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  1. Can someone do a check on these mods citizenship status?
  2. Yeah. Should be quite a few people. Tailgate in the park like the old days.
  3. Anyone here know who is involved in their supporters group the Swanguardians?
  4. No thanks. Post Mexico loss riot bus parties with Voyageurs are the best.
  5. Sorry for the late response. I will not be making this trip. Saving funds for the Hex. Give them hell and fucking enjoy the victory.
  6. My time off is booked. I am on vacation from Aug 27 to Sep 5. Just deciding on my plan. Part of me wants to stay in Belize for a few days before the match. Then do a game day in and out. I will keep you posted.
  7. Boss wants our vacation times in soon. So I am just working out logistics. Trillium I am liking your idea of an in and out. I would say I am sitting at 90% I will be going.
  8. I tried coaching a couple years back. Thought I would cut my teeth at U5/6. It was a blast. Dealing with the fucking leadership in our associations is brutal. I couldn't get a course through my association. Went searching. Every other association wouldn't allow me unless I coached in their program. So I quit. I have tons of free time and all I want is knowledge to help make our players better. I don't need to be paid. I now spend my time coaching Special Olympics Powerlifting. Had a nationally certified course within 3 months. I can work towards certification for coaching nationally within a couple of years. I am quite happy with the Special Olympics setup. Its not perfect but they push to make their athletes competitive.
  9. Where does the National Soccer Team play?
  10. I will go. Also being serious.
  11. As for atmosphere. Maybe we spread out in groups of 10 or 20 throughout the stadium. Really disturb the peace.
  12. I have to say this has been a very pleasant Saturday morning breakfast read. Please keep it coming.
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