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  1. Can't they find some local Torontonian with a scottish accent?. Hey I am all for hiring guys with socttish accents. I mean, they produced nothing here so far so why would we want to change anything? But please, please, let's hire a local coach with a scottish accent and not let an incompetent foreigner steal jobs from our own incompetents!! Geez.
  2. Well, I'll be darned...you mean he never played for the glorious bunch of expurts at the OSA up in Toronta??? Good for the kid, hope he makes Nova Scotia even prouder by making the cut.
  3. They wouldn't go for a Brazilian to take charge - do you think they'd want a Columbian? nahh - look to Scotland next. It fits the pattern.
  4. Ahhh if only our glorious experts would do same here after years of failure.... http://uk.reuters.com/article/worldFootballNews/idUKL09855220080209 Soccer-Guatemala coach Gomez quits Sat Feb 9, 2008 2:23pm GMT Email | Print | Share| Single Page | Recommend (0) [-] Text [+] GUATEMALA CITY, Feb 9 (Reuters) - Guatemala coach Hernan Dario Gomez has quit following a 5-0 defeat Argentina's under-23 team in a friendly international, saying he had failed to make progress in more than two years at the helm. "I'm leaving because I haven't been able to achieve what I wanted," said the Colombian, who led his own country at the 1998 World Cup and took Ecuador to their first finals four years later. "I've been here for two-and-a-half years without making any headway. "My dreams have been shattered and I'm sad because everywhere I've been, I've finished what I started." Guatemala were thrashed by Argentina in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Argentina fielded the under-23 side they hope will retain their Olympic title in Beijing in August. Gomez was in charge for 20 games, winning five and losing 11. His side reached the quarter-finals of last year's CONCACAF Gold Cup before losing 3-0 to Canada. Guatemala, who have never played at the World Cup, start their 2010 qualifying campaign with a two-leg tie against either Turks & Caicos Islands or St Lucia in June. (Reporting by Herbert Hernandez, editing by Rex Gowar)
  5. The page is down today. Hopefully for editing, not censorship! or is it sensorship?
  6. Oh I think the vaccuum would be filled all right. It's already begun! And maybe that's what the CSA wants after all. When you see Steve Nash move in with his money, the 3 pro clubs and the likes starting to do something...it is a sign that some wheels are already in motion to change the lanscape of responsibilities.... The new drivers by-pass the bureaucratic fiefdoms to achieve their goal. Just a thought.
  7. The problem is...and people are not even debating this in the public forum as much as they aim their anger to the bureaucrats of provincial or national organizations, the problem is that these are the so called experts on the pitch that make those decisions. Now, without accusing anyone of bias to protect one's salary...which one would be your priority as a salaried technical expert in any association: win championships to market the expertise you have (after all, winning is proof of development in the eyes of the innocent, right?), or provide the special talent the special roadmap to high achievement (that you can't provide)? And believe you me, I could ask the same question about paid club head coaches. The bottomline: soccer in many corners of Ontario, if not of Canada, is made of micro and small enterprises protecting their income and each preaching the way to nirvanha, whereas soccer in many ther countries is at the post industrial mass production phase of mega enterprises called pro-soccer clubs. Those who know the difference between baloney and prime rib quickly move on the better grounds. Oh, and ya, pro-clubs will drop the technical experts that don't deliver, as carrying deadweight is not in their best interest. Baloney anyone?
  8. Well I kind of remembered clearly that the OSA guy was basically telling Feyenoord that one of those little championship games against PEI or Manitoba (no offense to either) was much more developmental than Feyenoord's academy. Yup. Makes sense to me.
  9. I think he was 12 or 14 and in the Prov program and was invited to train at a dutch academy or club and the OSA actually called Holland to tell them he couldn't go because of an upcoming championship tourney (or something player-centered like that[:I]). The dutch club called Bobby to ask who the heck was this guy calling him, thinking the yound lad was already under contract in Canada...so that was the final straw and the bags were packed.
  10. People often forget they share in the power to do things in their own backyard. Yes the CSA has influence on the system as a whole...but nothing, and I mean nothing but ourselves stop us from being innovative in ways to develop local talent. Bring on the new vision...but also bring on local action.
  11. Here ya go. Finally found their site: www.nacionalatleticoclube.com.br/futebol.htm Guess we'll have to keep an eye on that "sub17" tab in the coming weeks![8D]
  12. I think that early drop outs take place when collectively we focus too early on "weeding out" players to survive the competitve leagues that start at age 9-10. Collectively and systematically, there is not enough willingness or resources to accept and invest in true long term development of players, and part of it is due to lack of support by the very parents that forever move from club to club, or by resources who sacrifice the teaching of the fundamentals (if they master them that is) to the need to market their name or club through winning on the field, and therefore prefer the safety of immediate league successes rather than the risk of long term investment in kids. We are , after all, in an era of instant gratification, aren't we? And I mean, parents and kids alike.
  13. Exactly...and who knows what will happen! You got that right. If only one or two can go a bit farther and actually play in that U17 league, it may open the others for some others who would have never thought this possible. I heard Steven Harper wanted to increase trade with Brazil.How about we send them players and they send us coaches! That's the kind of raw material I don't mind shipping to be processed in another country[)]
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