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  1. NFPO or not, they need to promote these games and the teams better. Back in June/July the CSA's only focus and target of its efforts was on the U20 tourney largely ignoring the senior side and the Gold Cup...well, how did that turn out?! The hype machine died after that rather than reverting to the CMNT. They did need more ads etc., it being the 1st game in TO in 7 years and all that, but they also needed to start selling tickets a lot earlier than they did. The CSA couldn't get their act together. On the positive side, the team is playing strongly and as qualification begins hopefully interest and attendance will improve significantly...
  2. I'll be there. In what time range will you be in front of the Food building? I'll likely not get there until 7 or so (kick-off at 7:45 I believe). Thanks
  3. Hey Jarrek Sent you an e-mail re: pick-up. Let me know if you don't get it. Thanks
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