wales is a great example. Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham, and Newport County can't qualify for a European spot through the Welsh system; I thought Cardiff were told by UEFA that they would get a UEFA Cup spot if they won the FA Cup, even if the English didn't let them.
  10. I remember seeing the Manic play at Olympic Stadium for a regular season game with over 50,000 ... so why not for a Champion's League Quarter Final!
  11. To be fair, he was playing with a concussion during the Guadaloupe game; that was the last game he played until 2008 - and many blame the national team for having him play when he shouldn't have. Though that last goal from Dallas was a mistake, but perhaps the first one I've seen this season - I think Sutton let the red cards get to him. Onstad might be a good choice, he's already played once in Toronto this year, so the field is no surprise to him.
  12. They seem to have added an option for Jamaica Support and Canada Supporter to Ticketmaster. If you select Jamaica support you end up in 119.
  13. Ah figures - I just get the e-mail with the code ... (though I'd have been asking if I hadn't gotten a ticket anyway). Looks like there are still a lot of seats available in 104!
  14. Or with cable. In Ontario Rogers carries all 5 of the Sportsnet channels as part of basic cable (though you need a digital box).
  15. Someone said Bernier - Star FM is still trying to figure it out.
  16. Are you sure? I don't see him listed at Fifa, not even as a sub: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/preliminaries/nccamerica/matches/round=250464/match=10000037/index.html No subs by Canada since Friend was injured.
  17. The Star commentary isn't half-bad ... seems better than some of the US MLS commentary that we suffer on The Score.
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