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  1. I want to respond to two (relatively)recent points in this thread. 1. "let this stupid thread die" Why? Is it coming after you in your sleep? If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to read it. 2. Montréal metro ticket booth goofs. I've been to Montréal three times, and the only rude person I can remember was a metro ticket booth guy. Did they all learn customer service in Vancouver?
  2. Artificial? I may be a bit late as far as the current topic in this thread goes, but from the point of view of someone in Vancouver, the crowds at TFC games do a fantastic job. I haven't been to a match in TO, but on television things look and sound excellent. There is only one thing (besides the pitch, as someone else already mentioned)that I can see that is artificial and that is when the stadium announcer says "hold your scarf up high and join..." before O Canada. That is totally cornball and it makes my skin crawl, but other than that, it all looks genuine to me. I hope you get your grass pitch and more seats next season, you deserve it.
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    Name him

    A giant (sort of) screen at David Lam Park? Where did they get that, and where is it now? It would be nice to have at Swangard for the next year and a few games.
  4. That's a great line, I wish I'd thought of it. As a British Columbian, I don't find that surprising, but I do find it embarrassing. I've been to Québec three times and only managed to find two complete idiots. One in a Montrél Metro ticket kiosk, and the other was NHL ref Dan Marouelli who wasn't rude but was certainly incompetent.
  5. Free trade a positive?! I don't know the number, but I know the jobs lost compared to the jobs gained didn't make free trade a good thing, as well as all the other crappiness that came with it, like more control by the Yanks over us, while they still bicker and argue over softwood lumber tariffs that the WTO told them time and again they had to pay. Besides, during his first term in office, Lyin' Brian said he would never institute anything as absurd and disastrous as free trade. He tried selling the whole country to the Americans, and what he coulndn't sell, he tried to give away. He brought us closer (not in a friendly way, but in a big, pushy, obnoxious neighbour way to the Americans than we'd ever been before. Now look what it's done being economically tied and dependent on them with the mess they're in. They're taking us down the toilet with them. Cancelling Katimavik was also something that made me hate his guts immediately. Bastard. My god, I didn't think it was possible for anyone to think there was anything positive to come out of his being Prime Minister, especially now that we can see the real damage he did to this country economically and socially.
  6. Which brings to mind the old joke: Q: Why is American beer like sex in a canoe? A: Because their both f***ing close to water. And Coors, is about as watery as they come.
  7. Surely you're not talking about Brian Mulroney? You can't be. Did a lot of good? He did nothing good for the country and even left his own party on the brink of extinction.
  8. Out of ten, my opinion of our infrastructure: Stadia: (1) Name one decent stadium in this country besides Commonwealth. Even that isn't up to World Cup standards. Hotels: (8) We have maybe three world-famous hotels in Canada (Banff Springs, Chateau Lake Louise and the Chateau Frontenac). Two are nowhere near cities and I doubt Québec City could host a World Cup match. Nevertheless, we have other good hotels as well as more affordable hotels, motels and very good hostels. Public transit: (2) Toronto and Montréal have decent transit as far as I can recall. Vancouver has two and a half good train lines, but the stations are pathetic. Not one station in the whole system has washrooms. If you aren't near these two and a half lines (two lines share a track halfway through the entire trip), you'll have to take a bus...and doing that in Vancouver is a crap shoot. I'm not sure about the rest of the cities that could possibly be considered to host WC matches. Highways: (4) The highways themselves are quite good, but distances are huge, and trains between cities almost non-existent. Clean water: (8) Generally, our water in Canada is amongst the best in the world, I'm guessing. Proper health care: (5) OK for people who live here and have coverage, but sometimes wait times can be long enough to be almost dangerous. I'm not sure how it would be for someone visiting this country for a tournament like this and having to see a doctor. Stable political system: (8) This may sound backwards, and perhaps I'm opening a huge can of worms, but our political system is quite strong, especially with a minority government. (I'm not going to get into any debate here with anyone who has a fear of minority governments. Think US-style two-party one-step-away-from-a-dictatorship if you don't like the possibility of a minority government with a strong opposition keeping the government in check). Strong private sector: (4) Maybe I'm being generous. Every time I discover a Canadian company, it's sold to some American jerk the next day. How many countries have better stadia than Canada? You're joking, aren't you? How many countries don't have better stadia? Feel free to include places like Vanuatu if need be.
  9. I find it interesting that you highlighted the last bit of that paragraph while seemingly ignoring the rest of it. Let me make myself a bit more clear in case you didn't understand. ...if you don't care, why respond?
  10. Once again, it seems that only people from Toronto know what's what. The rest of us are all wrong. As for Saskatchwan, even a relief map of the province would look like a slightly odd-shaped table top. However, I would love to go there. I hope some day to drive across the country, and one place I would really like to see is Saskatchewan. I'd love to see the wheat fields going on as far as the eye can see, especially with a nice breeze. I would love to see the sky, both during the daytime and at night. In the daytime, I would love to see the sky in Saskatchewan. We can't see the whole thing here in BC. I want to see the whole dome of the sky covering the Earth. Also, at night, I hear people in Saskatchewan can see these things called stars. I've heard of them, but we can't see them here in Vancouver with all the light pollution. A friend of mine from Manitoba said about Saskatchewan, although I'm sure it would apply to parts of Manitoba as well, that you can watch your dog running away for a week. Or, you want to go from Winnipeg to Regina, pack a lunch, put on the cruise control and spread yourself out in the back seat for a nice picnic. You'll be able to see the next curve or approaching car at least an hour in advance. Saskatchewan may not be exciting to a lot of people, but one other thing it isn't: Toronto. In the defence of most people from TO on here, I would assume being Voyageurs and fans of the national team, these people are more open and knowledgeable about the rest of the country than their fellow Torontonians. It's a shame that so many people in TO give the nice ones a bad name. I don't hate Toronto, I don't hate people from Toronto, but the pillocks of Toronto open the city up to be the butt of jokes and the object of disdain from the rest of the country.
  11. Hoi there. When have I ever blamed the whole of Toronto for this? Also, when did I say I hate the people of Toronto? All I'm saying is that Toronto has an annoyingly high ratio of inward-looking people.
  12. I was watching the NATIONAL news a couple of weeks ago, and the newsdesk woman and the weather woman were having their little conversation about the weather. They were talking about the national weather, and then the news woman said "When are we going to get some real summer weather?" Well, it had been above 30 degrees for a week in Vancouver when she said that.
  13. Tintin

    A dry TFC game!!

    It is definitely incorrect to call you a fascist, since you're clearly an anarchist. You have chosen to separate yourself from the rest of society. We have to pay for ID because if we didn't, the government would have to raise taxes to cover the costs. I agree with you that citizenship should be free, but the only way to change the way things are is by voting in a government which will implement those changes. Unfortunately, you have waived your right to vote by not having ID. Not only is voting a privilege, but also a duty. In Australia, voting is compulsory. Once again, I don't disagree with you, I just disagree with the way you're going about it. (discover the two other spellings of "their")
  14. Interesting. I've been preaching this for many years, and I've mentioned it on this site several times since the Hondo match. "we are in between two oceans" Eh? What happened to the Atlantic, or was it the Pacific you forgot? This country is surrounded by three oceans. Although I really like option four, we would not get much competition so my vote is for option one.
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