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  1. I'm Still not jaded! so yes, i believe come on guys a draw or a win is all i ask they won't do anything, guevara dives with them too
  2. had started going to impact games this year at SS, found out about you guys through the Ultras Forum, happy to be here. as well as in the kop
  3. 1-gianga 2- Christian B. 3. italianboy
  4. olgier c'etait un plaisir a la prochaine
  5. i dont think we are giving all hondurans there fair share of credit, theres gonna be idiots on both sides but after the game when i was sort of afraid to leave the stadium in red a couple of hondurans came up to me and asked to shake my hand, which i found pretty nice. with all the venom in this thread i think its fair to give the majority of the fans there some due and not associate them with those assh****
  6. ive suggested it earlier and i'll do it again. every major european international game has an away supporter section. what is the csa waiting for allocate 1000 tickets to the countrys FA and put out a Flat warning when you buy the tickets, opposing fans only permitted in away section, any violators will be ejected. its not that hard. then you push the rest of the tickets on canada fans.
  7. gonna be at mccleans at 5 get some wings in and off to the march
  8. http://www.meteomedia.com/weather/caqc0363 saturday afternoon to evening 70 afternoon, 20 evening. we're fine
  9. i just got back from picking up my tickets from SS unfortunately i couldnt stay for the impact game but there were 30 or so honduran fans waiting for the team, honduran tv or radio or wtvr it was was interviewing people and one of them asked me what i thought about canada's chances. i said honduras better not underestimate us because we have a strong side. the guy had a smirk on his face that i wanted to slap off oh i flipped off the teams bus too:P
  10. olgier i sent u a message on the UM02 boards
  11. i dont want that as a flag. i never said i did. i was just suggesting it for the others who wanted to bring the quebec one, it was a compromise if you want blue, its there. my intention was to find a compromise and not offend.
  12. fair enough but i havent seen any brennan jerseys or sutton jerseys on too many tfc last time or at the game in may... so its kinda beating a dead horse, just leave club stuff at home and wear canada red.
  13. if i wore a white impact jersey to a canada game at bmo...
  14. what about a canadian flag with a strip of blue ive seen those around... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Canadian_Duality_Flag.svg
  15. will move into 114after hearing this figure more passion the better
  16. 115 row 2 20$ a pop cause my friends cancelled on me... i rounded the price off i dont mind if you give me 18.75 email me will get back to you before midnight tomorrow night.
  17. razcle are we still on for montreal? those of us at mcleans can we get ours there too or would it be easier to meet you in front of peel?
  18. paul stalteri der der der der der
  19. ill meet up outside for the march. lets sing loud on the metro +3
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