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  1. Whitecaps need to reaquire Kekuta Manneh ASAP Thats just for starters
  2. snake

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Would be nice to see a VICTORIA/NANAIMO rivalry Team Orient FC out of Richmond could possibly work as well if they could find I way to refurbish minoru park or build a modular stadium on the vacant site of the old Landsdown racetrack
  3. So will we see a CANADIAN B team again like we did in 2003.
  4. Was at the Honduras game at swangard when Yallop brought in Corazzin , what a disaster that was had such high hopes best thing Yallop did was create the national B team and unearthed quite a few Gems
  5. snake

    Whitecaps 2017 Season

    A friend of mine was vacationing in Croatia this summer and met Eduardo DaSilva DaSilva kept asking questions about Vancouver as a city and that he is considering moving there to play for the Soccer team. Has anyone else heard of this is true? h
  6. I just read that the LA Galaxy hold the rights to Zlatan Ibrahimovic so curious as to who the whitecaps hold MLS rights to.
  7. Is the Apple bowl suitable? also drawingi g from the okanagen would include 100.000 from Kamloops , 35.000 from penticton
  8. snake

    Victoria CPL

    Or the Courtnals
  9. I believe that a Team Okanagan based in Kelowna could really do well
  10. Victoria Kelowna calgary Edmonton Regina Saskatoon Winnipeg London Hamilton Ottawa Quebec city Moncton halifax
  11. Is this the caps next DP? Omar Al Somah
  12. My top five choices 1.john van'shipt 2.Frank Yallop 3.Sven Goran Errikson 4.Nick Dasovic 5.Paul Peschesolido
  13. Is Canada a more attractive option now that Trump has become President? Vancouver Montreal and Toronto will I believe now be first choice for international DP . The apathy around the world for America at the moment is at an all time low. How does MLS take all this in? They seem to have right of first refusal for aging stars coming over ie stocking up the big US markets like Los Angeles and New York. exiting transfer window coming up in January
  14. Mexico threw their game vs Honduras that much is obvious.
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