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  1. ^^ We're more curious as to whether you already have a roster of stuff for the CMNT. If not, then we'll just try to pick up on what you're singing and follow suit - and probably throw in some of our own. cheers
  2. Quick question for anyone who can answer: I'm not a member of the Voyageurs (Red Patch Boys instead). A few of us are going to the Canada - Costa Rica game on September 12. However, we don't have any CMNT chants / songs (ours are all TFC/ league). Can someone shoot me your agreed upon list, or in lieu of that a list of the most preferred songs/chants so that I an post it on our forum? The idea is that we don't end up competing with you guys over what's being sung through the game. PS: this might be in another thread, but any consensus on showing your disdain for the CSA? my email is blackburnj@sympatico.ca - any help in the matter is most appreciated. cheers, Jonathan
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