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  1. 1. Matheson 2. Sinclair 3. Chapman Hate to have such predictable picks, but it wasn't hard to come up with these.
  2. It's been a while since I've posted here, and even a while since I've lurked, so... hi, guys. (I saw the TFC team photo with the V-Cup and thought of y'all!) Just wanted to add a couple of things to the discussion, here. First, WF has done a fantastic job of representing the Voyageurs over the years, and anyone with any connection to the V's owes him a debt of thanks. Second, while I never did as much as WF did, I was very involved with the Voyageurs Cup for its first four or five years, and was responsible for the communications with all the clubs (five of them in 2004! Can you believe it?) as well as the media and the CSA. If anyone is considering doing this -- and I know socceronly has thrown his hat in the ring, which is fantastic -- I just want to point out that you get a lot out of it. Understanding how organizations work (whether they're soccer clubs, non-profits, businesses, whatever) is really useful knowledge. Honestly, it's something I still bring up when I have job interviews and the like. "Volunteer experience? Well, you know the Voyageurs Cup that the Toronto team just won? Yeah, I was the PR guy for the first few years, and actually presented it to the winners in the first year." It means I do stuff, get involved, help make things happen. Just this past spring, when interviewing for a certain position, I described what I did for the V-Cup to demonstrate that I'm able to communicate with large groups and that I'm comfortable talking on radio and television. So there's definitely an up-side to being involved. I don't think I need to repeat how important having someone like WF around is, or the kinds of things that that someone needs to have or needs to be. But no one mentioned that it's really a good thing to do, and it really does pay off in a lot of unexpected ways. Here's hoping the position is filled successfully. And a round of applause, again, for WF, and everyone else who's contributed to the betterment of the overall group over the years. Hope to see it keep going. Okay, sermon over. See y'all in a couple of years...
  3. I'm really happy with the result; congrats to Montreal. What a great game to showcase the two top Canadian teams, too -- and Canadian soccer in general. Were any Voyageurs able to participate in the trophy presentation? I guess not, if no one's mentioning it; that's a shame. As the guy who presented the trophy to Montreal the first time (and yes, that's a moment I'll never forget), I'm sorry that we're not more involved. On the other hand, it was great to hear the words "Voyageurs Cup" again and again from the commentators. A pat on the back to everyone who's made this work from those early years on (especially DJT who, if you all will remember, got the ball rolling in the first place). I'm proud of the Voyageurs and what we've all accomplished, and I'm sure everyone else is, too.
  4. I have some photos of the trophy that were taken by a pro photographer when it was first made. I'm currently at a conference but I will dig them out and post them when I'm back (early next week). I may also have some photos from the inaugural presentation of the trophy in 2002... I'll do my best to find those too.
  5. Oh, you know, this and that... joined an Internet startup, sold some pies at BMO field, wrote another couple of books... keeping myself busy. I do drop in here from time to time but I'm usually so far behind the conversation I'm reading instead of writing. I've been here a lot more since the changes to the Voyageurs Cup though -- well done on that one.
  6. I was lucky enough not to be involved in the first scarf order. I will buy one scarf from the new order. Just let me know where to send the cheque/paypal. I'm really unhappy to see that the last order went so poorly... I'm fully confident that this next order will go better. M@
  7. Hey, all. I was there too, and what can I add to what's been said about the crowd? A sea of red in the stadium and fans in full voice. I scammed a seat in the top row at the south end of the stadium, right beside the steel drums and megaphone man. Those guys were a freaking party. So how many folks here were in the huge parade of singing, drumming fans walking in around 11:30? I was helping a friend set up his Suckerpunch lemonade stand this morning -- you think TFC had a tough time, try selling lemonade in this weather. I was the one yelling "beat the heat with ice-cold lemonade!" Tough crowd. Anyhow, I'll be working a lot more weekends and scamming a lot more free game-day seats this summer. Hope the crowd continues to be this great all season.
  8. Good talk, guys. I think that went really well. Certainly was a lot easier than my other appearance!
  9. Nope, I'm confirmed now. Remember, everyone, if I say something dumb, you could've come on yourself to interrupt me! See y'all on the ol' interweb-radio...
  10. I seem to remember them calling him "Wynaldo" in Sweden... and that was about as far as it ever got. I don't even remember him getting much time on the field. It's too bad.
  11. Guys, thanks very much for being willing to call in. I'm going to do my best to call in, too, but I am still not sure whether I'll be able to. But yeah, it's going to be a pretty easy time, and you're not going to be expected to know a lot or anything like that. Enthusiasm counts for a lot more than knowledge, which is how I managed to get through it last time. So Jamit, there's no reason not to call in as well. E-mail me direct if you have any questions or concerns that I might be able to clear up. I'm sorry we couldn't get a time that worked for you, Grizzly, as it would have been great to have you on board too. If I don't talk to you guys on-air, I'll be listening later that night. Cheers! M@
  12. Hey guys, Really, the more the merrier. Remember that you're going to have more people on your side (i.e. Voyageurs) than on theirs. Anyhow, below is the e-mail I just received from Brian. Note that if you'd like to come on, you have to send him: - Your name and a couple of lines about yourself - A contact number In fact, if you guys want to send this stuff to my e-mail, I'll send all the info together to him in bulk. Here's the e-mail.
  13. Check out my new topic -- details inside.
  14. Okay, so no Voyageurs on the Inside Soccer radio show this week. But I talked to Brian Halliday, the host, today and got an offer for a better deal. Brian is going to set aside as much as an hour of the show on December 2nd (no show next week due to the US Thanksgiving). And he's asking the Voyageurs -- as many as we want -- to call in and chat. The good, the bad, and the ugly, he said. As many as we can muster. So show of hands: how many people would be interested in calling in on the 2nd as part of a group of Voyageurs? E-mail me at mattbin!at|gmail?dot#com if you're interested, and I'll get you the details as soon as I can. Brian wants to get an idea of the Voyageurs' views on the state and future of Canadian soccer -- the Hungary match, the current state of the CSA (no coach, no technical director), the MLS in Toronto, the Toronto stadium. I know there are a lot of people who can talk at length on these things, and there's no need to talk about anything but what _you_ think. I don't know how Brian intends to handle all the different Voyageurs, whether it'll be one by one or all at once or what. But it should be a good chance for a lot of the Voyageurs to get on record about what being a fan of soccer in Canada is all about. Or not. I don't know if people will be interested. But if you are, drop me a line and I'll keep you posted. M@
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