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    Canada vs England, 1986 (Vancouver)
    Canada vs Paraguay, 1986 (Vancouver)
    Canada vs Wales, 1986 (Vancouver)
    Canada vs France, 1986 World Cup (Leon, Mexico)
    Canada vs Hungary, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)
    Canada vs USSR, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)
    Canada vs Guatemala, 1988 WCQ (Vancouver)
    Canada vs Australia, 1993 WCQ (Edmonton)
    Canada vs Jamaica, 1997 WCQ (Vancouver)

    West Germany vs Scotland, 1986 World Cup (Queretaro, MX)
    Uruguay vs West Germany, 1986 World Cup (Queretaro, MX)
    USSR vs Hungary, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, MX)
    France vs USSR, 1986 World Cup (Leon, Mexico)
    Italy vs Bulgaria, 1986 World Cup (Mexico City, MX)
    Nicaragua at Guatemala, 1996, 1998 WCQ (Guatemala City)
    Trinidad & Tobago at USA, 1996, 1998 WCQ (Richmond, VA)
    Cameroon vs Russia, 1994 World Cup (Palo Alto, California)
    Austria at Poland, 2005 WCQ (Chorzow, Poland)
    Spain vs Ukraine, 2006 World Cup (Leipzig, Germany)
    Belarus at Luxembourg, 2007, Euro 2008 q (Luxembourg City)
    Georgia at Lithuania, 2007, Euro 2008 qu (Kaunas, Lithuania)
    El Salvador at USA, 2009, 2010 WCQ (Salt Lake City, Utah)

    Olympic Qualifiers...
    -numerous Canadian games at Swangard in late 80's/early 90's
    -Mexico vs Panama, Honduras vs T and T, 2012 (Los Angeles)
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  1. I apologize if this can be found elsewhere here, but I can't seem to find info on this anywhere. I will be in Peru this summer and would like to see us play. I was wondering when the fourth spot for CONCACAF will be determined and if Canada still has an opportunity to qualify.
  2. I think the best we can hope for is that Mr. Dressup leads a minority government. The NDP under Singh is in awful shape and that will benefit Trudeau. Also, he is very good at Clintonesque "I feel your pain" posturing. His cozying up with minor league American celebrities appeals to many Canadians, as does his virtue signalling.
  3. Sorry, didn't see this earlier. It's a dig at the seemingly modern belief that if one doesn't prescribe to the current (post LB Pearson) values, they hold unCanadian values. Trudeau hints at it frequently. His immigration minister outright said it. If you question immigration or other tenets of progressive Canada, you're not one of us. The funny thing is that Canada's been a country for 151 years and for the first 100 years our values were quite different. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-ontario-minister-demands-apology-over-asylum-seekers-comments-from/
  4. hectorj

    Suggested 2022 WCQ Formats

    OPTION A) More minnow friendly Assuming 35 teams participating, you'd have the top 4 teams (Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and Honduras) based on the past six World Cups go straight to final groups ( 2 comprised of six teams each) . The remaining 8 teams would be determined like this: In round one, 31 teams divided into seven groups of 4 and one of 3. The top team from each group would go to round two. This would allow for all the minnows to play for real. Most would get six guaranteed games. Teams like Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador and Jamaica would each have a moderately difficult opponent and a couple of minnows between them and a place in the final qualifying tourney. OPTION B Everyone gets Mexico It isn't fair for whatever teams get Mexico, so why doesn't everyone get Mexico? Have a South American style final group of ten teams, with the top 3 getting a ticket to Qatar and the 4th place team getting the intercontinental spot. The top 4 teams (Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and Honduras) based on historical performance would get a bye to final round. The next top nine teams (say Canada, Panama, T and T, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador and Curacao) would get a bye to the second round. The remaining 22 minnows would play off and the six survivors go to round two. In round two, you'd have three groups comprised of five teams. The top two in each group would go to the finals to join the four teams with the bye. I like the one group of ten teams best, but under this format, Canada would have 26 qualifying games. Good for the fan, but I can see this being problematic. There are ways to reduce the games, but the minnows would suffer. I think everyone should have to suffer the possibility of playing Mexico.
  5. I knew I wasn't the only one to know that while Trump was bad for the world, in many ways Clinton was possibly worse. She's the poster-girl for scary globalism, the kind that lost her the rust-belt states. How dare the people that once had a good factory jobs be unsatisfied with working at Dollar Tree. The temerity!
  6. There seems to be more than a few people on here who'd be considered to have "UnCanadian values" by our current PM. How'd you get there? I'm curious about the transformation or if you've always felt the way you do. I don't consider myself partisan and often jump around the ideological map. My transformation has been a gradual one that has taken 30 years. In many ways, I feel the political spectrum has changed on me, not the other way around. If Jordan Peterson is considered a right-winger, I think my last point has been proven.
  7. My first ever internet experience was the Canoe site in 1996 as I was living in Guatemala and wanted to know the score of our WCQ game against Panama as well as our medal total at Atlanta Olympics. My memory says there was a Voyageurs page then, but I could be wrong.
  8. UPDATE....10 CMNT, 3 U23 SMNT Canada vs England, 1986 (Burnaby)Canada vs Paraguay, 1986 (Vancouver)Canada vs Wales, 1986 (Vancouver)Canada vs France, 1986 World Cup (Leon, Mexico)Canada vs Hungary, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)Canada vs USSR, 1986 World Cup (Irapuato, Mexico)Canada vs Guatemala, 1988 WCQ (Burnaby)Canada vs Australia, 1993 WCQ (Edmonton)Canada vs Jamaica, 1997 WCQ (Burnaby) Canada vs Honduras, 2015 WCQ (Vancouver) OLYMPIC QUALIFYING/U23 1992 Canada vs Honduras (Burnaby) 1992 Canada vs Mexico (Burnaby) 1991 Canada vs El Salvador (Burnaby)
  9. hectorj

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    At work. What's the score???
  10. Had an original Whitecaps red jersey from '74 that I bought for $1 at Value Village but sold it for $400 to a US collector, but this is my pride and joy. It's a game worn jersey from 1980-81 World Cup qualifying. I won it on Tony Waiters' short lived radio show on CJOR in Vancouver in 1986. I will never part with this one.
  11. Our puppet masters don't really like democracy.
  12. This is why we need proportional representation. It's also why we will never get proportional representation. The "big tent" parties can try to appease their Berniers, but really do nothing. They try to appeal to the fringes but eventually ignore them. If we had a PR system, a party like Bernier's could get 6% of the vote and would actually have representation in the H of C and could possibly be a kingmaker in a coalition government. That scares the shit out of the mainstream parties.
  13. Also, the telecom behemoths survive in the marketplace because the game is rigged in their favour. My son is playing hockey in the US this year and we wanted him to call home. T-Mobile (US) offered me an unlimited talk and text plan in North America for $20. His current plan (Fido)in Canada will charge us $12 a DAY for him to call or text. Bernier wants to go after Big Dairy, but the telecom industry seems even more rigged. We have the highest rates in the world. I've lived in four other countries and have travelled to many more. I don't think hockey is our national sport; it's gouging. https://www.therichest.com/luxury/most-expensive/countries-with-the-most-expensive-average-cell-phone-bill/
  14. A World Cup team can have 23 players on their roster. Let's pretend you have to create a roster of your favourite Canadian songs. Obviously based on age and personal preference, there will be lots of variety. Here's the rules.....A) Once you've used the artist, you can't pick another of his/her/their songs B ) no particular order C) Leave Nickleback fans alone! Aka.. Be kind STARTING 11 White Rose-Fred Eaglesmith The Sniper-Jackie Mittoo The Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide-The Kings Spirit of Radio-Rush Teen City-The Modernettes ( coin flip with Barbra) Steal My Sunshine-Len Strawberry Blonde-Ron Sexsmith Boys of Melody-Hidden Cameras Slow Stroke-Greg MacPherson She's a Roller-April Wine Sundown-Gordon Lightfoot SUBS Spaceship Superstar-Prism Far too Canadian-Spirit of the West Myriad Harbour-New Pornographers Suzanne-Leonard Cohen Cousin Mary-Fludd Wash your Face in my Sink-Dream Warriors Sudbury Saturday Night- Stompin' Tom Connors Out of Luck-Pointed Sticks Little Bones-Tragically Hip Hey You- BTO Elizabeth Childers- Richard Buckner (We should have capped him when he lived in Edmonton for a few years. He'd be in my starting 11) Rock me Gently-Andy Kim