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  1. I see CSA prefer checks over stripes as well.
  2. You can sign someone for cheap then rely on companies to pay sponsorship money to the player to get around the salary cap. Not only that, but you can also promise a job after contract is over.
  3. TFC07

    CPL General

    Salary cap isn't a good idea because it will limit bigger teams of signing "high profile" players which CPL needs to attract sponsors, media and fans to their product. (You gotta spend money to make money). But I am glad to read that they're getting close to signing a kit and media deal. CPL needs to find a way to be on TV both in Canada and internationally. As for Ottawa, I am sure they will eventually come around and join CPL in few years. (USL isn't sustainable for Canadian clubs...just look at TFC2 as proof who joining lower level USL2 next year so they can cut costs)
  4. I am out going to waste my time since you haven't done your research but a lot of things you say doesn't make sense. (Google is your friend) 1. Mississauga has been trying to get out of Peel region for a while because they feel like a city of own identity and want to have their own services instead of sharing it with rest of region. Not only that, but they even try to get rid of "Welcome to Toronto" signs in Pearson airport and try to replace with Welcome to Mississauga signs not too long ago. What other evidence you want here? 2. Raptors 905: https://raptors905.gleague.nba.com/raptors-905-faqs/ This will answer your questions about 905 identity and how they market themselves. 3. I am not sure why you bringing hockey into this because that sport isn't popular in Mississauga. Soccer is completely different sport for completely different demographic. Not only that, but CPL is marketing themselves as tier one league not junior league. But if you want go that route then how come TFC2 failed so miserably in Vaughan? Vaughan and rest of region already prove they can't support pro soccer. So York9 struggling shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Using semi pro leagues with audience of family and friends in the attendance isn't good measuring stick. 4. York region (especially Vaughan) have always consider themsevles part of Toronto. Do you remember what Vaughan old city motto? Now they got TTC subway running in their city, they probably feel more part of Toronto.
  5. Junior hockey always been a failure in GTA. (Brampton and Mississauga) The reason Mississauga will succeed because people there have pride for their city and soccer is massive in that market. Also, Mississauga is one of those so called urban suburb town. Plus, Raptors 905 team plays in that city and they're doing reasonably well. York region is more rural and a lot of people living there view themselves more as part of Toronto than part of York region. This is reason why York9 is struggling to get people to buy into their club. Funny enough, I feel like junior hockey will do well in that region than soccer. lol
  6. York 9 are going to be Argos of CPL...lol But on serious note, I am not surprised about lack of interest from people living in that region. If CPL is going to be successful in GTA, then it will be bigger GTA cities like Mississauga that do well in the stands.
  7. TFC07

    CPL General

    Isn't anyone concern about lack of promotion during World cup on TV? You were think that CPL will try to promote the league by running ads and trying to get some time to talk about the league in front of million of viewers.
  8. Problem is that there's lack of civic pride in York region. In fact, Vaughan's old city moto was "the city above Toronto". So I am not surprised to see low ticket sales. If you want to put a team in GTA, then you need go to Mississauga or even Brampton where there's more people who take pride in their cities and have sort of identity.
  9. I found this on twiiter: York university will be ideal place for them especially with subway running there now. I am assuming stadium being built in Vaughan will be on OSC ground.
  10. I wonder if York9 going to be playing at OSC where TFC 2 used to play? I am not sure how they're going to manage to get people coming to their games especially after they failed to support TFC2. To be honest, Brampton and Mississauga should have been first GTA teams (bigger cities with strong soccer grassroot). Plus, they could have provided a better rivalry to Hamilton compare to York.
  11. Yeah since you guys speak for rest of us. .
  12. I have sat in east, west and even north stand (before they got rid of it) and I never hear people bashing Canadian players unless they're having a bad game.
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