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  1. MLS has a per team annual salary cap of $2.3 million (US). The current collective agreement expires on January 31, 2010 (took effect in 2004). Don Garber says he is “very confident” that negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement will bring a result before the current deal expires in January and says talk about a possible strike by players is “totally premature” and “counterproductive”. Nana Attakora (born 1989) is a starter on the Toronto FC defensive line. He earned earned $34,000 in 2009. Fuad Ibrahim (1991) earned $75,000 (base) and $108,000 (guaranteed compensation). Amadou Sanyang (1991) earned $34,008 (base) and 40,563.55 (guaranteed compensation). Fredy Montero (1987) earned $155,000. We’ll see if the league’s young players can obtain a productive agreement. for a complete list of the young ones, have a wonderful click http://nukesoccer.com/mls-2009-talking-the-young-ones/
  2. the OSAs don't have a great anything ... never mind a tactical mind ... and Stooey is very much TFC connected ... for the OSAs, this counts for a lot ...
  3. Parker Meets Leblanc In Inaugral WPS Championship Kelly Parker #7 Midfielder Kelly was born on March 8, 1981 in Saskatoon, SK. She was selected in the 4th round of the WPS International Draft as the 28th pick overall. She is the only Canadian on the Sky Blue FC roster. Karina Leblanc #23 Goalkeeper Karina was born March 30, 1980 in Maple Ridge, BC. She was selected in the WPS General Draft in the first round as the 5th pick overall. Along with Martina Franko and Sharolta Nonen, she is one of 3 Canadians on the Los Angeles Sol roster. The WPS Championship pits the fourth-seeded Sky Blue FC against the regular season champion Los Angeles Sol and will be played on Saturday, Aug. 22 at 4pm ET at The Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. Television coverage begins at 3:30 pm ET on Fox Sports Net. FULL STORY - KELLY PARKER vs KARINA LEBLANC http://nukesoccer.com/parker-meets-leblanc-in-inaugral-wps-championship/
  4. Grant Wahl’s Extraordinary Telling The Beckham Experiment has already become a sports writing classic must read for both soccer and sports fans. In this interview, Kartik Krishnaiyer chit chats with Grant Wahl about the author’s perspective on the events that shaped the book. Listen Here http://nukesoccer.com/grant-wahls-extraordinary-telling-chats-the-beckham-experiment/ bytheway what of conspiracy theories ... what of the future of AEG (and the Los Angeles Galaxy) after the death of Michael Jackson ...
  5. Fun With Christine & Abby Abby Wambach I hope we win Christine Sinclair No, I hope We Win! Christine Sinclair and Abby Wambach have a chat about their favorite dog, their career 100 goal milestone and their respect for each other’s game. http://nukesoccer.com/christine-and-abby-have-a-yak/
  6. right you are mister tee it's all about dollars and cents ... it's all about business ... i've just been wondering if the OSAs have been taking care of their business ... TFC's all for one message TFC is eager to keep in touch with all aspects of soccer in the Canada and offer as much back to the community as it receives. We care deeply about the development of the game and its participants... "all for one."
  7. an informed Ontario official has confirmed that: the OSA provides and has provided TFC Academy permission to play ... 5 year old ontario players pay OSA dues ... does TFC pay OSA dues ... if not, why not ...
  8. yes TFC is the Big Dog yes TFC is affiliated to CSA ... but what does CSA affiliation mean ... remember this topic is about the OSA Play Soccer Conference ... CSA and OSA are two different jurisdictions ... each with their own powers ... not long ago, the OSA voted down a CSA dues increase ... talking about soccer taxation 5 year old kids are paying OSA dues ... why isn't TFC ... talking about TFC Academy betcha the CSA isn't providing permission to play (for dallas cup)... the CSA can but betcha the CSAs don't ... betcha the CSA isn't providing permission to play (for CLS)... the CSA can't, the CSL ain't a national league ... the CSL is under OSA authority .... betcha the OSAs are providing those services to TFC ... should those services be freebie services ... just because TFC is the BEEEG DOGG ... talking about the Toronto Lynx the Lynx used to operate a pro team ... the Lynx held Toronto Soccer Association membership then ... the Lynx holds TSA membership now ... talking about agreements there may be an OSA-TFC agreement in place ... but this Big Dog business is not necessary ... talking about this discussion to nail this down find out which governing body provides the TFC permission play ... and why ... talking about the OSA Constitution Article 3 - MEMBERSHIP c) Professional soccer clubs operating in an International Professional League may apply for Associate Membership in accordance with published rules.
  9. what about the Toronto Lynx then ... the Lynx was also a pro team ... and what of the TFC Academy teams ... those teams have be serviced by governing bodies ... or else no dallas cup, no CSL play ...
  10. the OSAs base their voting structure on dollars and cents ... so it's completely rational ... there are many governance models around ... the USA Senate has that even-steven 2 senators per state business ... i don't believe in giving ontario soccer the same vote to prince edward island soccer ... is TFC exempt from paying dues to the governing bodies the Toronto Lynx is (and forever was) a member of the Toronto Soccer Association ... TFC is not ... yet TFC Academy plays in the Dallas Cup ... yet TFC Academy plays in the CSL ... http://www.torontosoccer.net/memberclubs.html if there is an exemption ... why ...
  11. VERY INTERESTING the OSAs (Canada's largest soccer Association) have gathered in Ottawa this April 15 - April 19 for their 2009 Play Soccer Conference ... http://soccer.on.ca/Publications/AGMBook.nsf/ so why is TFC not an OSA member ... TFC not an OSA associate member ... the club can surely afford it ... the club plays in tournaments (dallas cup) ... the club plays in the CSL ... so why ... Member Organization Votes (OSA Voting Structure) Durham Region SA ... 431 East Central Ontario SA ... 127 Eastern Ontario District SA ... 867 Elgin Middlesex SA ... 259 Essex County SA ... 139 Hamilton & District SA ... 336 Huronia District SA ... 245 Lambton Kent SA ... 109 Niagara SA ... 260 North York SA ... 162 Peel Halton SA ... 1,044 Sault Amateur SA ... 56 Scarborough SA ... 156 Soccer North District Association ... 35 Soccer Northeastern Ontario ... 86 Soccer Northwest Ontario ... 71 Southeast Ontario SA ... 229 South-West Regional SA ... 470 Sudbury Regional SA ... 95 Toronto SA ... 349 York Region SA ... 605 Total Votes of Active Members 6,131 Canadian SL ... 1 Central Girls SL ... 1 Central SL ... 1 East Region SL ... 1 North Region SL ... 1 Ontario Colleges Athletic Association ... 1 Ontario Indoor SL ... 1 Ontario SL ... 1 Ontario Soccer Referees' Association ... 1 Ontario University Athletics ... 1 Ontario Women's SL ... 1 Ontario Youth SL ... 1 South Region SL ... 1 Western Ontario Youth SL ... 1 Total Votes of Associate Members 14 TOTAL VOTES 6,145 glossary OSA = ontario soccer association SA = soccer association SL = soccer league
  12. Carolina's New Crew have a click http://nukesoccer.com/?p=2308
  13. nuke soccer has done, done it ... fire i've got a contract dale yesterday ... goto http://nukesoccer.com/?p=2248
  14. here is the i have a contract interview ... starts at the 13 minute mark ... http://www.team1040.ca/podcast/soccer_show/Full_Time_Vancouvers_Soccer_Show_Jan_18~.mp3
  15. not so i say ... how about the w-league great lakes division ... teams in hamilton, laval, london, quebec city, ottawa, toronto ...
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