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  1. Thanks for the post TR... Here's my copy and paste from the RPB boards... if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it: For those who attended the Canada vs Honduras game... you may have seen the little push and shove that occurred after the game. Well, I delibaretly threw my hat towards the Canadian Side in order to protect it from the "push and shove" and as some of you may know... my Tilley Hat is now gone...
  2. This is FluSH here from RPB. I know there is a schedule March taking place starting from The Rhino > to The Gate > then to Shoeless. I've been asked to find out if you guys have any more V's scarves for the Canada vs Jamaica game? We are looking for at least 20-30 more scarves for our boys to purchase. Any chance you guys can help... Thanks
  3. Hello Guys, Do you have any Canada Specific Chants? I personally would like to stay away from our current repertoire of TFC related chants. Are there any you guys use that I could extend over to RPB and Section 112. Thank You -FluSH
  4. VPjr, Flatpicker and Soapwith over at RPB are usually our go-to guys for design work. Flatpicker has already committed a design to be completed by Monday. I will send him a PM just to remind him. The Usec guys also have talent - not sure if they been notified. Also, we have many people willing to help and volunteer. If you do order the T's reach out to us for help. We will be able to accomplish more with heads from RPB/U-sec assisting you. Cheers,
  5. You need to act quickly. I think alot of people are confused about the event and think they just need to bring their own black t-shirt. VPjr you will get stuck with a lot of T's if that is the case. My suggestion is to get a design/artwork ready ASAP (This Monday the latest) post the T's for sale on the three boards and then take the orders through paypal. The quicker the better. Otherwise people will just wear black and you'll be stuck with a ****load of T's My art suggestion btw: CSA WTF!
  6. Black Streamers will fly like rockets from Section 112 We are not going to give up on Canadian Soccer without a fight. FluSH RPB
  7. Hello Guys, I saw the link on the RPB board and this is what I posted there: Criticism over the CSA has never been greater. All eyes will be watching. We have an opportunity to make this day a Historic day for Canadian soccer - in that the fans stand up and make a statement (Hopefully one that will change Canadian soccer for the better). If this will spark the overhaul needed in Canadian Soccer then I am 100% behind this. Black T's + 100 Black Streamers coming from Section 112. FluSH RPB
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