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    Canada vs England, 1986 (Vancouver)
    Canada vs Paraguay, 1986 (Vancouver)
    Canada vs Wales, 1986 (Vancouver)
    Canada vs France, 1986 World Cup (Leon, Mexico)
    Canada vs Hungary, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)
    Canada vs USSR, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)
    Canada vs Guatemala, 1988 WCQ (Vancouver)
    Canada vs Australia, 1993 WCQ (Edmonton)
    Canada vs Jamaica, 1997 WCQ (Vancouver)

    West Germany vs Scotland, 1986 World Cup (Queretaro, MX)
    Uruguay vs West Germany, 1986 World Cup (Queretaro, MX)
    USSR vs Hungary, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, MX)
    France vs USSR, 1986 World Cup (Leon, Mexico)
    Italy vs Bulgaria, 1986 World Cup (Mexico City, MX)
    Nicaragua at Guatemala, 1996, 1998 WCQ (Guatemala City)
    Trinidad & Tobago at USA, 1996, 1998 WCQ (Richmond, VA)
    Cameroon vs Russia, 1994 World Cup (Palo Alto, California)
    Austria at Poland, 2005 WCQ (Chorzow, Poland)
    Spain vs Ukraine, 2006 World Cup (Leipzig, Germany)
    Belarus at Luxembourg, 2007, Euro 2008 q (Luxembourg City)
    Georgia at Lithuania, 2007, Euro 2008 qu (Kaunas, Lithuania)
    El Salvador at USA, 2009, 2010 WCQ (Salt Lake City, Utah)

    Olympic Qualifiers...
    -numerous Canadian games at Swangard in late 80's/early 90's
    -Mexico vs Panama, Honduras vs T and T, 2012 (Los Angeles)
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    rural BC

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  1. UPDATE 11 SMNT Canada vs England, 1986 (Vancouver)Canada vs Paraguay, 1986 (Vancouver)Canada vs Wales, 1986 (Vancouver)Canada vs France, 1986 World Cup (Leon, Mexico)Canada vs Hungary, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)Canada vs USSR, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)Canada vs Guatemala, 1988 WCQ (Vancouver)Canada vs Australia, 1993 WCQ (Edmonton)Canada vs Jamaica, 1997 WCQ (Burnaby) Canada vs Honduras, 2015 WCQ (Vancouver) Canada vs French Guiana, 2019 CNL (Vancouver)
  2. I apologize if this can be found elsewhere here, but I can't seem to find info on this anywhere. I will be in Peru this summer and would like to see us play. I was wondering when the fourth spot for CONCACAF will be determined and if Canada still has an opportunity to qualify.
  3. OPTION A) More minnow friendly Assuming 35 teams participating, you'd have the top 4 teams (Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and Honduras) based on the past six World Cups go straight to final groups ( 2 comprised of six teams each) . The remaining 8 teams would be determined like this: In round one, 31 teams divided into seven groups of 4 and one of 3. The top team from each group would go to round two. This would allow for all the minnows to play for real. Most would get six guaranteed games. Teams like Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador and Jamaica would each have a moderately difficult opponent and a couple of minnows between them and a place in the final qualifying tourney. OPTION B Everyone gets Mexico It isn't fair for whatever teams get Mexico, so why doesn't everyone get Mexico? Have a South American style final group of ten teams, with the top 3 getting a ticket to Qatar and the 4th place team getting the intercontinental spot. The top 4 teams (Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and Honduras) based on historical performance would get a bye to final round. The next top nine teams (say Canada, Panama, T and T, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador and Curacao) would get a bye to the second round. The remaining 22 minnows would play off and the six survivors go to round two. In round two, you'd have three groups comprised of five teams. The top two in each group would go to the finals to join the four teams with the bye. I like the one group of ten teams best, but under this format, Canada would have 26 qualifying games. Good for the fan, but I can see this being problematic. There are ways to reduce the games, but the minnows would suffer. I think everyone should have to suffer the possibility of playing Mexico.
  4. My first ever internet experience was the Canoe site in 1996 as I was living in Guatemala and wanted to know the score of our WCQ game against Panama as well as our medal total at Atlanta Olympics. My memory says there was a Voyageurs page then, but I could be wrong.
  5. UPDATE....10 CMNT, 3 U23 SMNT Canada vs England, 1986 (Burnaby)Canada vs Paraguay, 1986 (Vancouver)Canada vs Wales, 1986 (Vancouver)Canada vs France, 1986 World Cup (Leon, Mexico)Canada vs Hungary, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)Canada vs USSR, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)Canada vs Guatemala, 1988 WCQ (Burnaby)Canada vs Australia, 1993 WCQ (Edmonton)Canada vs Jamaica, 1997 WCQ (Burnaby) Canada vs Honduras, 2015 WCQ (Vancouver) OLYMPIC QUALIFYING/U23 1992 Canada vs Honduras (Burnaby) 1992 Canada vs Mexico (Burnaby) 1991 Canada vs El Salvador (Burnaby)
  6. Yeah, it was when the CSL was in operation and they only allowed 2 or 3 players from each team to be play, so Waiters couldn't get the side he wanted. Forrest's replacement never got another cap.
  7. If I remember correctly, there was a dedicated page for CMNT videos here. I cannot find it. I put a 15 minute video on Youtube with all the goals from a World Cup qualifier from 1992 between Canada and Jamaica as well Canada's first ever Gold Cup match in 1991 against Honduras.
  8. The proposed breakdown for 2026 would comprise: Europe 16 teams (13 currently); Africa 9 (5); Asia 8.5 (4.5), South America 6 (4.5), Concacaf 6.5 (3.5), Oceania 1 (0.5), Host nation 1 (1). This would be good for Canada as even if all three hosts get an automatic berth, CONCACAF would still have 4.5 spots available. Based on this reasoning, I bet we get an automatic berth. It would also help convince dual citizens to think hard about leaving Canada.
  9. I voted for Mitchell. I'm not saying he's better than Hutchinson, DeRosario or Radzinski, but he got shit on a lot on this board (for coaching) and a lot of it was undeserved. In his era, Canada never played the likes of St Kitts or Dominica in qualifying. Take away the goals from the minnow-bashing qualifiers and see the totals of those near him on the top. He always came through in qualifiers and from my view in Estadio Irapuato, he scored Canada's first ever World Cup goal against the USSR. Well, we celebrated until we realized it was in the top netting. The inclusion of Ricketts got its deserved response in earlier posts, and also, Wilson and Segota deserved to be on the list.
  10. 36000 frenzied fans, real grass, two Canadian teams. What more could we ask for? I bet this will gain the game quite a few more fans. It was thrilling, positive football.
  11. ROUND ONE: 10 teams involved: ( 26-35 RANKED TEAMS) (Montserrat, Caymans, etc) 2 home and away games ROUND TWO: 12 teams involved: Winners of Round one + teams ranked 19-25 2 home and away games ROUND THREE: 24 teams involved: Teams ranked 1-18 + winners of round 2 (8 groups of 3) Winners qualify for Round 3 ROUND FOUR: 8 teams (1 group) Top three direct qualification/1 playoff The advantage of a system like this is that to get to the 'Octo" teams like El Salvador, Canada, Guatemala, T and T, Jamaica, etc would only have to play each other most likely in Round 3 as they would be most likely be teams ranked 7-12. The top ranked teams would only get minnows in round three. Also, the best of the Caribbean teams would get 4 to 8 games. Additionally, if FIFA wanted more games for the weaker nations, the minnow teams could be involved in a mini tourney in Round 1 ( two groups of five/ top 2 advance and the third place teams play off for last sport) for Round 2.
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