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  1. A few players I don't recognize in the video. Hopefully someone can interview a trialist at media day. Global Halifax‏Verified account @globalhalifax https://globalnews.ca/video/5075343/kick-it-out-paul-checks-out-hfx-wanderers-fc-training-camp HFX Wanderers FC‏ @HfxWanderersFC 2m2 minutes ago 20 minutes until it’s autograph and media time here @SoccerNS #MeetTheWanderers
  2. By way of example Jack McInerney: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_McInerney Now on trial with Montreal.
  3. Yes, they are doing "okay". I want them to excel. That's my point.
  4. I think their communications department is in its infancy. You can see it in these type of errors: https://hfxwanderersfc.canpl.ca/roster Check out the roster pictures. At the very end Andre Bona is listed. Has anyone seen a statement that he's been signed? His picture is on the roster but he is not on the list of the roster below.
  5. Exactly. We're rare birds that scour the internet looking for crumbs of information on the team. We're not most people. Most people don't even know the league exists. Not advertising yourself to a wider audience is shortsighted. It could be a massive missed opportunity if a team in Quebec starts up next year and New Brunswick fans gravitate towards that team because they aren't engaged with a Halifax club.
  6. Article from last year when he scored against Ottawa: https://www.thestar.com/sports/tfc/2018/07/30/tfcs-ayo-akinola-has-tough-choice-on-international-future.html Akinola moved north of the border when he was one “I’m like ‘I’ve been here my whole life,’ ” he said with a smile.
  7. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/cbc-nova-scotia-news-march-18-2019-1.5061834?cmp=rss 14:45 CBC did a short piece on the team. I'm really disappointed with the club's lack of training videos and player interviews. I understand they are focused on selling season tickets but it is week 3 of training camp for christ sakes. Valour and Forge have multiple videos per day. Couple of things from the segment: - Ibra Sanoh was interviewed as a spectator. - They mention Christian Oxner having to compete with international players on this team from countries as far as Japan ( Kodai Iida) and Chile (?). It's possible they confused Chile with Colombia or someone got a scoop.
  8. “Calum Ferguson a different option for us as a centre forward with only Tyler (Attardo) here now and no Stephen (Hoyle, who arrives in a few weeks),” explained Gale. “He’s got terrific movement, a little explosive power. Stephen Hart (of the Halifax Wanderers) had offered to have a look at him as well as we wanted to make sure he had a couple of options with the expense of the trip across. It turns out Steve is looking at more of a winger and we’re still looking at an attacking piece. He’s come on to us to see how he fits in with the culture and the lads.” https://valourfc.canpl.ca/article/training-camp-recap-day-6
  9. https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/in-depth/canadian-premier-league-wanderers-start-to-take-shape-290886/ HALIFAX, N.S. — There may still be snow on the ground but training has already started for Halifax’s new professional soccer team. HFX Wanderers FC opened its inaugural selection camp earlier this week at the Soccer Nova Scotia indoor facility, with a group of 33 players in town trying to make the team. Of those, 18 are already signed and the other 15 came on a tryout basis. After two days, head coach Stephen Hart cut the overall number down to 22, with Paul Craig, Derek Gaudet, Rory Kennedy and Sam Karklins the only free agents still in the mix. “We have those four here to get more of a look and there was one player from that group of 15 that we were interested in but he picked up an injury,” Hart said. “I’m going to wait until he is rehabilitated. “We’re getting down to the last sessions of the week and overall it’s been good.” Bayside’s Gaudet and Halifax’s Karklins and Kennedy are the only Nova Scotians still trying to play their way into a contract. Craig is from Charlottetown. But Hart also said he has not yet finished looking worldwide for talent. “We’re still in a situation where we can sign players so I’m in no real hurry,” he said. “I have the working group that I want and I’m satisfied with that for now, at least until we find exactly what we’re looking for. “The deadline for final selections isn’t until April so we have some time.” Hart said it’s too early to identify any camp standouts, mainly because he’s still trying to get a clear sense of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. “To be honest with you, I’m still learning the players,” Hart said. “Some players have looked very, very good at times and others are still (adjusting). We have some players here who have never played on an artificial surface before and they’re still getting accustomed to that.” And as Hart had hoped, the pace has been to his liking and fits well with what he wants from his team in its debut Canadian Premier League season. “When I talk about speed, I’m not just referring to the ability to run fast,” he said. “It’s speed of thought, it’s foot speed — that sort of thing. So far along those lines we’ve looked good.” The Wanderers open their season on April 28 against Pacific FC in a game on Vancouver Island. Their home opener will be May 4 against Forge FC of Hamilton at the Wanderers Grounds.
  10. Any word on forwards on trial or rumors of other canadian strikers they are waiting on?
  11. I can't tell when Derek Martin started to follow Hume but it is his most recent follow. Again, speculation. Schaale and Hocine will be key to the back line IMO. Both 6'3" and 6'5" respectively, with a 6'4" goalkeeper we should be difficult to score on on set pieces.....at least theoretically. I'm really excited to see Simmons, Langwa, Perea, Guti and Lamy. I'm also anxious to see the completed rosters of other clubs. I feel like there will be marquee names added in April to the CFL backed clubs. It's hard to gauge how well we rank in comparison.
  12. Interesting twitter speculation...Derek Martin is following Ian Hume on twitter. I think he is or will soon be out of contract with his Indian Club
  13. I can't tell if I'm being too picky because this is my CPL team but.... they are significantly lacking in marketing polish behind Victoria, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Hamilton. We've seen local media and interviews with players daily. If you're out of market (Halifax) and trying to chose a team, access to team updates with prove crucial to grow the brand and its reach. Having been born and raised there its not a choice for me but to some it might be. It will be interesting to see if the marketing increases post USports Final 8 Bastkeball Tournament
  14. Quick question: How can HFX sign Bona or Schaale with all the international spots taken?
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