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  1. The finer-resolution pic definitely helps - a lot of the kits feature very subtle details that weren't very noticeable in the stream. The camo pattern in the green Cavalry jersey looks sick. Overall I like Pacific's kit the most, though - it certainly is very striking!
  2. Actually, the video is working on the FB page. https://www.facebook.com/CPLsoccer/
  3. ^Same for me. The video won't load at all.
  4. It looks like Forge's jersey sponsor will be Tim Horton's based on what I can make out.
  5. ^It's only funny when the news is pretend scary hahaha. If York 9 was playing today in particular, I actually wouldn't mind seeing 30 minutes of Jimmy just for a laugh. Nice jersey in the younger photo - I wouldn't mind Scoring one of those classic kits. 😄
  6. I think JDG's family had a bit of a rocky relationship with the CSA to say the least, dating back to before the "Sack the CSA" campaign from a good dozen years ago. This is generally what I keep on my mind when I ponder why JDG has spoken so harshly against the CPL. I get the sense of bitterness, but at the same time a person such as JDG needs to rise above that bitterness for the betterment of the game in this country. Like it or not, JDG is an ambassador for soccer in Canada, and continuing to tar and feather the CPL would not only do nothing to grow the game in this country, but it would solidify negative sentiment toward him from the fan base outside of the Ottawa area.
  7. It could be worse I suppose.
  8. This. With halftime ads at Benny's.
  9. I'm in the same boat - I have TFC seasons, but I'll be at the Forge/Y9 game. Gonna watch history unfold!
  10. Just saw the format. I definitely made a "wtf" look at my computer screen. This format is bizarre to say the least. Oh well, I'm looking forward to the competition nonetheless.
  11. The University of Laval is in Quebec City - not to be confused with the City of Laval in the Montreal area.
  12. No one has said what currency the cap is in, so for all we know it could be $750k CAD, which would translate into $562.5k USD. I could envision that applying to players only, with a separate cap for management.
  13. I think at the heart of this problem lies the wild speculation and mud-slinging that is taking place right now. There is speculation on top of speculation, and until any hard details emerge, no one is going to have a firm idea of who is responsible for the events that are transpiring. Each side wants to paint the other side as the bad guy. I really want the CPL to succeed, and I wanted Ottawa on board as well, so it would be easy for me to take the above quotation as fact and assume that OSEG is looking for a convenient excuse to get out of the soccer picture. On the other hand, fans in the Ottawa camp might be buying into whatever JdG is peddling vis-a-vis the CPL's alleged role in being a thorn to the Fury's side, which sounds equally dubious in my opinion. The truth of the matter, as is so often the case, is very likely in between what we have heard and read. It is amazing how much speculation and back-and-forth jockeying has taken place over so little information. All we really know is that CONCACAF is attempting to block the Fury from playing in the USL. We don't even know conclusively who at CONCACAF is responsible for this move - we can all make an educated guess, but for all we know the motives at CONCACAF could be very different from what we imagine would make the most sense from our perspective. Until such details become clear, I think we all need to take a deep breath and wait for more unbiased information to emerge.
  14. Even if the numbers are true, Ottawa cut a huge chunk of its roster - presumably the more expensive players. I would be surprised if Ottawa paid its players much more than $30-35k next year, even if it were allowed to play in the USL.
  15. Disregarding all of the debate with respect to whether or not the Fury should be forced to switch leagues, those salary numbers are interesting. Assuming the reports we've seen with regard to USL salaries, the Fury were way above the USL average last season. They didn't get very good bang for their buck, so it's any wonder why they cut such a big chunk of their roster.
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