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  1. Not that I'm planning on going on this trip but seems it's pretty much official that Canada will play at the Azteca:
  2. I'd be more than happy with 1, but 3 would be amazing. Mexico won 3-0
  3. I just watched the last 25mins and kept refreshing on my phone beforehand so I still haven't seen the goal, but a MASSIVE 3 points.
  4. Happy with the result, but does anyone know if there's a post game show? Err stream?
  5. True, but there's still too much travel, especially for such a small tournament. It should be 8 cities tops.
  6. Don`t forget the U20, which according to FIFA was the most successful version. As "fair" as it would be to have the CMNT play in 3 dif cities, it would be terrible in terms of transportation. I mean you're going across 3 time zones and a 5hr flight. TO to Montreal would be the only ones that make sense. Maybe Vancouver could host a knock out stage match though? In any case, I'm SUPER happy about this and am looking forward to a meaningful match. I'm sure they'll be happy to have a home game for once in a tournament. Gotta make a BMO fortress and keep tickets to a minimum and away from away fans. We're going to need those 3 points.
  7. There are what 3 groups, right? 1 group in each TO, Montreal and Vancouver. Have the finals in Edmonton (biggest stadium), to house all the Mexican fans. lol Or if theres a 4th group, have a group in Edmonton. NSS would be nice, but it's a bit small IMO, but hey, it did have the U20 finals afterall. Even BCE place might be better since they can easily add space for extra seating. As for SUM, it's not as if they'd be losing anything. They could still run the tourney, just would be hosted here. Still... doesn't hurt to dream... Unless of Floro changed his mind and took off back to Spain.. lol
  8. This. Funny how people say Canada should host the World Cup, but if we can't even host a regional tourney, we have no business hosting the GC. But w/ SUM and CONCACAF corruption, I don't see how it would happen sadly.
  9. Finally something to get excited about! Really can't get much worst... lol actually I take that back!
  10. Sorry I've been away, still heartbroken about the last WCQ match that will not be named... Anyways, I like this membership. Just wondering, if a local pick up option is a possibility? Also are there any plans for the CSN to be available in pdf/electronic format? BTW... if we make the hex during the next round, I will MORE than happily wear this: https://donshobbyshop.ca/sites/default/files/field/image/24743.jpg Just toss me out front by the corner to harass the opposing teams...
  11. I said this on the RPB board and I'll say it here, if we can't finish in the final 4 consistently (let alone win it) we're not making the World Cup.These are the teams we have to beat to make it through.
  12. Thanks! I was going to post and ask about this as well. Wish I could go to the game but damn TIFF came and I can't get the night off... pains me... Come on you reds! I'll be at the next round though!
  13. Cap Bret Hart. He can give the refs the sharpshooters and then a few chair shots to the opposing keeper.
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