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  1. Seems like Edmonton will still proceed forward. Seems like the province isn't going to commit to support at this time, at least until full costs are known. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/alberta-gov-t-not-backing-edmonton-s-participation-in-2026-fifa-bid-1.3844928#_gus&_gucid=&_gup=twitter&_gsc=2Rz3oaf “It does create uncertainty,” Councillor Sarah Hamilton said. “The city is still moving forward as part of that bid and if we’re successfully, and fingers crossed we are, it gives us the opportunity to go back to the province and ask them for money, post-bid.”
  2. Really hope this means Edmonton gets perhaps 2 games. No doubt in my Edmonton will support this event well. Could be 5-5 Montreal Toronto Or 4-4-2 Montreal Toronto Edmonton Or 4-3-3 Montreal Toronto Edmonton best case?
  3. ^ Montreal (Big O) doesn't have natural grass, neither does Commonwealth. All cities had planned for natural grass surface for the 2026. Seems like the BC gov't is closing any opportunity for this bid.
  4. Also being discussed here http://www.juventuz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27651
  5. Little buzz here about this game. Negligible advertising. There was initially some level of excitement when the game was announced - that excitement has died down over the past months. Talking to a lot of die hard soccer fans over the past week - they just aren't interested because "Canada sucks" (in soccer that is). Having a mid-week game won't help either, nor will the cold weather. I'll be there. The media in Canada doesn't care either, and Sportsnet has reasons to be ashamed for telecasting a Boston-Detroit MLB game instead of showing a Men's National Team WC Qualifier. Been a while since soccer in Canada has generated a buzz. The match against T&T drew well, but Canada was giving fans something to cheer for. Hopefully with a good walk-up, a crowd of 15K can be reached. Just a terrible way this all turned out. Waiting 4 long years for this, filled with optimism with a strong Gold Cup performance - then we get placed in the Group of Death, and of course, Dale Mitchell Stupid hobo.
  6. Hey RiverCity - when and where can I pick up the tickets? Please email me. Thanks
  7. So 4 games left, and we have to get 9 points? Lets generously say they win in Jamaica and Honduras. Do they beat Mexico? No. F *** no.
  8. Yup. At this rate, you'll see a maximum of 25,000 - that's the best case scenario.
  9. http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/2008/09/04/deguzman_canada_honduras/
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