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  1. yeah I'm just going to stay home and watch the on tv
  2. Reminder well be at the @pheasco1 @ 7 for those who want to pick up swag. $20 gets you a scarf, button and stickers!
  3. are we having a viewing party for Canada vs Brazil, Tuesday June 7th
  4. When will the scarf be ready
  5. yeah I have not heard any news about where Hamilton city are playing yet.
  6. Saltfleet but they have their own soccer teams using the fields
  7. so where in Hamilton/ stoney creek are they going to play. I loved the CSL when the Hamilton Croatia played at Brian Timmis Stadium for the 1 year.
  8. Yeah but I thought the game starts at 7:30
  9. Augusta has a room there is no charge to use
  10. What channel is csp that is the channel the Jays are on. Tuesday there is a leafs game on at 730
  11. Just how many are planning to go to the bar to watch the game
  12. Boston pizza is off ncaa game is on at 10pm
  13. just about every bar downtown has a band on Friday 25th. Garth Brooks is a very big deal for all bars in the downtown core. would anyone be up to going to boston pizza at centre mall
  14. Augusta house has a band friday Toronto raptors 8pm ncaa 2 games time to tba better look on the Augusta house owners site Garth Brooks is a very big deal.
  15. there is going to be a group watching the Toronto fc on this sunday 20th at 7pm. At Ace Family Restaurant and sports bar. 1120 Fennel Avenue and upper Ottawa and I made a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/450587405140051/ for Hamilton area Toronto fc supporter's. I post a link to our facebook group
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