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  1. I think DeRo himself would acknowledge that the first three games have not been his best work. It is fair to say that he has been one of Canada's most reliable players over the past 5 years. However, it may be time for him, Stalteri, Hastings, and Onstad to step aside and make way for younger players. I really wish Nsaliwa was eligible to play for us.
  2. As someone who spent the first 29 years of my life in Ottawa, it is with mixed feelings that I say that Ottawa should not be granted an MLS opportunity any time soon. Like a previous poster noted, USL yes MLS not right now. Montreal and Vancouver are more worthy at this point in time. Furthermore, I am not convinced that Ottawa would take to USL or MLS products. They are a one sport town (NHL and OHL). As for the march, it is a tough task as the stadium is probably going to be in Kanata by the Scotiabank Centre which is in the middle of nowhere.
  3. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/molinaro/2008/09/world_cup_disaster_canada_simp.html
  4. Gerry is an asset to Canadian football. His intentions are pure. I find Craig Forrest can be really negative at times. What do you guys think?
  5. Juby - Agreed on all counts. Let's try and stay positive on the board.
  6. No Serioux and D-Ro in the next game. D-Ro has been a bit of a disappointment. McKenna for Serioux? Hume for D-Ro? Things don't look great but let's keep fighting.
  7. Our under-21 team almost pulled off a shocker against Mexico just a few months ago. Our seniors will take it from here.
  8. I predict Atiba Hutchinson scores a beauty of a goal. Friend will score the second one. It is going to be a close game, but we will prevail.
  9. How do we do this? Who is the media liason for the Voyageurs? One very important question: Are the players gagged by the CSA?
  10. This is a crazy idea and I welcome all thoughts. Why don't we write to George Strombopolous of the Hour (CBC programme) and ask him to consider interviewing JDG, Rob Friend, etc... We need to write a letter outlining the following: - our players play for some of the best teams in the world yet they receive scant publicity back home. - our boys fly in from Europe to wear the red and white yet they receive little credit or attention from the media - our boys are model citizens abroad and are real ambassadors for Canada. - a chance for the players to voice their frustration with the CSA and a chance for them to speak about the paths they have taken to reach Europe -------------- Writing is not my strong suit by the way...
  11. Here is a sampling of the conversation Rob Friend has with his club manager upon his return from international duty: Club manager: Rob, How much playing time did you get? RF: I came on in the second half for both matches against Honduras and then Mexico. Club manager: Interesting, I didn't know that Canada had a better striker than you. What is the name of the chap who started before you? RF: Ali Gerba Club manager: Ali who? Which club does he play for? What is his playing history at the club level? RF: He plays for MC Dons in England. Before that he played for a B3 team but was not offered a new contract. Club manager: Who is your national team coach? What are his credentials??? RF: I am not sure. (RF is too diplomatic to answer this question as he knows where all this is heading...) ---------------------------- The bottom line is whether we advance or not, we need a manager and administration that will take us to the next level. We need guys who understand the game and the complexities of CONCACAF. ----------- I won't bother
  12. I say start Friend and Occean. Occean has been scoring goals as of late. Gerba has had his chances. I also feel that Friend would have scored on the header opportunity that Gerba hit the post on. I know it is a case of coulda, woulda, shouda...
  13. I agree. At the very least, put together a performance in which they can walk off the pitch with their heads held up high. That didn't happen yesterday. Any word on Radz?
  14. amen. lars, asmir, josh and monsalves represent the future of the national team.
  15. I am gutted. Let's see what happens in the last four games. There was no pep in our game tonight. If you don't mind, I would like to look to the future... If we don't qualify, DM is history. We have the talent and a lot of current players will be around in four years. We need a world class manager who can meld together a winning product. There has to be respect from players as well. I don't think DM had that... DM was in over his head. In 2006, Trinidad and Tobago qualified for the World Cup. They had old-timers like Dwight Yorke, Russel Latapy, Shaka Hislop and Dennis Lawrence. My greatest concern is that European playsers like JDG, Friend, and Hutch turn their back on the MNT in favour of their clubs going forward. The bottom line is there has to be a radical makeover of the CSA in which the CMNT is the flagship product and the players have to believe in the CSA. Onwards as Ben Knight would say.
  16. What Jono should have done is take the Dutch passport and play for us in the WCQ. Like Lars (has German passport), he could have had the best of both worlds (European player status on a club team and rep Canada internationally). Come to think of it, why does Lars have no problem playing for us unlike Tam?
  17. I agree with all the posts; however, a greater injustice took place off the pitch. The draw for the qualifying round was based on rankings before our great Gold Cup run resulting in our placement in the Group of Death. The European draw was based on current rankings. Where is the consistency? Jack Warner is a snake.
  18. Does McKenna have a realistic chance of getting some playing time?
  19. I for one am glad that DM is calling out the field turf. As an employee of the CSA, it takes major balls to call out him employer and the national stadium. Good on him. The majority of the football world plays on natural grass not field turf. Why should we try and go against the tide? If the CSA is serious about creating a football culture in Canada, it should have a world class facility that will entice top football sides to play friendlies, etc... His comments were in passing. I don't think he spent a lot of time on this subject. While he may not be the best coach, no one can deny his patriotism nor his commitment to football in Canada.
  20. I agree with changing the captain. However, such a change should have been made before this qualifying campaign. Would it not be disruptive to change captains mid-way?
  21. Can his place in the first 11 be justified given that he isn't playing club football at this moment or since late spring?
  22. Agreed. Anything can happen in the beautiful game. Let us not forget Gold Cup 2000. Didn't we only have one victory in the round robin? Who would have thought that we could beat the likes of T&T, Mexico and Columbia??? It happened. Don't forget last year's Gold Cup. How many people would have predicted last year's run? We have a good team. Si se puede (Yes we can).
  23. I agree with the points noted above. My question is as follows: What is the morale of the players? The comments from JDG were not very positive. We need them to shake this off. Can they? DM doesn't come across as very motivational. He seems rather aloof to me...
  24. Let me try and spin this result positively... At least, we scored first and did not lose. Maybe the buzz around this team will dissipate and the expectation will lessen, which hopefully will yield a positive result. Some positive changes can be made like: Radz for Hume Onstad for Sutton Bring Imhof and McKenna into the mix perhaps? Friend, JDG, Hume, Serioux all played well. We had the better chances for sure. The crowd support was phenomenal - a very positive development. it is toooooooo early to write off this team. we must have faith.
  25. According to the last line in the link below, the match will be streamed live: http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/2008/08/19/derosario_jamaica_johnston/
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