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  1. Oh yeah, you two guys and some others here are an embarrassment. You seem to have something against anyone with a passion for the game. By the way, are you guys hot for each other, the back and forth between the two of you seems to suggest some sort of relationship.
  2. See, earlimus, you are such a dip**** that you cant even see what a hypocrite you are. I'm glad that I annoyed you in your post enough to make you make this rant. I never posted about being superior to you, even though I am. I was responding to you trying to tell me I'm not a supporter and how to be a good Voyageur. You don't have what it takes to dictate rules. You can get all pissy that I called you a newbie, but you are. I did not call my fellow Voyageurs assholes. I called those who say that this thread is a disgrace and shouldn't be allowed assholes. Like you. And really you should bow down to me. All of the joking about how many posts I've made are pretty funny. I'm nowhere near the top of the list. Kyam, you are right that I never played the game at any significant level, just as a kid. I don't really know how that has any bearing on the matter, unless you are trying to brag how great a player you are. Does that somehow make you important? It seems to me you think you are. But it's irrelevant. There are those posting on these boards who have never played the game-period. Doesn't make their opinions any less valued than yours. But that dumbass comment says a lot about you. Yes, I'd really like to meet you at a national team game.
  3. You have a right to disagree, as I do with you, and really why would any TFC fan care if someone chooses not to support their club? They should be elated with last nights win, not worrying that someone might not like the team they support. Is it really 4th grade bitching here? Or is it some people expecting this room to be moderated with a set of rules adults would force upon a group of elementary school students?
  4. If they don't like what is being said on this section of the board, which has been pointed out is a section dedicated to club soccer then they can stick to reading the national team sections of the board. I mean really, if one is so soft as to be terribly offended that some club supporters don't like other clubs then really what are they doing reading this? The voyageurs are hopefully for the main part not a bunch of softies. Mayby not having such softies supporting Canada will help soccer in this country.
  5. Okay, rather than just saying it, please explain how it will benefit this countries professional soccer in the future.
  6. It will be a cold day in hell before I take advice and suggestions from a newby like you. Who in the hell do you think you are telling me about supporting Canadian soccer and how I should be a Voyageur? You only joined this board last year, I've been here since 2003, and the old board since 2000. I actually contributed money to fund the frigging Voyageurs Cup. I've attended plenty of international games in support of Canada....and I have never liked TFC. So please take your newby opinion and shove it up your ass. God I hate it when little boys with little knowledge try to tell veteran supporters how to support their teams. I support Canada and I support the Whitecaps. TFC is not the Canadian national team, and there is no reason why I should support them in this tournament. Please learn the difference between club support and national team support.
  7. Man, you are one stupid person. In what way did that post incite violence? All the man said was he can feel that some of the players might take out their anger on the pitch. There is not one thing inciting violence in his post.
  8. Screw you. Who are you to tell me who I should or should not root for? This has nothing to d o with the national team. This is club soccer and if you don't like who people want to root for, well screw you. Communist.
  9. I will cheer for Puerto Rico, and if you don't like it you can great off. For those that think this thread is a disgrace? Read Johnnyrangers post, and then great off. Assholes.
  10. Krammerhead

    tfc tfc tfc

    I was thinking the same thing. The other accolades for TFC, not so much.
  11. Us old timers remember. Back in the day the Lynx used to roll over during the end of the season and sell all of their best players to Montreal. In this case Montreal bent over and took it in the rear end. What we learned is what goes around comes around. Eastern teams are corrupt.
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