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  1. Remember the old "SCORE" kits anyone????
  2. Another point of view on the subject....Godfrey seems to disagree with his former analyst....interesting! http://www.goltv.ca/blog/lee_godfrey_soccer_blog/118
  3. Can't wait for the responses on this one because the people who work in television production are never right. Sportsnet is the rights holder of Canadian National team properties, but they are only contracted to show a certain number of games per year. They have to priortize what games they want to carry. That number of games per year is a total number that includes women's national team games as well. Picking up feeds from some of these European networks is sketchy at best. Are they getting English broadcasters? Does it have to be called from Toronto? Can they access the Satellite the game is being distributed on? If not do they have to pay for a fiber line to get it to a point where they can see it? How much does that cost? Are they getting international sound (crowd noise) for the game? Will the game have fonts or will a crew in Toronto have to come in for starting lineups etc? If you are GOLTV and not Sportsnet how much are the rights to the game going to cost? Can they cover those costs in ad revenue for the game? Is the CSA ready to pony up some of the production costs to get the game on in Canada? When you wonder why the games are not on sometimes it's because getting all of the answers sometimes takes weeks and it's not the fault of the Canadian Broadcasters...it's getting the answers from others and a lot of the time by the time the get these answers it's just too late.
  4. Was that award Scotland's MVP? Most Valuable Pint drinker. 1986 nuff said!
  5. Have to agree with you the only issue is Yallop "wanting" the TFC job or the Whitecaps job. He is very loyal to the San Jose ownership group. He is very involved in every decision made on the soccer side. His family is happy there and he would rather not move his kids again. I'd be surprised if he came to TFC...being from BC the Whitecaps is a better possibility.
  6. http://twitter.com/GOLTVLee and http://www.goltv.ca/schedule/?day=6
  7. Congrats Watty! Hopefully your time at NE will last more than one match depending on what happen's with Nicol at the end of the season, or does this mean you may come back to Canada if a certain Head Coach with that clubs decides to make a move?? Hmmmmmmm.
  8. GOLTV Canada has just made a couple of additions to their Saturday night broadcast schedule as far as the MLS Playoff picture is concerned. They will show the Toronto FC v. New York Red Bulls match live at 7:30pm ET, they have added LIVE "look-ins" to the Colorado/Real Salt Lake match and will show the Seattle/Dallas match live in it's entirety. On Sunday they also have the Columbus/New England match at 6:00pm ET. Soccer Night in Canada!
  9. The grass was paid for by MLSE, not Real Madrid. Lance is incorrect. MLSE is donating the pitch to local schools for life after football!
  10. At some point there may be stands built there, but the permit for the stands was only temporary for the River Plate match and Real Madrid. They will not be in place for the match against DC United.
  11. You are almost right with your last statement.....you don't need to call and ask for more coverage....you have to START WATCHING! I'm sorry but we continue to bitch and complain, but less than 100,000 for Van/MTL is not going to garner any advertising revs for the stations so why should they spend $$$ without being able to make the money back. If the ratings go up, coverage goes up, advertising revenues go up and everyone is happy, but unfortunately we have not given any of the private broadcasters any reason to show more soccer. WE are just as much to blame as them. As much as we think they should, the networks are not in the business to grow sports, they are in it to make money bottom line.
  12. From Richard Scott at the CSA: Canada's men's national team officially qualified for the quarter-final stage of the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup tonight. Both Canada (Group A leader) and USA (Group B leader) qualified after Panama and Mexico drew 1:1 in Houston, TX. Even if Canada or USA falls to third place in their respective groups, the Group C third-place team will not be able to catch either team. Guadeloupe actually moved into first place in Group C with a 2:0 win over Nicaragua. Guadeloupe is in first place with six points, followed by Mexico (four points), Panama (one point) and Nicaragua (no points). Guadeloupe has also qualified for the quarter-final stage as it will either finish first or second in Group C. Canada faces Costa Rica on Friday 10 July at Florida International University Stadium. The match, which kicks of at 19.00 ET (16.00 PT), will be broadcast live on Sportsnet East and Sportsnet West. The Canada-Costa Rica match will be followed by Jamaica-El Salvador at 21.00 ET. The results of the two matches will determine Canada's placing and potential quarter-final opponent. The 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup runs 3-26 July in 13 cities across USA. Canada leads Group A with six points after back-to-back 1:0 victories over Jamaica (3 July in Los Angeles) and El Salvador (7 July in Columbus).
  13. GOLTV will be broadcasting all of the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup. Canada's matches will be on a delayed basis as Sportsnet has live rights, but every other match starting with Costa Rica v. El Salvador tonight will be live. They are picking up the CONCACAF feed and not producing the games themselves so don't expect the quality we get from our friends at FIFA, but great news we can watch all the matches!
  14. Less to do about Kevin and more to do with health issues of someone very close to Kevin. Amazing the conclusions people jump to. I wish Kevin all the best as family always comes first no matter what your job is.
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