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  1. I'd submit that the league is only interested in a certain type of corporate sponsor - using a Victoria example, I don't think the league wants the team sponsored by Galaxy Motors or Sabhai Thai, even if these companies were willing to shell out the $.
  2. Here is a somewhat dated list (2011) with the top CRD employers. Of the bunch, only Thrifty is even an option really. Looking at the list, what would you islanders do without mainland tax dollars to keep you employed? 😉 Also, why does the District of Saanich need 1,500 employees? If I lived in Saanich, I'd be outraged. Then again, people that live in Saanich are probably predisposed to being calm and mellow. -------- 1. Province of British Columbia (All Ministeries) Government 12,226 2 Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) 10,009 3 Department of National Defence - CFB Esquimalt Government 6,000 4 University of Victoria Institutional 4,886 5 Thrifty Foods Inc. 2,338 6 School District # 61 (Greater Victoria) 2,011 7 District of Saanich Government 1,611 8 School District # 63 (Saanich) 1,500 9 Government of Canada (All Depts.) exc DND Government 1,328 10 School District # 62 (Sooke) 1,300 11 BC Ferry Services Inc. 1,290 12 Camosun College (both campuses) 1,102 13 Capital Regional District Government 1,036 14 BC Transit Crown Corp. 879 15 City of Victoria Government 771 16 Victoria Shipyards Co. Ltd. Private 700 17 Canadian Corp of Commissionaires Private 551 18 Fairmont Empress Hotel Private 520 19 Coast Capital Savings (several branches) 511 20 Royal Roads University 427
  3. I never need to see Felipe again. He is consistently terrible - he doesn't pass well, cross well, tackle well, track back, etc. He does do a pretty good job of looking busy and appearing earnest.
  4. Was that the game we played the Christmas tree formation 4-3-2-1, which turned into a Floro friendly 7-3-0 formation late in the game?
  5. Here are Haiti's midfielders. You can see why he got the call-up. Qarabag is a big club, the others... 7 MF Wilde-Donald Guerrier 31 March 1989 (age 29) 43 9 Qarabağ 8 MF Zachary Herivaux 2 January 1996 (age 23) 4 0 New England Revolution 10 MF Charles HĂ©rold Jr. 23 July 1990 (age 28) 20 3 Cibao FC 14 MF Jimmy-Shammar Sanon 24 January 1997 (age 22) 3 0 Unnattached 15 MF MikaĂ«l Cantave 25 October 1996 (age 22) 3 1 TropezĂłn 17 MF Soni Mustivar 12 February 1990 (age 29) 14 2 Neftchi Baku 23 MF Bryan Alceus 1 February 1996 (age 23) 5 0 Entente SSG
  6. I blame Roch Carrier and Monsieur Eaton.
  7. Also, the difference in flight times is only 90 minutes. Something about the Earth being round.
  8. Could her brother's career-ending injuries in college have anything to do with her decision? I suspect so.
  9. On the radio yesterday, Dasovic said the U-23 team will play about 30-35 games this year, including trips to Mexico and Europe. He seemed unclear on who would be on the team (fair enough, it was his first day on the job). It sounds like it will be a mix of young guys on the MLS roster (Colyn, etc.) and aged out residency kids.
  10. Watching Okello is like watching Brek Shea. So frustrating.
  11. The way they are tackling, a red to Panama isn't out of the question.
  12. Panama had 5 starters in common between the two games. Based on the fancy stat, player jersey #, Guadeloupe got Panama's A team. Martinique faced a squad riddled with high jersey #s such as 14, 15, 17 and 18. The possession stats and number of passes also seem to support this as well.
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