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  1. You people are deluded, particularly those from Vancouver who don't recognize what happened here: the talent differential caught up. When it mattered, a Mexican league team turned up the talent and destroyed the Impact. When it mattered (and in part because of a fan protest after the last game) an MLS team showed up and destroyed the Impact. If you look at the US Open Cup history, you'll find there's a pattern here: USL teams loaded with rejects from MLS, while occasionally coached to perform consistently, still aren't as talented as the teams in the MLS. You could have put Vancouver's first team out there and maybe it's 4-or 5-1 instead of six, but that's about all. THey got blown off the pitch by a team that outworked them, closed them down constantly, and was vastly more talented in possession. Seriously. Five goals between Amado Guevara and Dwayne DeRosario are indicative of something: there isn't a player in USL as good as either. That's why TFC won. Because USL is a league full of c-grade chokers. Anyone who's made the mistake of watching it regularly for a while can see that. As for Krammerhead's usual sociopathic behaviour, well, there's a reason some of us only post here once every two years or so.
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    tfc tfc tfc

    <<a team of a similar level?>> There's your answer, Loyola. They're not of similar level. Toronto has played down to the USL clubs' level before now, and this time was publicly shamed by a protest in Toronto into playing like it counted. They walked over Montreal because they played like they need to walk over someone. Playing Srdjan in net didn't help the Impact, but I don't doubt that against Vancouver that game would have been 3-1, 4-1 just as naturally.
  3. After sitting through that ****e performance tonight, in which they showed all the heart, guile and passion of an in-grown toenail, it is abundantly obvious this man is not a motivator. Dreadful. We should've walked all over that Austrian team.
  4. As someone who has spent the better part of the last two decades actually in the newsrooms you guys are talking about here, I can say that john tv is, generally, right. While it's not a conspiracy, per se, it is an entrenched reality that old guard sports reporters (which is most, as they never seem to leave) hate soccer. They admit it. Openly. In the newsroom. They admit it colours their assigning, their writing and any number of other approaches. I've heard more than one sports editor shoot down even the most basic coverage because "soccer will never make it in Canada" or "Canadians don't give a sh-t about soccer." These are not exaggerations and i've recieved the same comment from sports writers at a good chunk of the top papers in this country. Here's a great example of what you guys don't see: a debate on this subject between myself and a reporter at a Toronto paper who shall remain nameless. This came after he slagged Toronto in pre-season as being a failure: > On 3/19/07 11:41 PM, "Jeremy Loome" <jloome@edmsun.com> wrote: > >> Hey ______, >> Were you ever actually a reporter? I don't even live in Toronto, can't attend >> any of the basically sold-out season and can name basically the entire roster >> of Toronto FC. Quick, name a reporter who doesn't pay any attention to a >> sport before he writes about it. 14,000 season tickets and you still haven't >> figured it out yet..... >> >> Cheers, >> Jeremy Loome >> Edmonton Sun On 3/19/07 4:21 PM,___________ wrote: > So far, Toronto FC has lost to the US Under 20 team, tied the US Under-17 > team and had moderate success against US college teams. Just because you > sell tickets for a sport, doesn't make it a quality product. And if you can > name every player on the roster, I suggest you find better things to do with > your time. > > My answer back, which he refused to respond to: Geez, you can't even get your acerbic emails right. They've lost one out of six preasons games and two of those colleges were beaten by a combined score of 10-2. That's hardly moderate success. Their two wingers are, almost immediately, the best in the league (Ronnie O'Brien already was one of the best in the league, and Andy Welsh is coming in at age 24 after playing regularly in both the premiership and championship. I can name the squad because I'm a fan, the same as the 14,000 who bought tickets; As for what I do with my spare time, I run a magazine on the side, run a band on the side, take part in organized soccer; I could give you a list, and while you're lying on the couch swilling beer and looking for a real reason to support your original contentions with respect to why soccer sucks, you could try reading it. As for the quality of their squad, they have obvious defensive problems. They're gonna get scored on a lot; but how well a single franchise does in its first year has little to do with the quality of the league. MLS probably would be considered a tier-2 or tier-3 pro league by European standards, but so what? Why is that relevant? Do you also hate the CFL, which on a talent-for-talent basis is a joke compared to the NFL? The team may play well, it may play lousy. But either way, 14,000 season tickets say you'll still be wrong. > > And this is a VERY senior guy I'm talking to. He has, since then, not written a single word that I can find about TFC, and he has a regular, multi-day per week column. He has written, in the same period, about NASCAR, basketball, the jays, college football, hockey and every other mainstream sport. The one that sells out in his hometown, however, apparently isn't worthy. Pathetic. I do believe it's changing but that's just attrition: the old guard is dying out and being replaced by younger writers with the broad perspective that comes from growing up in the multi-channel universe. Another thing to always -- ALWAYS -- keep in mind with media is that the rank-and-file staff are often most affected not by their own opinions but by a hideous lack of resources; newspapers have been carved to the bone over the last decade, and it shows in quality. And anyone who thinks the instant communication "update everything five minutes ago" mentality of the internet is going to improve that is kidding themselves. I predict by this time next year, Toronto FC will be getting major play in Toronto papers, using mostly full-time guys instead of loaners from other beats. Why? Because sports departments will be directed to cover them due to their popularity. Cheers, Jeremy Loome
  5. <<.Welsh is not strong enough and a replacement wide man should be sought.>> Yeah, pile on. That's original. He was one of the best players on the pitch for TFC tonight. Easily.
  6. Well I cover politics for my paper these days and would never be able to convince them of the need for a piece on the CSA's finances and governance structure anyway (trust me, if you knew what happened to the one soccer piece I wrote recently...ah, long story). But those are two areas someone should look into. There are a couple of years' worth of annual reports on the site but they haven't been updated in a long time, which hardly seems transparent. But they have to provide them if you ask, as with any publicly funded government entity. If any of their budget is to cover staff expenses you can probably get their operating allocations or at the least their executive's expenses under an Access to Information search, which will give you some idea of how they spend their cash. Their are info officers the federal privacy commissioner's office that can help people through the process. Then that'll at least give people evidence to take to any regional or national annual general meetings, where board votes are held and people can be made accountable on the record. If the finances are askew in any way then it becomes cannon fodder for the opposition in the house of commons, because the government gives them money. It should also be said, there's great dramatic feature writing potential in a story proving that incompetence, not fan support, is responsible for the state of Canadian soccer and then linking it to the necessary (repeat absolutely NECESSARY) current news hook, which is the fan support success of Toronto FC, as exhibited in the home opener. But the numbers would have to be really solid and shopped to a reporter who not only knows what to do with them but who can genuinely craft something out of it that folks beyond soccer mainstrream will want to read. That probably means magazines, not daily newspapers -- although the guy at the Citizen seems to obviously have his **** together, which has become rare in reporting in any field over the last decade. The CSA is about politics. So work it like politics. Follow the money, follow the trail of plans and promises and link both to the chain of responsibility. Then you guys will be in a position to change some of this stuff, either through political or media pressure. Then, once you get some leverage and political currency on some issues, use it to pressure more. Just a few ideas. Jeremy
  7. It's a friggin' expansion team, for crying out loud. A little patience, boys. It takes more than a dozen or so games for a team to gel. For every team in MLS that turns over three or four key players, that still leaves the bulk of a roster intact from season to season. This roster didn't even exist last season. They'll get better; the signs were there tonight. But they definitely -- DEFINITELY -- need a commanding centre back. Both Reda and Brennan were absolutely ineffective in the strength/holding up dept.
  8. Mo says he's switching to a 442 now because of the new signings. lineup suggestions? I'd go with Eskandarian Welsh Brennan Nagamura Robinson O'Brien/Canizales Poz Reda Boyens Wynne
  9. Gotta say I'm with Bingham on this one. It's obvious Moe is trying to play a deceptive speed game, by having his two right and left centre halfs move wide and having the two centre mids slot in, to provide five at the back. But it's just not working; to whit * For all the knocks on Welsh so far, it's a problem of him being a one-dimensional offensive player. If he gets some space to work and some good service, he might well terrorize mls defenders. But he's absolutely crap at defending -- he was the reason for the first Chivas goal, as he came back too far and ruined an otherwise perfect offside trap. * We have enough wide players at the back to play four back there, but we don't have enough wingers to play as such in the mid some of the time; common sense suggests we play a 4-3-3 or a 4-121-2 or a 4-22. If welsh were playing as an attacking winger upfield in an offensive 4-3-3- for example, he might work. But he's going to look like crap playing this system. So will Canizales and Mulrooney, who don't have the speed to trackback as wingbacks. * The system we're playing, a 3-5-2, relies absolutely on short midfield buildup...in a league where constant man-on-man pressure routinely means playing to your opponents mistakes instead; additionally, with two centre mids having to drop back as warranted to defend, we're left without the two key setup guys to help the wingers break. On top of that, most of our CMs aren't dedicated defensive holders. * Asking this many players who are accustomed to four-at-the-back football to learn a new way -- and if you're going to keep shape, which is essential at this level it IS a new way -- while they're also learning new teammates, a new game and a new city is ridiculous. The problem here isn't he players, although we seem to be missing a keano/Dennis Wise type to kick some ass; Brennan's too much the nice guy one of the boys' type. It's the woefully inadequate tactics, which attempt to play to the ball handling strength of the English players but underestimate the speed of the American game. I think as a player's guy, Mo would probably make a great technical ability coach; but as a manager, so far he's not got my vote.
  10. Jeremy Loome

    TFC vs Chivas [R]

    Didn't seem that much further away than EPL cams to me. I don't think the were awful, just tactically inept and quite obviously lacking any interpersonnel connectivity yet. Playing three at the back in this league is gonna kill them, unless they have two very fast wb tracking back as well, which they didn't last night. Chivas kept pushing the ball into those deep wide spots all the time. We need to play four at the back.
  11. Wow, the Hunter West news is disappointing. He seemed pretty impressive in preseason.
  12. There's a link on big soccer to this story, saying basically that former Portugese youth international defender and defensive midfielder Andrade, now 33, will sign for Toronto. It paraphrases Mo Johnston as saying that he'll add experience to the backline; he's been at a bunch of different clubs, but all of a fairly good standard. Andrade, antigo internacional jovem português, defesa ou médio de características defensivas, actualmente com 33 anos, pode tornar-se, nos próximos dias, no mais recente reforço do Toronto FC, uma das 13 equipas que vai disputar, em 2007, a Major League Soccer. O futebolista revelado pelas escolas Domingos Sávio e que cumpriu, depois, a formação no Sporting, cumpre um período de experiência no clube canadiano e espera, a todo o momento, por indicações concretas do treinador Mo Johnston para, então, assinar contrato, em princípio válido por uma temporada. A confirmar-se a transferência para o Toronto FC e a presença do jogador na próxima edição da MLS (esta época mediatizada pela presença do internacional inglês David Beckham), será a terceira experiência de Andrade fora de Portugal, depois de ter representado os espanhóis do Tenerife (2003/04) e os cipriotas do AE Paphos (2006). Em Portugal, e como sénior, Luís Filipe Andrade de Oliveira, 1,79 metros e 74 kg, defendeu as cores de Estoril (1992 a 1995), Estrela da Amadora (1996), Belenenses (1996 a 1998), Benfica (1998 a 2003), Sporting de Braga (2000/01), Académica (2004 a 2006) e Pinhalnovense (2007).
  13. Without getting into the broader debate here about whether he did a good job, I should note that in answer to ... <<Claiming Yallop's WCQ selections were made because the CSA was too cheap to pay to fly in better players. Yet the same CSA didn't have a problem bringing in the same players against Belize>> It is a reality that over the reigns of Lenarduzzi, Osieck and Yallop, the CSA has quite frequently not been in a financial position to allow for top players to be called. That's from a former senior coach in the national teams system, and has had more to do with the cost of insuring players for individual games versus ongoing and projected budget scheduling. It was certainly the case in at least one game involving Tomas Radszinski, and government arms length agencies being what they are, it's almost certainly not the only case.
  14. His agent is saying today the Mid East is more likely. Apparently Steve Nicol told the press association the New England Revs were talking to fowler but his agent is kiboshing that and has suggested MLS can't afford him.
  15. He mentioned in a story on Football 365 that moving to the U.S. league was one of his options.
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