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  1. If you listen to Jonathan Hammond's interview with Langwa (highly recommended), Langwa describes John as captain material without saying it, however, I think it will be Williams.
  2. I'm thinking Perea, Iida Garcia, Simmons, Ouattara, Guti Langwa, Schaale, Hocine, Sukunda Williams It's harder than you think to get 6 Canadians in the squad with Williams starting. I'm also unsure about the rule for USport Players being considered Canadian for a portion of time. If anyone can explain that one it would be helpful. With Simmons being #8 I seem him as a lock at CM. With Iida being #9 he must be a starter but will be interchanged with Lamy. With Guti being #7 he will probably attack from the wings rather than centrally. I see our wingers lining up with a Left Foot/Right Wing and Right Foot/Left Wing scenario to cut into the attack rather than pump crosses in. With Langwa & Sakunda having high numbers I think that is indicative of playing attacking wing-backs. I see the Langwa & Sukunda providing the crosses into Perea. Ouattara and John will be interchanged depending on a Canadian playing on the wing or striker in the starting lineup. I like our roster construction in the midfield and our defence, however, we need to supplement our attack from Perea and Guti. Hume and Simeon Jackson please
  3. https://globalnews.ca/video/5132571/hfx-wanderers-fc-reveal-home-and-away-kits-for-inaugural-season Home opener is sold out
  4. Found a glitch in the matrix. If you try to order a jersey with a player's name they have the entire roster including the new signings from today with the associated jersey number. https://shop.canpl.ca/halifax-wanderers-macron-authentic-home-cpl-soccer-jersey.html A player listed on the jersey site that has not been officially signed - Tomasz Skublak - Forward - USF NCAA. Too add to our list of nicknames - Skoobie https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer/college-player-profile/tomasz-skublak/cpid-117515 http://www.usforacle.com/news/view.php/1034389/Skublak-ready-to-return-to-action-agains Also, it is interesting the numbers for players and implications for positions: Bona 3 De Carolis 24 Al Aziz Yousef 22 Firth 15 Garcia 11 Gutierrez 7 Hocine 4 IIDA 9 John 5 Kourouma 12 Lamy 14 Langwa 20 N'Sa 6 Ouattara 13 Oxner 50 Perea 10 Rampersad 18 Schaale 2 Simmons 8 Skublak - 17 Sukunda - 25
  5. Didn't know that http://www.ottawacitizen.com/sports/Lansdowne+four/3088378/story.html
  6. Love the home kit. The away kit is warming up to me too. Great start and a good template to build off of each year.
  7. Totally agree on all points - JamboAI
  8. I think it's simple and it revolves around money. I'm assuming the decision was made by the Board of Directors. Entering the CPL would have been 3 leagues in less than a decade and a franchise fee for each league. Example: USL Championship - The USL, as of 2016, had an initial franchise fee of $3 million. https://www.soctakes.com/2017/10/31/usl-franchise-agreement/ Let's say NASL was $2 Million Let's say CPl is $1 Million Total $6 Million + for the right to kick a soccer ball Assume the decision had to be made by the Fall of 2018 to switch leagues. At that point in time, the Volkswagen and MediaPro deals had not been announced. At that point in time, the first 8 signings for the league had occurred and they weren't forecasting a high level league. Now couple that with poor financial results for the Club and poor financial results for the real estate development. If you are sitting on the Board of Directors or Management with a fiduciary responsibility to Stakeholders, the decision is quite easy to make. Wait and see. Below is the BoD makeup with Pugh as the only one with a soccer background. Shenkman, Greenberg, Ruddy (Investors/RE Developers) Hunt (CFL, OHL) Pugh (Fury). All comments out of Mark Goudie and De Guzman are just window dressing to a decision made by the BoD in my opinion. Quite frankly, if the franchise fee for CPL team is the same 2 years from now, I may have made the same decision. Keeping in mind, we know more about the league now then when the decision would have been made. I think it was shortsighted but understandable. It should also be pointed out the John Pugh is a Board Member of the CSA. They had no idea there would be a risk with CONCACAF. As a side bar, I think "The Original 7" is fitting given the NHL has the "Original 6"
  9. https://canpl.ca/video/martin-nash-jordan-santiago-join-cavalry-fc-coaching-staff Jordan Santiago is part of the Cavalry coaching staff.
  10. Interview with Zoom Langwa with Jonathan Hammond (Trialist turned Podcaster) https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-kuxei-ac448c#.XJzyc2kzI1Q.twitter Amazing insight!
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/laryea-knows-it-will-be-something-special-to-play-for-hometown-team~1645637
  12. I found this interesting and CMNT implications: “We’ve added Richie (Laryea), which is really nice. We’re developing him as a right back and he’s been fantastic in that learning process." https://torontosun.com/sports/soccer/mls/toronto-fc/tfc-gm-ali-curtis-has-south-america-on-his-radar-in-the-search-for-more-depth
  13. A few players I don't recognize in the video. Hopefully someone can interview a trialist at media day. Global Halifax‏Verified account @globalhalifax https://globalnews.ca/video/5075343/kick-it-out-paul-checks-out-hfx-wanderers-fc-training-camp HFX Wanderers FC‏ @HfxWanderersFC 2m2 minutes ago 20 minutes until it’s autograph and media time here @SoccerNS #MeetTheWanderers
  14. By way of example Jack McInerney: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_McInerney Now on trial with Montreal.
  15. Yes, they are doing "okay". I want them to excel. That's my point.
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