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  1. You’re capable of much better than this, Ted. So disingenuous.
  2. Fair enough, and I can appreciate such a tactic, in so much as it supports the larger strategies you've outlined here. But he has to be careful about all these little moments where he suggests he is our soccer messiah. He needs to do good work and let us and the media call him The Jesus of Canadian Soccer. Again, I am not entirely against self-promotion, but it can derail one's credibility and authority if it is not used judiciously.
  3. Nope, it's almost like you cannot even read! Read my post again. At no point do I take issue with his use of film or his efforts to promote the team and players. You are being disingenuous here. My criticism is aimed at John's patting of his own back. Can't quite fathom how you've misread my post
  4. Maybe some one needs to tell John he already has the job. Interviews are done! Less telling; more showing! Stop patting yourself on the back and let the results prove your worth. I believe in intelligent self-promotion but he has to be careful. He will become a clownish cliche of himself if he doesn't smarten up. He will lose the respect of players, media and hardcore fans !
  5. I vote for Cornelius. James makes me damned nervous.
  6. Fair enough, but they didn't "play terrible". Yes, they were sloppy with their passing at times, and they must clean that up, but let's not overstate things. They've a long ways to go, but they were far from terrible. Naïve at times, certainly. Sloppy? Yup. But not terrible.
  7. And, yes, one has to wonder if guys like Ativan and Tiebert will see much of the field when MAK returns. If Kaye continues to develop as he has, then we have got a pretty impressive two-way midfield general on our hands, one with a damned impressive engine and decent pace too. Of all our players this year, I’ve been most impressed with the development of Kaye and Cavallini and Oso.
  8. Yeah, the pitch is partially to blame, but the guys were a bit sloppy too. Keep in mind that Dominica parked the bus in the second half, and despite this we still added two goals and should have notched a couple more.
  9. Davies’ passing was sloppy several times in the first half, but he set up a nice goal by David and had some nice moments in the second half linking up with Tabla and Oso. Lots of positives to take from this game, especially knowing we played FIVE teenagers! But we need to be tidier in our passing through the midfield. Most of our cheap giveaways were NOT in the final third, which is a bit alarming but easy enough to fix. The field is absolute crap, which I suppose is totally appropriate for CONCACAF, but not good enough for Canada and TFC. Tiebert and Oso were very solid and tidy and played some great balls forward. But we were certainly lacking a bit of cohesion in the middle of the park. Good result early in Herdman’s tenure; much still to do to raise our game to the level of Costa Rica, for instance
  10. Oh, and Rusty will start instead of Oso! (All kidding aside, I suspect we WILL see Russell in this game, perhaps as a sub for Piette at the hour mark. I think Herdman wants to see what Teibert can do.)
  11. Tabla will start; Davies will be a wingback. Mark my words. 😉
  12. Nah, he is certainly not making lots of errors, big or small, in every game. He has made a few big mistakes late in games, but otherwise he has been very solid. Not brilliant, but damned solid.
  13. I like Rusty getting forward a bit--judiciously. But, yeah, the new manager is just holding the reins till the new guy is hired. Having said that, this just shows how crap TFC has been when they lose at home to a pretty mediocre Caps side. (I blame Osorio, the lazy bastard 😉)
  14. The Beaver

    TFC 2018

    But to be fair, the debate is never really over. If Oso continues to play like he has been over the last few games, I think we'll all have to reevaluate his "apparent" superiority over Teibert. Oso has been really good for a little over a year. He needs to keep his levels high to remain the clear winner in this debate. I hope to see a return to form vs. Dominca
  15. He is all-heart-and-guts, all the time, but this gets him in trouble sometimes. He needs a manager who can help him add some soccer smarts to the mix. He IS improving this part of his game, but it is not unusual for guys like Doneil to resort to all-guts as they grow tired, which is what happened here, and on the own-goal in the Canadian championships etc.
  16. The Beaver

    TFC 2018

    No doubt they need a rest. But I think they need to tinker with their backline, too. Bradley should not be a CB. Once rested, he is a beast in the middle of the park. He was sloppy at times tonight, but he did well to shut down Davies on several occasions. He still has plenty to offer TFC. Having said that, I want to see Fraser on the pitch more frequently next year.
  17. The Beaver

    TFC 2018

    Ha! Must admit Rusty has looked the more engaged of the two lately. Oso was almost invisible this afternoon. I wonder if he is worn out. Rusty looked his regular zippy self, notched a nice goal, and caught the attention of Herdman. Hope he sees the pitch vs. Dominica. Pretty sure Reyna is the Caps best player. He’s not the finished product but his skill, composure and soccer smarts are clearly evident. Hope the Caps can keep him. Mutch has shown some encouraging stuff too. I wonder what this team might have looked like had he been healthy most of the season. I have real doubts about Vanney.
  18. Yes, which means at some point we have to start calling for Lenarduzzi to be replaced. We need a serious upgrade in his role, for sure. I appreciate all he has done as a player, coach and president, but we need a fresh brain with better experience at the helm. At some point ownership will figure that out: these guys are smart dudes.
  19. What?! He ain't from the Rock? St. John's needs to adopt him.
  20. The thing that I kept waiting to happen under Robbo's tenure was on field evidence that the Caps were developing a cohesive method of play, that they were getting better and better at playing an intelligent and effective brand of football. But it never happened. The last three years have been particularly telling. I'd almost hold my breath thinking that a string of half-decent games--in terms of cohesive, deliberate play--meant that this team WAS on track, but the next three games would be very poor or disorganized etc. While I will credit Robbo for creating and nurturing a culture of inclusion and hard work within the squad, it became far too evident that he didn't know how to build a culture on the field. This team did not really have an identity. I wish Robbo well. I think he is a good human being. He needs to develop as a coach, but after this firing I am not sure where he'll land next. We've got coaches like Tata in MLS!! Great piece on MLS.com about why the Caps made the move now, with some speculation about Dos Santos as a great choice to take over, especially as the Caps are about to spend some Fonzie Bucks very soon. I believe I heard that at least one other MLS club has its eyes on Dos Santos--immediately--and I would imagine that this may have forced the Caps' to move a bit earlier than we all expected, presuming of course that they are keen on Dos Santos. I will give the Caps FN props for making the move now, especially in light of the fact that the organization has a very real opportunity to take this organization up a couple of notches (because of the Davies deal). This is somewhat akin to the move the CSA made with Herdman, in so much as both organizations recognized the golden opportunities ahead of them and decided they need the right managers to fully seize those opportunities. Bring Dos Santos on! Bring on the next evolution of the Caps!
  21. Bloody brilliant news! Was convinced he'd opt for Cote D. This all starts with Akindele, which is ironic seeing as he may never crack the 18 again. Akindele wins rookie of the year, then chooses Canada. Larin lights up MLS, gets rookie of the year. Hoillet comitts. And then it all starts coming together. MLS has a role to play here, for sure
  22. Caps seemed to lose their mojo after Techera got injured. I think he was more rattled than they presumed. Should have brought Mezquida on and put Reyna on the wing. We had some good periods of play, but Dallas was better prepared, especially off set plays. Tiebert worked his ass off. If only Ghazal could pass the damned ball; he is a great ball-winner and his work-rate is remarkable. Mutch has great vision, but he seems a bit slow and doughy for a guy who played in the EPL. Levis needs more games, but I like what I see, mostly. I'd be tempted to play him wide left with DeJong behind him, especially if Techera is having an off game. As much as we might all want an upgrade in coaching, you have to admit that these guys worked hard for Robbo (and each other). It might be a bit workaday, but he's built a healthy culture for the players. I DO think that the Caps need to take a page out of Dallas' book and bring in a couple of proper DPs, especially an attacking mid like Ledeiro etc.
  23. But Levis has a pretty damn good left foot. Maybe not quite as good as Marcel's, but still...
  24. 5 first half goals fed in from the right. 3 second half goals fed in from the left. Nothing down middle. Makes sense considering the quality we have out wide.
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