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  1. Never heard of Mckennie or Roldan. Just googled them. 41 appearances with Schalke for the former, impressive no doubt. The latter plays for the Sounders. Pulisic I would consider more of a forward winger like Davies/Tabla. I would consider Pulisic the best player right now on both sides of he field but the rest of the mid field/forwards, it’s pretty comparable imo.
  2. I just finished watching Eyes Wide Shut and Fight Club again....the late 90s had some good eye opening thematic movies. Obviously it doesn’t come close to the greatest year in movie history which was 2007 but still, some good stuff came out back then.
  3. Would it be so hard to just use AS Monaco's template and just make the break up between the white and red have an outline of a maple leaf on the red side?
  4. Macksam

    2019 Attendance

    Halifax should be drawing those kind of numbers in 5-10 years time if they build this right.
  5. Well, I guess the silver lining is we’ll be able to catch most Bayern Munich games next year and the number of Bundesliga fans should grow in this country.
  6. Even though it looks a little sloppy, the SPL seems like a very entertaining league. Granted, the highlights only show the best parts of the game but still.
  7. So us and our neighbour's to the south get the luxury of not having women exclusive kits. 🤨
  8. This. None of the other countries indicate this will be the men’s jersey going forward and (this is going to sound sexist) while a country’s newest men’s jersey release tends to become the defecto jersey for the women, that has never been the case for a jersey release for a women’s team....at the very least I can’t think of one country doing that off the top of my head.
  9. Macksam

    2019 Attendance

    Dam shame. What’s the story behind this in Houston? Bad team, people just losing interest?
  10. Looks like he picked up an assist today in Gent’s 2-1 win.
  11. I need one of those green pre-match half-zip sweaters I see all them wearing in the practices. Sadly, it is not available on the shop yet.
  12. He has season tickets for the Fury.
  13. Done. I also had a soft spot for Maija.
  14. I think Forge would have loved to have him on loan as well.
  15. You obviously knew full well like everyone else here he was going to spin this in a negative way and make a post like that. Don't take that bait. Purchasing the flex pack allows you to choose ANY three games, the home opener isn't mandatory so his analysis is flawed as usual.
  16. https://canpl.ca/article/cpl-announces-preseason-training-in-dominican-republic-equipment-sponsorship-with-nike I think this would be the first time that all the players in a league has to wear a brand from one supplier. It will be interesting to see down the road if a scuffle emerges when let's say a new phenom emerges and a rival supplier wants to sponsor them only to have a GSP vs UFC like disagreement occur. Will they have to abide by this for just CPL or Voyageurs Cup as well? Champion's league, friendlies? I am fascinated with sports marketing and all the tactics companies like to use to subvert the system, especially with all the ambush marketing that goes on during the Olympics and World Cup, I bet most people can't even name what the official car maker was of the latter's last tournament. Nike and Macron will have the official booths within Tim Horton's field on April 27th but you can bet Adidas, Puma and whoever else will set up shop outside the stadium claiming how excited they are to be "along" for the CPL journey themselves.
  17. Yeah, most guys would have blasted it out of excitement. That slight feint and dummy to commit everyone reminded me of Kaka. I think David is going to land on a big club soon. Edit: what is wrong with the quote function in this thread?
  18. I realize that now. After checking it again, I heard the commentator say David when he bombed it up the field and the French sounding name for the guy on the break. My French isn't so good.
  19. That is some composure for his goal.
  20. I do have something to say about the bolded but Jamie probably wouldn't like it if I dragged this thread down that proverbial rabbit hole. Another time.
  21. it isn't and it never should be. That doesn't just go for soccer broadcasting but everything else in this world.
  22. BEIN sports the locker room has a diverse cast, an Englishman, Italian, American and German. Like other have said, it should be merit based but I think there's a lot more knowledgeable soccer people out there than just English guys. There's no issue with them being white though.
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