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  1. 1st place: Radz 2nd place: De Guzman 3rd place: DeRo (I need him to 'feel the love'. Especially, where he's playing TFC this next season.) ***** Honorable mention to Hume for not whingeing in public although some might not have blamed him.
  2. Hoping against all hope that a Voyageur has an extra seat in the supporters' section. I wanted to buy earlier but it looked at the time like I would have to work. Contact me through the board or at (416) 919-4837.
  3. Well, you got me thinking: where is Aysha Jamani? I did a little research yesterday because I was wondering how someone at age 16 or 17 who had already played some games at the Senior level for Canada could so suddenly disappear? [As an aside: about a year ago Kara Lang also 'disappeared' off the radar. It was only after emailing the CSA that I found out she had had ligament damage and was out for a year almost. I wish the CSA would be a little more informative about significant injury changes to the Senior teams.] At any rate, Aysha has been attending and playing for the University of Nebraska. Last Fall she ruptured an Achilles tendon and was out for the rest of the season. I have no idea now whether she is likely to take up soccer again (although I suspect she is on a scholarship). Does one require surgery after such an injury? Does it heal itself? Is it career-ending?
  4. Well, frankly, I'm amazed that anyone from the CSA would meet 'informally' with anyone, never mind an 'ad hoc' group - I do think this reveals more about the concerns that the CSA has about its public image than the sense that anyone at the CSA is open to change. Of course, putting on my rose-colored glasses, I'd like to think that Signor Maestracci, our new majordomo of the CSA, is honestly perturbed over the seemingly incredible ineptness of the CSA, its handling of recent executive hirings/firings and would like it (the CSA) to assume a more transparent face. I'd like to think this because I, like Black September, want to move Canadian soccer forward. So, Black September, good on you for at least locating an ear and talking into it - much better than the average Canadian citizen, journalist or politician can expect with Ottawa these days. (jumping off soapbox before produce arrives)
  5. I, too, would like to order a scarf - I joined the board uinfortunately after the orders were closed. So, if any are left, Jarrek, do let me know. I'm in south-west Toronto.
  6. I must respectfully disagree with BigBIrd who feels that the telecast clearly shows an offside player. While I haven't had the advantage of replaying this play to-day, I can say that I was watching it quite intensely last night. Neither in the live transmission then or in subsequent replays did I see anyone offside as the ball was kicked. Actually to me it looked to be a no-brainer - I felt I could see a measurable distance between the lead Canadian player and the defender. At any rate, I will send off the following: Dear Mr. Warner: I'm sure that the following will add to the mounting number of emails regarding the overall incompetency of the officiating during the entire Gold Cup process. Any true soccer fan would have been disgusted with the calls made in last night's US/Canada semi-final. To have these made by an official from a country also competing in a semi-final only adds to the insult. This was not a 'controversial' or judgement call: that presumes that there exists a case for doubt. The picture was quite clear on television -too bad that no-one had the guts to make the correct non-call. Recenlty you were quoted proudly stating how the level of play in CONCACAF had gone up, how there was no longer a need to add teams from other parts of the world to fill out tournament spots. And, this may in part be true. So, how about doing something to bring the officiating into the '90s? I watched again and again as officials bungled calls - and not just in games involving Canada. Many occasions a referee would issue some decision only to find himself surrounded by angry players; often these melees would last several minutes. In Europe, the matter would end quite abruptly at the issue of a further yellow card. Diving is still an art practiced by many of the teams at the Gold Cup. Surely any player in that amount of agony would be unlikely to be playing soccer again in the subsequent months, never mind minutes later. Offside calls are routinely botched although not usually to the exquisite level of last night's decision. While I doubt that you will ever issue any statement concerning the refereeing, I trust that you will at least watch the debacle again. Maybe even take a small step to rectifying this gross injustice.
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