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  1. Yes, Curling and figure skating is also on the same level as the men's game imo....probably even higher than the men. To me this is just the status quo, nothing has changed except for the novelty item that is women's MMA, which is born out of the novelty that is MMA, a sport that hit its peak in 2010 and has been on a decline ever since.
  2. It would have been a better April Fool's joke if they didn't set this up with yesterday's message saying "massive announcement tomorrow". Who sets up an April Fool's joke that way? If they just did this thing out of the blue I would have smiled and thought it was clever but by pre-cursing it with yesterday's announcement? ......🤨
  3. Are they really? I still only see women's tennis getting the same respect as the men's game. WNBA I'm pretty sure hangs on by a thread.....barely at that.
  4. Maybe the major announcement is still to come. 😄
  5. Eventually accommodate an open market system. It isn't one now but I believe the CPL will gradually evolve into such a system.
  6. To BBTB, The purpose of splitting into two tiers and having promotion/relegation is to eventually accommodate an open market system. Budgets and stadium size do not need to be kept low. If Forge eventually starts drawing 24,000 for example by 2026, PB isn't going to have an emergency meeting with the other CPL owners and go "their drawing too many people, there stadium is too big!"
  7. I have never seen the printed reports. Link em Matty.
  8. reckless wasn't the right word...not sure why I spelled reckless with a w. 😑 Anyhow, AD was, like I previously mentioned given a license to fail where he was allowed to take these risks and for good reason, he is so super talented and super athletic that it made sense to give him that luxury. However, because of that, the type of game JD plays probably gives him a higher chance of starting in Bundesliga at the current moment imo. Don't get me wrong, I love AD and think he's going to get consistent playing time and eventually become a start for Bayern Munich in the not too distant future.
  9. I don’t think him staying one more year at Gent would hurt but I feel JD has the skill and composure to make that step up and slot into first team action for either Gladbach or Dortmund immediately. AD is a little different as he has to unlearn all that wreckless wastefulness he was afforded at VWC to get consistent playing time at Bayern Munich, but JD does not have that negative trait in his game. He gets a hold of the ball and plays it like it’s his final touch of the game, he makes the right decision and I haven’t seen him lose possession. I think he should make the move.
  10. Yeah, Y9 has had numerous pub nights in York Region.
  11. I guess they were expecting me to be there unless....they have more SSH in Brampton other than myself? I never got the email for this though. Edit: Just clicked on Rocket's link. It was at Keenan's Irish Pub? I have frequented that establishment a few times. Keltic Rock would have been great as well, a lot of soccer loving people there.
  12. To me it comes down to three scenarios in the aforementioned time frame: MLS becomes a top league, has that lucrative TV/media deal that's worth a billion plus annually and the league pays a minimum of $1,000,000 to its players, becoming a league where top athletes go right away and not something they lull over after college. In that situation, the three Canadian MLS teams aren't going to leave and probably shouldn't imo. MLS still continues to scrape by as it currently does, no lucrative TV deal and still paying slightly above average white collar salaries to the average player, still causing the domestic player coming out of college to question this as a career decision, thereby not drawing on top domestic athletes. In this scenario, and depending on how much the CPL has grown, the question of the three MLS teams joining up needs to be had if the economics make sense with regards to media, sponsorship and what not. MLS implodes once the expansion money has dried up. This future is self explanatory. MLS owners will have no other option but join up unless they just want to get out of the soccer game altogether. This scenario is unlikely but considering first generation MLS teams still struggle at the gate and some expansion outfits like the Union have dwindling fanbases, it's entirely possible IMO.
  13. That's a broad statement to make and you and I don't know what the exact effect of such a thing happening would do to the fanbase. Would a portion of fans disappear if it's not MLS? Sure, maybe. Anyhow, I don't see the issue with having 3 MLS teams along with the CPL. Any talks of them joining up is a conversation best had 15-20 years down the road when the soccer landscape in this country evolves and fleshes out even further.
  14. Macksam

    2019 Attendance

    "And we got close to 1,500 sold (to members)" To members.... Like we discussed previously, I think corporate sales are probably going to be a significant thing for them.
  15. Maybe but probably not based on our current form and momentum. Anyhow, before delve further into this, is this rule change seriously being considered by FIFA?
  16. Lol, at the expense of opening up the huge floodgate of losing all our currently cap tied players that are eligible for other countries?
  17. BVB might be a good move considering Pulisic is gone and Sancho will more likely than not go back to City or be sold to another Prem side. If Dortmund opt for Thorgan Hazard instead, they open the doors for Gladbach to get David.
  18. Flamini as well....I wonder if he still plays.
  19. A member from our sworn enemy tribe....
  20. Macksam

    CPL General

    Comedy tends to border on a dark fine line of truth. There was nothing sick about admiring the cleverness in @Winnipeg Fury‘s post and getting bemused by KW519’s over reaction.
  21. Macksam

    CPL General

    Perhaps I should have included the post that triggered your soft sensibilities. @socceronly Another poster in the York9 thread made a rather clever jab about a potential Venezuelan player being enticed by having three hot meals a day and this snow flake here got his panties in a twist and started mentioning kids in Manitoba and other things that had nothing to do with the clever aforementioned bant. Pointing out the irony was too good to pass up.
  22. You know what, I don't remember a single thing about him besides vaguely recalling his name. Not surprising considering the revolving door of mediocrity that TFC use to attract, Dan Gargan, Ty Harden, Andrew Boyens, Laurent Robert, Peterson, that Latvian guy that nobody knew how to pronounce his name. Ty Harden couldn't even control the ball. I can't recall the number of times I saw his first touch bounce off him and in to touch. He was like that kid on your house league team where the coach had to put in for 30 minutes to not upset his parents.
  23. Upon a second look, that shoulder design is present here as well, just more faded so it’s the same as the women I think. Anyhow, we got the 2018 World Cup designs Nike gave to everyone during that event.
  24. Lol, what can you you do? Anyhow, I do not care if he doesn’t end up choosing us. 5 years ago? Probably. 3 years ago? Maybe. Today? Not a chance. The ironic thing with the CPL is that we’re going to have more defectors who choose other nations and that’s a good thing. Shows we’re producing quality, just as long as the best ones choose us lol....which they will no doubt. Anyhow, even though I would like Canada to get Akinola, the country will produce another Akinola in a few months time, and then another one after that.
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