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  1. No players from "Club unattached"? I'm liking Herdman more and more.
  2. Ciman to Toronto? https://twitter.com/nikmartineauTVA/status/1076132732147781633
  3. If he does go out on loan does his salary go against the TFC's Salary Cap? If it doesn't then I think we can sign a better player while he is out on loan.
  4. Zambrano wants Osorio: https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/colombian-club-wants-tfcs-jonathan-osorio-loan-2019/
  5. When did this guy get capped for Canada? https://www.transfermarkt.com/david-wotherspoon/nationalmannschaft/spieler/74861
  6. I guess we can assume he has been called up to Canada's next game?
  7. Anybody called up yet? Or has there been any reports out there that someone was called up? Find it odd by now we should have some names out there.
  8. When is the next men's national team friendly? I thought by now there would be something scheduled, or did I mess the memo?
  9. Looks like he is available for MLS or CPL. https://twitter.com/isseynfarran/status/950740828837875717
  10. Crisante will not be coming to Canada now: http://vivoazzurro.it/en/news/gagliardini-and-cristante-called-up-following-pellegrini-withdrawal-team-to-train-this-afternoon/?lang=en
  11. Unfortunately, Gold Cup squads are supposed to be in June 1st to CONCACAF. Davies became a citizen after that, so I don't he can play in the Gold Cup. Unless there is another way.
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