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  1. This was an excellent result all things considered. Games like these are usually tough for Canada because we've traditionally NOT had the ability to carry a game and cut teams open and finish. I am curious to see how we look against a side like Honduras or Jamaica, teams that will indeed put pressure on us and, at times, even take the game to us. We've the players to hit hard on the counter, which makes us dangerous to play. Lots of good signs today; lots still to improve one. But I am mostly pleased; this felt like the right step forward.
  2. Nice to see some chemistry building between Oso, Arfield, Hoillet, Cava and David. Nice mix of young and experienced players out there, in general. Love the fact that both Davies and Millar are out there having truly professional performances.
  3. lLarin, likely to come in for David. I hope we see ZBG too. Who else might we see?
  4. What I will be watching for tomorrow: A strong, cohesive and purposeful display of professional football from our lads. I want to see some chemistry, I want to get a sense that Herdman knows how to set this team up for success, that he's got his tactics right. I am not worried about the score line. I DO want to see lots of chances created, and we better be clinical on several of them, but I mostly want to see a cohesive performance. USVI will most certainly bunker and counter, and the narrowed pitch will force us to be our technical best--rather than just letting Davies run them ragged. These sorts of matches are always tougher than they look on paper. I want to see a smart and technical performance, with a good dose of ruthless finishing and tackling. I am looking for signs that we are on the path to evolving into a very strong side.
  5. Used to play street soccer here in Vancouver with kids who were central American immigrants, and they always referred to me as "Blanquito". (I guess they didn't know the Spanish word for "beaver")
  6. Just got back from the match. Agree with everything you say here. Both Levis and Nerwinski were excellent. Much more intensity tonight. Davies looks to be close to 100% healthy. Ghazal and Tiebert were very professional and tidy. We needed to be more clinical with our chances, especially in transition. Levi’s was named Man of the Match, which was well deserved even if I would have given Reyna the honours. Still, Levis looked like a guy who could thrive in MLS. He may supplant DeJong before too long. If he continues to develop like he has been then this will be good news for the Caps and Canada.
  7. And when you lay it out that way I can see that an inter-squad game is well in order. Herdman is no dummy: He knows he has named a too-strong squad for this match, but the match itself is only part of the package. This is his first chance to really put his stamp on this team, to spend meaningful time with the core of his future squad, and to convey his vision moving forward. (It is also a tactic to get all of us on side, which is also very smart.) He is sending multiple excellent messages by naming such a large and strong squad. And, because he is smart, he will be sure to manage player expectations for the actual game. No, most of the guys will not see the pitch, but it'll be all part of a bigger plan, and Herdman will make it very clear to every player what that plan is. Strong roster. Wish Kaye was not injured and that Hutch was only 28!
  8. I've never had season's tickets, but I'd be willing to do so if I knew the organization was going to put a stronger/better/more cohesive product on the pitch. I will be watching closely during the off season.
  9. To be clear, I feel almost certain the Caps overall will have a mediocre performance, but I think Davies will be brilliant. (The Beaver is never wrong 😉)
  10. I think he had a mediocre game--not a bad one--but I also think he is still nursing an injury. I expect a big game from him this coming weekend. I think I'd better get tickets.
  11. Caps win! Terrible first half performance (I blame Jeffrey’s prawn sandwiches), but a much better second half. Lots of character on this squad. Reyna, for me, is the Caps’ best player hands down. Davies with another ho-hum game, but a massive acrobatic clearance in the dying minutes.
  12. Yes, that is my fear, but somehow I am not convinced the Caps would continue to draw good crowds if they continually put out a mediocre product.
  13. Two kinds of fans: Avid soccer fans and those who are just out for a novelty event. If 20,000 fans show up, I have no idea how many are of the avid type. Last game I attended (with my soccer-loving wife) there were six 20-somethings sitting behind us and they did not pay any attention to the game. It appeared to be a place to connect, get some drinks, and then figure out what they were going to do later that evening. (They also claimed, with irritating authority, that Davies was 18.) Based on this hard evidence, I would estimate that 25% of fans attending Caps games are of the avid sort, and the rest were of the wanking sort I had to endure that evening.
  14. No, my passion is for you, Jeffrey! You and only you!
  15. Totally agree, but most pro sports teams depend on the strong fan base because they tend to be the ones who buy season's tickets, which means that the Caps MUST keep them in mind as they decide what type of product to put on the field. While I am as critical of the Caps organization as the rest of you lot, I know they are owned by super smart business people and I have to think that they indeed have a smart strategy in mind for how to spend the Davies cash in a way that will indeed advance the quality of football this team plays. I am not 100% confident, however, that Lenarduzzi and his team are the right guys to manage this evolution. TFC, for instance, looked destined to be the laughing stock of Major League Soccer FOREVER until they brought in Lieweke. Caps cannot afford a guy like him, sadly, but can we not use some of the Davies cash to get a significant upgrade on Bobby?
  16. If he was one mid-priced addition among several such additions then he'd be fine, I think. I think it is more likely that the Caps will go that direction anyways, rather than pay big DP dollars. But I don't think we'll ever see Oso in a Caps jersey.
  17. Nope: I am middle-aged, overeducated, over-worked and underpaid. I have indeed been talking about the Caps organization, but I disagree that they lack ambition and that the fans care less. Those are facile and lazy observations. The trouble with the Caps organization, I suspect, is that they are under financed and uncertain how to evolve their business strategy now that they've won the Davies lottery. And, yes, many fans do not give a rats ass about the product on the field. A Caps game is just another night out, just another attraction and novelty event for many fans. But there is a large contingent of fans that know the game well and demand to see a much better product on the field. You cannot tell me Atlanta is filling their stadium with ONLY die hard football fans. Lots of those fans are just there for the spectacle. And, of course, it never hurts if the team knows how to win AND play attractive football. Which is what the Caps need to keep in mind, and which was my original point before we started talking "gastronomy".
  18. Sorry for rising to Jeffrey's bait about Vancouver gastronomy (what a pretentious term: gastronomy). Every once in a while I find the lad insufferable and take him to task for the BS he posts. He actually has a great handle on football itself, but his arrogance and condescension (in general) gets tiresome at times. I expect more from one of our elder members, but it is up to me to take the high road when he goes low. Apologies to everyone for getting off track here. Caps will win this weekend, and next. Both will be ugly, unconvincing wins. I blame Vancouver gastronomy for both unimpressive results.
  19. I hear that a lot about Hawksworth, but never Savio Volpe. Check out Cacao or Kissa Tanto or Mak and Ming when you get a chance. And, of course, Vij's or My Shanty are remarkable if you like Indian cuisine.
  20. Some of these are expensive but many are not. Again, you are not really in touch with the food scene here. The movement over the last decade has been towards more affordable dining, lots of innovation and great flavour. And I am not a food snob; I am not even a foodie. I just happen to have access to real information on the food scenes across Canada and, to a lesser degree, into the US.
  21. Start with the New York Times food critics. Then Conde Nast. Hawksworth is highly rated but there are far more interesting places to try. Vij's, Cacao, Savio Volpe, Analena, Mak and Ming, Kissa Tanto, Farmer's Apprentice, Chambar, Cioppino's, even old guys like John Bishop. Maybe not world class but Vancouver certainly has a strong culinary scene. And the above is only a short list of great places to try. Your definition of snobbery is delightful. You are so blind to your pretensions, which is also delightful (and enormously entertaining).
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