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  1. Not sure if discussion on this has been started elsewhere, seem to have somehow lost my account for the forums, at least via Canadian Soccer News. Anyway, I take it we're still naming Players of the Year for CanMNT, CanWNT, CanMU21, and CanWU21? In order to reach more CanSoc supporters, I think it should actually be hosted mainly via the Vs Facebook and be allowed to be shared to anyone on Facebook (just because someone doesn't identify as a Voyageur doesn't mean the don't follow, and support, the Nats). I'd also suggest allowing people to provide their list of Top Three via Twitter as well, but I'm not sure how to prevent multi-voting (one person voting via all three channels) to skew the results. Thoughts?
  2. Jamie you got my DM on here w my address?
  3. Finn's is confirmed. It's also going to feature at least one Saskatchewan Summer Soccer Series promo for June 15th. Getting those details sorted likely by Wednesday. It'd be swell if the SKSSS could somehow be mentioned, or have it's logo added, beside the Saskatoon info.
  4. Scrap Gibson's. Viewing s will likely be at Finn's. Will update w confirmation once all the details are sorted.
  5. Working on Saskatoon right now. Gibson's looking likely.
  6. Saskatoon: Gibson's Fish and Chips on Louise and 8th
  7. Might be needing a place to crash the nights of the 26th and 27th unless the gf comes with and we go with an AirBnB. If the former, anyone have a spare bed?
  8. 1. Borjan 2. Cavallini 3. Osorio Honourable mention to Scotty Arfield for being such a critical piece of Rangers’ season so far. Had Milan not had such an excellent 2018 I’d have gone Lucas first. Cavallini’s been stellar in LigaMX. I’m so excited for CanMNT’s 2019 outlook. We have an exciting Nations League match to start followed by tons of potential for the Gold Cup followed by the first matches in Nations League A.
  9. He’s been drafted by York9 and it is being suggested he’ll be looked at as a player in their 18 right from the outset. What’s the skinny on this guy? Potential to be looked at by CanMNT?
  10. I'm looking forward to next summer's Gold Cup specifically because I want to see how our new high-powered attack fares against challenging opponents. Also, I want to see who Herdman selects as our primary back line for these games. We might get a preview in the upcoming match vs. St. Kitts as I doubt we'll run out a 2-defender formation this time.
  11. I wrote this for NSXI. Thoughts? http://www.northernstartingeleven.com/sitting-pretty-canada-at-the-halfway-point-of-nations-league-qualifying/
  12. Highlight of David's goal from Europa 2nd leg vs Jagiellonia:
  13. On the other hand we do get to see what mistakes the other clubs make this first year and, hopefully, are able to hit the ground running in season 2 or 3. Joe will be a great owner for the club - I know he will not spare the expense to put together a strong, competitive squad. Plus once things launch, if it does indeed start at the Exhibition grand stand temporary ground, that grand stand is a beauty and will serve as a fantastic first home for the club!
  14. Tuscan

    Victoria CPL

    Don't live there but for my two cents, I love the idea of purple as a main colour for the club. Those of us in BCF are continuously hinting at a purple-gold-white colour scheme for the eventual Saskatoon club. So if Pacific FC, as it is strongly hinted as being name, does go purple as a main colour, well I'd be jealous right out of the gate.
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