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  1. Once again you resort to unintelligent gibberish. I believe it should be a requirement of this board that the posters have to have their age stated after their name. Mine would be knowitall54 yes that means I am 54 years of age. I also have the intelligence and knowledge that goes with that age. I have been involved in soccer at all levels and I am on speaking terms with a vast number of the hierarchy within Canadian Soccer both past and present. I am well informed and have been a voyeur of this site for years and have never posted. But I finally thought that this site wanted change and was willing to act instead of whinging and whining but to a certain degree I was wrong. I will still post, but never again will you get inside information from me, and I will be happy to let you carry on sailing into the unknown without a compass or clue where you are going.
  2. Frank Yallop used to be okay around these parts as well, and so did a host of other people, but they arent now. Now they are villified and defamed. Quick question, have you any idea what is meant by the soccer terms " Pork Pie supporter" or " Meat Pie Supporter "
  3. I totally agree, then there would be a seperate area for those that want change and want to do something about it and another area for those that just want to whinge and whine and do nothing.
  4. James Sharman managed to mention the voyageurs and then managed to get the website address wrong by quoting canada-soccer.com. I entered that into the computer and it did not even say did you mean and did not put the correct name up.
  5. There are no smear campaigns here, there are just facts, thre is no anti-Linford agenda just a fact that Linford has been having an open dilaogue for 5 months with John Kelly regarding sorting out and invetsigating the allegations associated with his website.
  6. I know of John Kelly and I am aware of his allegations, as is the entire Executive of the CSA. I am also aware that what he is stating on his website is accurate and that there are several members of the Executive who believe it also. I am also aware that John kelly has been having an open dialogue with Colin Linford for the last 5 months. I am also aware that promises have been made by the Colin Linford on behalf of the CSA that have yet to be fulfilled, and that these same individuals are afraid of opening up Pandoras Box. I am also aware that none of the individuals or organizations named on John Kellys website have ever gone to court to shut down his website, and or stop him from repeating those allegations.
  7. Lee Richardson is a Member of Parliament for Calgary, Alberta. Lee Richardson M.P. is assisting John Kelly with the allegations contained on his website www.minorsoccer.com outling the corruption within Calgary and Alberta Soccer. Documents are now within the possession of Lee Richardson M.P. that originated directly from the offices of the Canadian Soccer Association and implicate the Canadian Soccer Association in the cover up of the corruption. The documents also implicate and call into question the actions of the CSA and specifically the actions of Colin Linford and members of the Executive committee and CSA staff both past and present. These are serious allegations and are being taken seriously by Lee Richardson M.P. As stated on this board the CSA receives funding from the Federal Government and I will be forwarding the letter from the Voyageurs to Lee Richardson M.P. at Richardson.L@parl.gc.ca and would encourage others to do the same.
  8. Now you are getting organized, working as a team, pulling together, one common goal, about time Voyageurs. Here is to the future, and as we all know, the future comes one day at a time.
  9. I contacted the offices of the CSA 1-613-237-7678 and was told the following; The AGM is being held this weekend and the elections will be held on Sunday the 14th of May.The individuals elected to the Executive will now be elected for a 4 year term as per the new by-laws.The position of C.O.O. will not be filled until August.No decision made on the coach and Hart is coaching for the Gold Cup and Mitchell is far too busy with the U20. The Executive are in Toronto and are having meetings all week on a wide range of issues prior to the AGM. Remember this is what I was told by the offices of the CSA. What I was not told by the offices of the CSA, but has been confirmed by 2 seperate sources, is that the individual who was the number 1 choice and was offered the job of C.O.O. did a U turn and rejected the opportunity.
  10. There are many individuals within soccer that are scared of coming forward to tell how it is. They are scared of being ostracised and unfairly sanctioned, including the loss of their job or their position in soccer. You only have to look at what happened to Charmaine Hooper, Christine Latham and Sharolta Nonan all mainstays in the WNT and now banished to obscurity. Their careers all but in ruins. The individuals that sit on the board of the CSA and the Provincial organizations wield a lot of power and are not forgiving. That is why individuals within the CSA contact individuals like Mallett within the media. Unlucky thing for soccer is that there are not a lot of media who are willing to stand up and report what they have been told. It is obvious that people feel comfortable in contacting Mallett so instead of villifying an ally in the media by denigrating him on your forum (the ref) why not try a novel approach by e-mailing him. If there was a whistleblower policy within soccer you would see people coming forward. The AGM is in Totonto, a lot of the voyageurs are in the Toronto area so go and pay them a visit. I thought the letter that was sent by this forum was well written and will achieve a lot of good, so kudos to those involved. Do not be too focused on where the information is coming from. Just be focused on the fact that the CSA are not denying the claims that are being made. Other sporting organizations routinely come forward when so called statements and claims that are out within the world of the media are not true or entirely true, they clarify it with a statement. Why is the CSA so quiet?
  12. How do you know that one of my friend(s) is not Colin Linford? See how little you really know.
  13. GWALLACE76 I have no doubt you will soon have over 2000 posts; That chap from Winnipeg who just posted, has 1990 post(s) or something close, he should be over 2000 by tonite. I have no doubt that you will also not effect meaningful change; I asked you all for " What have you done lately. please inform me of the last meaningful informative, knowledgeable posting any of you have submitted. Posting other peoples work does not count " And what is your response you will invite me for a beer at the next game, wow more talk, I am not on this board to get to know you, I want to know what are you going to do? Please tell my good fellows.
  14. There is distinct similarity between individuals on this board with many posts; 4592 posts, 1157 posts, 1786 posts, some over 2000 posts and yet none of you have effected any meaningful change to soccer in Canada except to attack new posters. The only cowards are you guys that keep whining and taking no action. You get a solution and all you harp on about are the negatives. Your idea of positive is to write slogans on a piece of paper, sorry guys they teach you that at kindergarten. As for being a coward, myself with the able assistance of others will indeed effect menaingful change to the way soccer operates in this country. What have you done lately. please inform me of the last meaningful informative, knowledgeable posting any of you have submitted. Posting other peoples work does not count.
  15. There must be a reason that your monicer is LOUDMOUTHSOUP. I have a solution just keep your eyes and your ears open and your LOUDMOUTHSOUP shut. FACT: Colin Linford may well resign before the upcoming C.S.A. Annual General Meeting. FACT: More and more revelations are being made public within the Board of Directors of the C.S.A. regarding Linfords role in what may be dubbed the "Simoes Fiasco". FACT: These revelations are not just restricted to the Simoes Fiasco but involve other matters that are just as, if not, more serious. FACT: Colin Linford is feeling pressure as the revelations continue to come. FACT: There are certain members of the Board who are trying to relieve these pressures as they do not want Linford to resign, specifically at this juncture, with all of the other pressures facing the CSA. and the upcoming A.G.M. FACT: Others are of the opinion that Linford will have no choice but to fall on his sword. ARE YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN AND YOUR LOUDMOUTHSOUP SHUT? You are just as bad as FREEKICK.
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