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  1. Seems like they are ramping up the ads, as there was a new ad for mini-packs this morning on 1290 TSN radio. And it did mention the home opener date in a "coming soon, don't miss out" style.
  2. Regarding marketing, finally heard a radio advertisement for Valour on 1290 TSN radio the other day. The ad didn't mention the home opening date or anything, it was basically just a general call to buy season tickets.
  3. Going to quote a post from a different (local) non-sports forum as it has some info regarding stadium set-up. Below posted by Buzzg So WFC have quietly been prepping for the first season of Valour which kicks off in April (brr). They really want to make this the best experience it can be. - only seats on the west side will be open for the games (no corners/end zone). This will allow cameras to use the platforms from FIFA and look better on TV with fans concentrated - all concessions on that side have already been prepped to be flipped to Valour red branding for soccer games. All F&B names and inspo will be rebranded. - they’re aiming to have almost no bomber branding in the areas fans will be able to access - blocked off seats will likely be tarped off like in Edmonton, looking at sponsors for them They’ve already received over 1,300 deposits on season ticket ACCOUNTS. Each account can buy up to 8 tickets once they go on sale. Expectation is that 2/3 will actually buy, and it’s reasonable to assume they’ll all get minimum 2, if not more. So that’s at least 2,000 season tickets already, but more likely in the 4,000 range. Considering some of the CanPL stadiums aren’t even that big, seems like a good start. I get the sense they’d consider a 5-6k average a successful first season, but that part is just my sense.
  4. By the way, link to article in the Metro about the supporters group Red River Rising http://www.metronews.ca/news/winnipeg/2017/05/07/winnipeg-soccer-fans-form-support-group-for-new-team.html And their twitter feed https://twitter.com/RedRiverRising2
  5. Like the link to Bomber colours; however, I vastly prefer their royal blue throwbacks to the regular blue/gold. Would love to see the soccer kit use the royal blue. And the name Winnipeg Valour is definitely growing on me - although if we call them "the V's" it might be too much for some to take.
  6. Bombers now have a CanPL specific web page and a form to fill out to get on their mailing list for more info on their plans (as available) and maybe more importantly, to indicate if you are interested in season tickets or flex/individual tickets. The more people who reply indicating interest in tickets the better, obviously. Get over there and sign up. http://www.bluebombers.com/soccer/
  7. Rob Gale was just on TSN 1290 radio in Winnipeg being interviewed, but I only caught the last few seconds as I was getting into my car. They were talking about CanPL and the upcoming WNT game in June. A podcast should be up on the TSN1290 web page soon enough. The interview was just before 3:00 pm Central. I'll post a link if I find it. Edit - Starts at 27:35 minute mark. http://www.tsn.ca/radio/winnipeg-1290/the-warmup-may-9-2017-1.747091 Edit- In the meantime, here is a link to interview yesterday with Bobby McMahon (transplanted Winnipegger) about CanPL also from the local TSN radio station. http://www.tsn.ca/radio/winnipeg-1290/mcmahon-lack-of-opportunity-for-canadians-in-mls-led-to-canadian-premier-league-1.746163
  8. Kinda like Flatlanders as a name. Winnipeg Flatlanders, Flatlanders FC, etc. We already have a beer festival by that name here. I've heard beer and soccer go together. Just need the local brewery Half Pints to sponsor the team. Nothing like the delicious irony of seeing the words Half Pint emblazoned in large letters across the chest of some massive FB steaming at you.
  9. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-pro-soccer-team-1.4103688 "For the past 18 months, we have been working with the group that is spearheading this venture and have indicated our interest in founding a club here in Manitoba," said WFC president Wade Miller in a news release. To me, that doesn't sound like WFC/Blue Bombers are the drivers or owners behind this, but are working cooperatively with whoever is "spearheading" the effort to make it work (and likely to reap some benefits from stadium use).
  10. That's why I was interested as well. It would immediately put Winnipeg on a very solid foundation. We know from experience that not all owners in Canadian pro sports franchises have had the financial capability to be successful. TNSE is currently constructing a $400 million multi-tower development called True North Square next to their arena in downtown Winnipeg to leverage their success with the Jets. We know they get things done in this town, so their involvement in the team would give locals ample evidence that this is going to be a serious league (and hopefully drive some ticket sales).
  11. I was looking for more evidence that True North was involved as well, but so far, it only seems to be that one tweet posted a few pages back about someone "hearing" that True North are involved. Early days, I guess, and we just have to wait for the details to emerge.
  12. Great news. Will definitely be at Investors Group Field to catch the action. Will be interested to see if Winnipeg goes back to the Fury branding or starts something new (kinda the same dilemma True North had with the Jets) .
  13. 0-0 full time. Mexico takes it on PK, 4-2. Silver for Canada.
  14. 0-0 at the half. Métivier subbed out at 40'. Not on TV until later tonight, just getting updates on my twitter feed.
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