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  1. I have an update. 2014 - CanWU20 vs Germany (U20 World Cup semi final) 2015 - CanWNT vs China 2015 - CanWNT vs Austria
  2. driving up fr Regina to Edmonton to watch U20 Women play in the 1/4 finals.

  3. Making the trip from Regina to Edmonton to watch U20 Women play in the Quarter finals.

  4. Making the trip from Regina to Edmonton to watch U20 Women play in the Quarter finals.

  5. CMNT U20 - 2 caps CMNT - 6 2004 - CanMNT vs Honduras (WCQ in Edmonton) 2008 - CanU20 vs Austria (U20WC in Edmonton) 2008 - CanU20 vs Congo (U20WC in Edmonton) 200? - CanMNT vs Mexico (in Edmonton) 2012 - CanMNT vs Honduras (WCQ in Toronto) 2012 - CanMNT vs Panama (WCQ Toronto) 2013 - CanMNT vs Mexico (Gold Cup in Seattle) 2013 - CanMNT vs Panama (Gold Cup in Denver)
  6. You fly up to Toronto for a CanMNT game but miss your boarding by 6 mins. Get a new flight that goes to Calgary first then to Toronto. Drop your stuff of at your hotel and just get the Canada vs Panama i time. Then are greeted by a song by some of the Sask V's and friends. " We're not leaving on a jet plane, don't know if we'll be there on time. " (made me and my bro laugh after a **** day)
  7. I like this idea, it gives people the chance to grow attached to the Voyageurs forum and then you are able to get your merc. The only thing I dont like about a membership is that I firsy signed up on the site while I was going to School. I was a great place to learn about Canadain soccer, I didnt have the extra money to get all of the sports channels I needed to watch Canada's game so I would come on here to find out where on line it was being streamed. So I dont think I would have paid to join the site until I became attached to it like I am now. The only thing wrong about Sebastien's id
  8. oh crap thats sweet that they will have that many teams in the game.
  9. Ya that would be great but I dont think Canada will be in that game.
  10. oh thats cool but this wasnt made to discuss what game was better. I dont say it to be a jerk, I just dont want this to become what game is better.
  11. or even have the design in the 2nd one black and white for a soccer ball pattern, it might be corny but the people who dont know who the Voyageurs are would know its has to do with soccer.
  12. It might be good to have "The Voyageurs" and also Canadain Soccer Suppers so people who are not Voyageurs understand what the shirt is for, it could help our numbers grow because they might not know about this site and supporters group. The Voyageurs might be well known in the big cities but not as much in the smaller cities. I like the 2nd design the most because the font is big, but also the 3rd one is cool too with the logo. maybe combinte both of them? just an idea.
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