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  1. All updated, DoyleG, can you check to see if I have counted this correctly?
  2. Lots of hockey cards or sports cards aren't worth much now because boomers started dumping their collections for retirement money. Wait for the boomers to die, then profit
  3. *Thinks to myself* I wonder what all the latest information is on Davies, I'd better check the V's site. *Enters the tread* Where is the Davies stuff? All I see are Canadian's acting self-righteous about American politics and social issues. Canadians never do that sort of thing ever! *Shows myself out*
  4. Maybe if the Jays want to go to the World Series they can hire a coach that won the Little League World Series
  5. De Guzman wouldn't be eligible to play for Canada anyway because he is no longer a citizen.
  6. Alphonso Davies, Alphonso Davies! You can meet my sister and make many babies! Alphonso Davies, Alphonso Davies! You score goals like no other, would you please meet my mother? I like this kid alot
  7. I will count the men's Pan-am games as U23. However, the women had no age limit right? I think I will count those as full women's cap's. So 1 CMNT, 3 U23CMNT, 6 CWNT.
  8. Hey do you have an old user name? It counts, so two CWNT? Welcome to the list! All updated
  9. I could get in on this, but I potentially have some people visiting me here; I need two weeks to confirm. I'd be flying in from Moscow, so is there a possibility I could get in on the V's accommodation arrangements if this is a Trevor organized trip?
  10. Glad to see something that will benefit Canada. Now we run the mafia in Concacaf let's use it
  11. What would the price difference be on certain products? We all want to make Canada great again and stop China from ripping us off. Maybe we can find a way to not pay tax? (I vote made in Canada)
  12. Question, where did you read he isn't a citizen? He's suited up for Canadian youth teams in the past.
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