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  1. Please reference the post where I have vilified them and made them look like the bad guy. When it comes to the endless speculation about why they opted not to join the CPL or who is responsible for the USL sanctioning screw up, I have stayed far away from that discussion. I don’t even hate them for not joining.
  2. BBTB stressing the soccer needs to be really good angle again? He is missing the point time and time again. This is about supporter's culture and giving people a local club to call their own. This is about watching local kids fulfill their dreams and play professionally. The soccer needs to serve a purpose for people to come out in the pouring rain. Yes, the quality does matter but if that was the main factor to come and watch, which it won't be, people would just sit at home and watch the EPL. If the quality of soccer was as important as he's making it out to be, TFC would have died after that first home game against the Kansas City Wizards.
  3. Because you know what goes on in my head? Nice try sweetheart. I don't care about your organization. Yes, the less ambitious option that you yearned for and can't let go. I never said the CPL doesn't care about Ottawa, but they're over the Fury and that club's decision to stay in the USL.
  4. CanPL were gung ho about Ottawa? The league has literally never talked about Ottawa since they opted not to join. All the commotion has been coming from the Fury themselves. We have a club that plays the victim and a league that doesn’t give two fucks. That should tell you something. Also, the CPL’s existence does not rest on this club and nobody is setting it up to be a scapegoat. The Fury is a two bit operation that only wanted to stay in the USL because they can’t function without MLS teams paying their players’ salaries, that’s it. They are visionless. They are not what this league wants or needs.
  5. I guess that makes up for all the times he’s been wrong. Very similar to how you like to keep your world view intact by harping on about the original vision of this league being CFL driven when it never was. Where was the conspiracy?
  6. Who says they’re trying hard to force them in?
  7. I fucking knew it. The Fury were never upset with not being able to spend as much as the other clubs. That was a laugh for anyone who ever believed that. It was all about having MLS teams pay their players’ salaries and losing that cherry pie with a move to the CPL. I wish there was. I didn’t even see that post. I can’t believe that cuck is still going with how this was “originally supposed to be a CFL oriented league” even after I have mentioned numerous fucking times that PB told myself and Matty amongst a few others at Arizonas near Pearson International that at NO STAGE WAS THIS A FUCKING CFL OWNER DRIVEN PROJECT. BBTB, shut the fuck up. He has me blocked so can ten people quote me so he sees this and gets it through his beta brain.
  8. Is that actually the case?
  9. If that's the case, the Fury clearly weren't concerned about the CPL's salary figures being low. I always found that argument bull shit from the so called information leaks regarding them not wanting to join.
  10. It will most likely be a red with white accents version of Nike’s Vapor Aeroswift template.
  11. I hope the Macron kit reveals don't get delayed now because of this announcement. Even though it is last minute, there is still time to take advantage of last minute Christmas shoppers.
  12. Nike still shilling the refugee angle....he's more than just a refugee dammit.....
  13. This is what I am most excited about. I can't wait to see the next generation of talent just grab the proverbial bull by the horn. I think every season we will be pleasantly surprised and young Canadian versions of Miralem Pjanic and Marek Hamek will start regularly coming out of the woodwork.
  14. This time around it looks like a very organized effort, all the right elements are coming together.
  15. Hello fellow Punjabi Canadian Voyageur bro. FC Edmonton will be my second team it looks like. Third if Theo Fleury becomes a Cavalry super fan.
  16. I have my doubts...and that's not even taking into consideration the "African" players who are born and raised in France but rep their parents' country.
  17. Macksam

    CPL General

    I think Macron only sells authentic match kits, which is more admirable imo. I look on with disgust when Adidas, Nike or Puma supplied teams give the option of buying replicas or authentics at a huge mark up.
  18. Macksam

    CPL General

    Macron just rebranded themselves and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that it happened right before the kit reveals. I have a feeling this partnership is going to be huge.
  19. Sarkaria and Khabra are Punjabi. Khara on the Edmonton Oilers is Punjabi. Am I living in the wrong city?
  20. Macksam

    CPL General

    I guess the kits will be released next week or tomorrow? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVL6807f9h8
  21. Pavel Nedved recently came out of retirement....kind of. I know he's not Italian but that would be a dream. I'd blow a load (no homo) to watch a 46 year old version of him in a Y9 kit driving down the field with one of his signature runs, finishing it off by winding up that right leg almost to the back of his head before snapping it down for a powerful cannon into the back of the opposing team's net.
  22. Except here is the issue....he keeps harping on about this like its a fact but it's not true at all. I spoke with PB and none of what you mentioned here transpired. None of it. That's the issue people have with him. He's passing off the initial RUMOUR of CFL involvement as fact when it never was. It was just that, a rumour.
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