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  1. My point was that that Caribbean and Central America are going to be big trips in July for clubs, just trying to get their feet on the ground. I'm not sure why you are focusing so much on a couple of words in parenthesis - solely there to avoid the need for some wiseguy to start unnecessary posts. To what end? It doesn't change my point about travel.
  2. I was referring to geographic distance for travel for small Canadian clubs ... I mentioned Caribbean, Central American, and tossed in (or possibly South America) to avoid someone finding the need to point out that it could be even further! No I don't actually. I know there's always someone here willing to argue the most minor detail - I don't think adding 4 words in parenthesis about geographic travel in an attempt to avoid someone derailing the discussion is at all misleading! Sure, not much further than Trinidad. Though I think many don't realize just how further south Trinidad is than most Caribbean nations we play - only about 6 miles of the Venezuala coast!
  3. No I mean South America. There are three South American nations in Concacaf. Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Surely everyone is aware Canada is playing a South American nation next month in an attempt to qualify for the Concacaf Gold Cup?
  4. Why wouldn't they play in South America if one of the South American Concacaf clubs makes the Concacaf League? Looks like there's still two South American clubs in the 2019 Concacaf Carribean Club Shield, which is the qualifying process for CFU clubs to Concacaf League. Alpha United made it to Concacaf Champions League in both 2011-12 and 2014-15. It's a long-shot sure ... but probably not as long-shot as worrying about playing in Winnipeg in February.
  5. Ah, I thought Duane was talking about MLS owners being unhappy that Canadian MLS teams were blocked from the Canada 2 spot.
  6. Do the ownership of the other four teams even want to be playing mid-week in Central America or the Caribbean (or possibly South America) in July - when they might also be playing two mid-week in Voyageurs Cup that month? I'd think that most teams would be happy to keep it as simple as possible year one, while trying to find their feet. Is there any indication that the seven CPL teams weren't on board with this decision?
  7. Whole thing seems great to me! I'd even think some of the CPL clubs are relieved that they don't have to worry about travelling to Central America (or South America!) in July - I'd think that they have enough on their plate during the first season. We should focus on the positives rather than the incessant whining about how very mintor details could/should be different.
  8. On one hand they don't deserve it, as they aren't one of the top 10 (or even 16) teams in Concacaf. But on the other hand, you do want regional representation. If you strictly put the best 16 teams in the tournament, until recently that would have meant putting in 16 Liga MX teams! The other 9 teams with direct entry are arguably the top 9 teams in the tournament. I don't think a tenth spot for the Caribbean harms the tournament, and can grow the sport in the long term. If you apply the same approach further down, then surely Canada 2 should not necessarily be reserved for a league that's not at the top of the pyramid. Personally, I think it's great that a CPL team - that by your standard doesn't deserve that - is in Concacaf League. I think you need to look at other issues than simply putting the top 16 (or 22 or 32) teams in.
  9. Gosh, what's he been doing since he last played in 2017? Was he injured?
  10. Some years, the early legs for Champions League have been played indoors, at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal or Skydome in Toronto. One could always play in a bubble somewhere, without spectators. Though surely no need to worry about this until a team is close to qualifying. There's a lot of things that have to happen before this is a concern!
  11. Good point. If Guatemala, Nicaragua, and/or Belize keep getting disqualified, Costa Rica (or Panama) could even get 4 teams through Concacaf League to Champions League, based on them and Panama getting the disqualified teams' spots in past years.
  12. The comments at the time were that it didn't preclude the use for soccer and Canadian football - it only made the change-over time longer, which precluded games during the baseball season. Has there been any indication that this has changed since then? Covering up the infield doesn't seem to stop them playing soccer games at Yankee Stadium!
  13. Why 48 teams, when there's only about 35 FIFA-recognized nations in CONCACAF. Even with the non-FIFA nations there's only 41. Are they doing CONMEBOL and CONCACAF together? Though even that would only give 45 nations. There was a Honduran press report recently, that mentioned that they'd be starting qualifiers in September 2020, and the Hex be gone. It also speculated that there could still be a 48-team World Cup in 2022 (like 2026). Perhaps that's where the 48 came from? https://www.diez.hn/laseleccion/1229288-498/concacaf-tendra-formato-nuevo-inicio-eliminatorias-mundial-2020-qatar-2022
  14. Looking through the various Gold Cup announcements - there's no indication that is how it will work. But it's certainly a likely outcome. They could also use the CONCACF ranking that they used for the Number 1 to 4 slots (which I assume they did to make sure the USA was in Pot 1, as they finished 5th in the Hex, so could have been pot 2). I don't see the September CONCACAF ranking - it's November 1 now - which would also put us in Pot 2 https://www.concacaf.com/en/rankings/mens-national-team That's an interesting simulation. Suggests we could likely still finish 5th or 6th in League A, with a loss. Heck, even a Canadian 5-0 defeat in March we would squeeze into 6th spot, as Dominican only has 5 away goals, and we have 9! Though I wouldn't be surprised if based on recent performance, that St Kitts beats Suriname putting us in 6th before our match. I also wouldn't be surprised by a Cuba/Haiti draw putting us in 7th. The final round of games are generally more balanced. There should be less blow-outs. I suppose Montserrat could blow out the Caymans - but we are already 12 points ahead of them on GD.
  15. I don't see anything wrong with that analysis. Though there'd have to be some very unlikely events to put us below 10th, even with a loss, given our goal differential. Though with a loss, 6th may be hard to get. Our Tuesday game is literally the last game though. We may very well know our fate before kickoff. By Sunday most likely - only the Monday Aruba game effects us after that. Well - here's to 4 months of waiting ...
  16. I've never even heard of Patreon. One advantage of Pay Pal, is that it's been around long enough that most people are familiar with it. And seems to be ubiquitous. I know nothing about the financials though. Do we need a paid membership amount? In days of yon, such things generally covered postage and paper. Is it worth the bother to even track? There could be some income from ticket sales and merchandise. Would simply passing the hat occasionally to cover other items such as forum costs and wooden paddles work? Is there enough of us willing to throw $20 in occasionally, rather than push a lot of noobs to paying something annually (quarterly, monthly, ....) which creates barriers to entry (if only psychological). Of course passing the hat works better on a local scale, where we know and trust each other. Though I guess in reality the same is true of a system with fixed dues as well. One option is making the bottom tier free, to encourage people to join.
  17. How bizarre. if you read the previous paragraph it says "And in April, the field will be strengthened by artificial fibres that will hold the surface together, protect the grass and reduce recovery time between events." I confess that after reading that it would be April, I didn't read further. It certainly can't be both in April and an international break. So one of those sentences is wrong. Presumably the former - but the situation is hardly clear. Hopefully they have enough sense to stay off the turf in February and early March, and go back to playing the Champions League matches at Skydome (which is still an option as long as they have weeks to convert it back for the Jays rather than days).
  18. Previously It was widely reported that it would be done in April. When did they report it would be done during the March break - which starts on March 18th. That seems too early to me - they've only just put the new sod down. I'd think they'd want a bit more growing time (which could well be the reason they don't want people playing on it in March!) https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/article-after-mounting-complaints-mlse-moves-to-upgrade-playing-surface-at/ Gosh - a groundscrew - now that could be a cool piece of kit!
  19. Some of the teams with 6 points are going to play each other still in the final round, so not both can jump ahead of us. I ran through quickly and I thought that the worst we could finish was about 11th or 12th. But some seem to think we are in, and perhaps a more precise calculation would put as at worst finishing 10th. Probably easier to do once the final games are played for this round.
  20. Works find on the OZ app on my Android. 2.5 minutes in - beautiful picture - occasional stutter
  21. I'll be happy if it's a 3-0 win personally. We need a win no matter what!
  22. Not completely unrelated. With 10 Canadian-based players from four different teams - perhaps we are finally starting to see some real payoffs for letting MLS operate in Canada. The lack of the four US-based players who have been called up earlier this year, is probably just an anomaly. I'm surprised Akindele isn't there - is there a story there?
  23. The announcement notes that "Out of town fans can watch the match across Canada on TSN, TSN.ca, and the TSN app, and RDS2 starting at 19.00 ET / 16.00 PT" As they only note out-of-town, presumably it's blacked out in the GTA, so you'll have to buy tickets. (joking ... maybe). For those that don't have TSN, Concacaf's streaming site (which was very good quality for the last game), still has the match listed, with free access until December -https://www.oz.com/concacafnationsleague/video/b49247dd-8166-4b6d-9587-aa55cf6e82c9 So is this a new (finally) deal with TSN - or just a one-off?
  24. Provincial? I thought it was municipal support they sought, not provincial. Perhaps Vancouver needs a stronger, more efficient, amalgamated city council - like Toronto!
  25. If the fine print at the bottom of the CONACAF page for the March 26, 2019 match against French Guiana is to be believed, the game is going to be at BMO Field in Toronto. At 7 pm. https://www.concacafnationsleague.com/en/nations-league-qualifying/game-detail/440496#tab_match=match-details
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