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  1. Hey Guys, Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words and thanks for taking note. Certainly this is the type of material that we feel CanadaSoccerTV should be producing on a regular basis, and the goal is to achieve just that. Much more to come, and hopefully the bar will continue to be raised from here. Cheers, MB
  2. Gator: I appreciate the kind words, and very much, I think we should remember that we are on the same team and doing everything we can to promote our national teams. Keegan: You're right, we could have run two seperate polls. But with the current mechanism we can ensure that individuals are only allowed to vote once and that was important to us. Also you have to consider that having two seperate scores showing up in two different places throughout the vote would lead to some confusion. Red Card: It's not as if we focus only on Facebook. I have personally invested a lot of time and energy in developping CanadaSoccerTV as our YouTube platform which gives fans access to match highlights, news coverage and more. The video channel YouTube.com/CanadaSoccerTV has connected with over 85,000 viewers in only a matter of months. I have also been managing our Twitter account @CanadaSoccerEN which is continuously growing and already has 5,400 followers - which makes us one of the leaders amongst National Sports Organizations in Canada. My colleague Richard also maintains our Flickr database at Flickr.com/CanadaSoccer which features 20,000 photos from the CSA's archives. This is a project that has taken years to fulfill. Another colleague Michele has also done an excellent job of launching the Canada Soccer mobile app for Apple devices - which again is one of the first amongst Canadian NSO's. While there is lots of room for growth in numbers - and I am the first person to acknowledge that - we are making a committed effort to developping meaningful coverage across five seperate social media platforms. We all, collectively, want the best for Canadian Soccer and it is important that we continue to work together in all of these efforts. Again, I can appreciate the divergence of opinion and I respect everybody's comments on the matter. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. MB
  3. All, I respect and appreciate all of the opinions expressed in the thread. Purely for clarification, here are a couple points worth noting: - To create a single voting platform that can be integrated across 3 or 4 platforms as some have suggested isn't as easy as just flicking a switch. That would require some relatively advanced programming to pull results from different sources and simultaneously keep them all updated and accurate. At this point, paying somebody to do that type of work was simply not a priority. - We do genuinely see Facebook.com/CanadaSoccer as an important community hub for us. In fact, we use the page to promote a lot of media work from the Voyageurs; as well as other Voyageurs initiatives. We also provide behind-the-scenes content on our national teams and run giveaways for tickets and merchandise as a way to give back to the supporters. - I can appreciate that some of you will not want to associate yourselves with Facebook, and I of course, respect your decision. However, a significant portion of our current fan base, as well as the fans we are targetting, do use Facebook on a daily basis - particularly the younger generations with whom it is so vital to connect. So I hope that you can respect that we are simply trying to ensure that Canada Soccer has a presence in what is the largest social media market on the web. As I have previously mentioned, I cannot stress enough that the Association sincerely values the support of the Voyageurs - and I still very much consider myself a part of this community. Everyone is aware that the V's are at the very heart of everything we do. Thanks for your understanding. Sincerely, MB
  4. Hi All, As some of you know I handle the bulk of the social media work for Canada Soccer, so I figured it was an appropriate time to chime in. We can certainly appreciate that some of you will choose not to use Facebook, and as such, will not be able to participate in the voting for the 2011 Canada Soccer Fans' Choice Awards - and we regret that this is the case. However, as you can imagine, we are placing an importance on building up our social media platforms to provide meaningful coverage to Canadian fans and to help spread important messages throughout the Canadian soccer community. Hosting the 2011 Fans' Choice on Facebook.com/CanadaSoccer is one of the many initiatives we have put forward to try and drive traffic to our various platforms. ---- As far as Tuscan's desire to see a more inter-linked network of Canadian soccer sites via CanadaSoccer.com: I would just like to point out that we provide a direct link to all of our provincial and territorial partners at the very top of our home page. --- I hope that some of you will still find a way to vote as it is important that we continue to get the support of the Voyageurs as we look to build a collective awareness across the country. All the best, MB
  5. Hi All, Glad you've seen the news that the Sportsnet.ca stream is confirmed. All the details are available here: http://canadasoccer.com/news/viewArtical.asp?Press_ID=5122 Kick-off is 8PM local in SKN. 7PM ET / 4PM PT - just to be clear. Here is the URL: http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canada_stkitts/ Thanks to everybody for their patience and interest. Let's hope Canada gets things sealed up tomorrow. You can follow along with my tweets @CanadaSoccerEN should your heart desire. Enjoy the game, MB
  6. Hi All, Seems like a good time for me to chime in with the latest. Here's what we know: - Sportsnet are hard-at-work working with 'Lime' the telecoms company down there to get a 'broadband' line installed in the stadium - Based on reports at this time, we believe that the stadium in St. Kitts is in even worse shape than the one in St. Lucia in terms of being able to support this kind of line - Sportsnet are sending a camera man, as well as Gerry Dobson and John Molinaro. If the line is capable of supporting a video stream, they will do so and they will also call the game - If they don't feel that the line can support a video stream, Gavin and I would step in again to do an audio broadcast - Failing that, we will be restricted to tweeting off of our blackberries and mobile phones... Just as an FYI: the reason we opted for audio last time was simply because it was the only service we could provide without worrying about things cutting in and out. As you guys know, even in high-quality broadband areas you can still have trouble with Skype, live streams and other streaming video. When you are working down there with patchy internet infrastructure across the board, you need quite a high quality line for something reliable. Will keep you guys in the loop as we learn more. We will likely pay our first visit to the stadium in Thursday. Cheers, MB
  7. Since I'm enjoying a little time off in the UK: ENGLAND See below from Oranje fpr full results - cheers for the updates! PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool 1 - 0 Norwich (HT) Jackson starts on bench for Norwich. 1-0 Liverpool at the half, might we see Simeon as Norwich go searching for an equalizer? Let us hope.... CHAMPIONSHIP Reading FC: Ethan Gage yet to feature in any first team action this season. CONFERENCE Cambridge 2 - 0 Lincoln City FT Gavin McCallum goes 90 for Lincoln City on Friday. McCallum has 17 apps and 3 goals so far this season.
  8. It's the news I had wanted to deliver to the Voyageurs... Tonight's planned online radio broadcast is a go! Big thanks to Sportsnet for their hard work in improving the internet connection at the stadium in St. Lucia. You can listen to the broadcast beginning at 6PM ET / 3PM PT here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/canmnt-live My colleague Richard will also he handling live Tweets at: @CanadaSoccerEN Yours truly will be doing the play-by-play. No monitors, replays and we don't even have the roster from LCA yet - so wish me luck Allez les rouges! MB EDIT: Trust me, that RojaDirecta feed will not be a video - I can only imagine that they might tap into our audio feed. There will be NO TV FEED of ANY KIND. Guaranteed.
  9. Hi All, Just a quick update on the possibility of a 'webcast'. - To be clear, there is NO broadcast of ANY form being provided by either host radio or TV in St. Lucia. The match must be recorded for FIFA purposes, but presumably this is going to be done on a relative handy-cam by the host FA. - The understanding Rogers Sportsnet and the Canadian Soccer Association have of the internet connectivity at the stadium in St. Lucia is that it WOULD NOT be capable of supporting a live TV stream. - We (CSA) will be attempting to mount an audio play-by-play broadcast which would be hosted online. We will only be able to determine the feasibility of such a broadcast once we arrive into St. Lucia and are able to test out the connection. - Twitter updates from @CanadaSoccerEN and @SportsnetSoccer remain the only confirmed form of coverage at this time, and this is only because you can provide a Twitter feed through a mobile phone. We will also be uploading our usual pre and post-match video coverage to YouTube.com/CanadaSoccerTV and Gerry Dobson will be filing material for Rogers Sportsnet programming. We will hopefully be in a position to confirm the audio feed on Wednesday or Thursday. But certainly no promises are being made at this time. Cheers. MB
  10. Apologies all for not starting this thread sooner, just been absolutely swamped. We had a great media turnout in Detroit including Sportsnet, TheScore, RedNation Online, Canadian Soccer News, Canadian Press, Post Media, MLS Soccer.com and many more - so I wanted to give everybody the opportunity to pool their videos, stories and features. All of the video coverage on our end is available at our new YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/CanadaSoccerTV So if you have been subscribing to the old 'CanadianSoccerAssoc' - make sure you make the move over. http://www.flickr.com/CanadaSoccer is also a great resource for some photo coverage,. Looking forward to seeing everybody's content - as I have seen some good stuff already. Cheers! MB
  11. Ha! My cover's blown, well spotted guys. Thanks for the congrats, I appreciate that. My co-worker told me about this thread when I came down to the hotel lobby this morning and it brought a smile to my face. I'm going to be working with the media staff at the CSA to try and continue the work I was doing with RedNation and others. It will take some time to get everything rolling to its full capacity, but I hope we will be able to provide some meaningful coverage for the national teams and beyond. Thanks for the kind words as ever. Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow night for the video shoot in Toronto. MB
  12. Hey All, I think I have been able to answer some of the questions posed in the thread with the following pieces, but certainly not all. Was a bit of a surreal experience covering this game, I've never seen anything quite like it. The stadium was so empty you heard virtually every word the players were saying to each other, which made for a unique experience. I also spoke to a number of German and Turkish scouts who expressed interest in a few of our players... Needless to say I did my best sales pitch on their behalf. Overall a much deserved win for Canada after three good performances against quality Euro opposition. Well done to them... Here are the goods: RedNation Print and Videos: http://rednationonline.ca/CanadaupsetsBelarusafterimpressivecamp.aspx Canadian Press story: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/canada-notches-1-0-exhibition-win-over-belarus/article1961527/ Thanks as ever for the support and feedback. Apologies again for yesterday's camera meltdown. MB
  13. My understanding is that kick-off is at 5PM local, which is 10AM EDT and 7AM PDT. Turkey just switched onto daylight savings time last night, so we should now be 7 hours ahead of Toronto (GMT +2). No live feed as far as I know, so your best bets are Canada Soccer Twitter or Gerry Dobson will be running a live blog of sorts on the Sportsnet web-site. I would provide live updates but unfortunately I have my hands full already during the match. Looking forward to getting you guys those post-match video though, apologies again for today.
  14. Hey All, Suffered a bit of a 'mare this morning as my camera glitched out and I have to reformat the drive just after the shoot this morning at training. So all video was lost I'm afraid, sincere apologies to all, as you can imagine it was particularly frustrating timing. Thankfully all issues have been sorted, and will be able to shoot post-match reaction tomorrow. The print stuff is up though: http://rednationonline.ca/BelarusfriendlyafinalauditionforGoldCup.aspx http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/canada-looks-to-belarus-friendly-as-prep-for-gold-cup/article1959803/ And I just appeared on The Footy Show talking more in-depth about the camp, the Gold Cup and more... http://radio.thescore.com/programs/the-footy-show/episodes Apologies again for the vids, but I can tell you the team is looking as sharp as I've seen them, and the boys are all juiced up by the news of the USA match in June. MB
  15. Hi All, I thought I'd leave you guys hanging a bit longer for this one, but yes I will be on-site in Antalya, Turkey for the match. You know the drill by now, if you have any questions that you would like asked feel free to post them in this thread, and as always your comments and feedback are much appreciated. Here is a run-down of what you can expect: MONDAY 28th, PREVIEW COVERAGE (Posted throughout the day): RedNation Online: http://www.rednationonline.ca - Preview print story - Player/manager video interviews Canadian Press: - Preview print story distributed to the majors CSA YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/canadiansoccerassoc - Player video interviews TUESDAY 29th, MATCH COVERAGE (During and after the game): RedNation Online: - Post-match print story - Post-match player/manager video interviews Canadian Press: - Post-match print story distributed to the majors CSA and CSA YouTube: http://www.canadasoccer.com - In-match coverage (details TBA) - Post-match player video interviews It remains unclear whether or not there will be a stream of the match at this point, I will try and find our more on that front in the coming days. Thanks as always for the support. MB
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