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  1. I haven't updated mine in a while. CMNT: Sept. 12, 2007 - BMO Field - Canada 1-1 Costa Rica (Friendly) June 20, 2008 - Stade Saputo - Canada 4-1 St. V&G (WCQ) Aug. 20, 2008 - BMO Field - Canada 1-1 Jamaica (WCQ) Sept. 6, 2008 - Stade Saputo - Canada 1-2 Honduras (WCQ) Sept. 4, 2010 - BMO Field - Canada 0-2 Peru (Friendly) June 16, 2015 - BMO Field - Canada 4-0 Dominica (WCQ) July 14, 2015 - BMO Field - Canada 0-0 Costa Rica (Gold Cup) CWNT: May 25, 2009 - BMO Field - Canada 0-4 USA (Friendly)
  2. And with this post, I become a little geekier. I'm not a poindexter yet, but I'm definitely arriving at class early.[]
  3. I got a similar letter a while back. They're annoying as hell, but I just chuck them.
  4. I'm from T.O., but more specifically Scarborough. I'd add my name to one of the above posts, but this thread is getting WAY too long with all of these repeated lists. We need to have one list that is editable.
  5. If Canada wins tomorrow, we'll have to buy a big batch of '86 Voyageur dollars and take them to each game. Good thing they're cheap!
  6. I'll definitely bring the above dollar to the game next Saturday. It may be difficult to bury my coin at the centre spot, however, as it would have to be done with FIFA officials and Honduran players looking on during the pre-game warm up. Alternatively, if any Montreal-based Voyageur can stop by a coin shop in the next few days, he or she can buy said coin and give it to a Canadian player to bury in advance. The '86 V-dollar is not a rare coin, it's cheap, and it's easily available if one knows where to look.
  7. Three caps for me: 1) Friendly - Canada 1:1 Costa Rica, BMO Field 2) WCQ - Canada 4:1 St. VAG, Stade Saputo 3) WCQ - Canada 1:1 Jamaica, BMO Field
  8. Given the CMNT's lack of luck in important competitive matches over the past several years, I thought I'd pick up my own good luck charm to stem the tide. Team Canada's hockey team had the lucky loonie; now we've got the "Voyageur dollar". Here's a little info on the coin from wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voyageur_dollar
  9. Mods, you can close the book this thread now, thanks.
  10. Hey guys, I know this is a long shot, but I lost my V's scarf during the march to the stadium, and I was wondering if someone found it and picked it up along the way. I would be very appreciative to any V who found my lost garb, and I would be sure to pay him/her back with a pint at the next game.[8D] Alternatively, if anyone has an extra V's scarf, I'll buy it in a second. Just give me a PM. Thanks.
  11. Pretty last minute, but a friend has cancelled on me so I have an extra ticket for the game. This ticket includes both bus/van transport and the in-game ticket itself - as per MediaGuy's package. My asking price is ZERO, so whoever wants it can have it. Edit: the ticket's "sold"
  12. Hey Jarrek, I tried to reach you through your e-mail address at the top of this thread, but I didn't get a response. Do you use a tertiary e-mail address that's not listed here?
  13. ^I will also be at the TFC game this Saturday. If you want to meet at a certain place - say, the Dufferin Gates - I'd gladly buy two scarves off of you. Just say the word.
  14. Hey Jarrek, if it's not too much trouble can I buy a couple of scarves from you and pay via PayPal? I live in Scarborough, so shipping shouldn't be too expensive.
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