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  1. Could not agree with you more. Honestly, that would be a true horror show. On the flip side I've seen a number of great members who like you have reasonable and positive attitudes and the more good people and things will snowball in a positive way. And you will have more of a full life and sleep a lot easier.
  2. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the background and if that's the case apologies in advance. I just noticed recent things like these: POTY Aware Ideas Human Required: Voyageurs Cup Section Manager Human required: Awards Manager Voyageurs Coins - Membership Item Event suggestions for Voyageurs attendance Booth Ideas & Working Trade Shows That is a pretty wide and far-reaching scope and set of actions and the kind of thing I would be really comfortable with being decided on and looked after by a management group of people. I see it more as efficiency and
  3. Sorry thought that had been mentioned as something that was happening. But in general, anything. Right now it's all one person. That's not a good best practice. The more the merrier.
  4. I know it's a very, very difficult thing to accomplish, but I think success is having a system, organization and process in place to be able to walk away, or take half a year off... and still have things running smoothly and growing. Membership, the website, swag, events... it's way too much for one person, sooner or later your quality of life and health will suffer. Whatever the plan is hopefully that's built into it.
  5. The New Year's got me wondering about new beginnings and wondering if there's any update on an expanded platform and leadership, BoD, etc.
  6. I know of a couple of people who use new swag items each year. i.e. 2019 Hoodie, T-Shirt, Basic 2020 Wind Jacket, Scarf, Basic 2021 Jersey, Socks, Basic 2021 Training Top, Hat, Basic etc.
  7. Too bad Venmo isn't in Canada. Top notch. Whatever you choose even if it's just standard web cc annually, I'd setup a couple levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, whatever. Figure out the perks of each. Then publish the members who belong to each class on a page and with a badge on their posting profile.
  8. Yeah you almost had it, it was Masoudi, and I can still hear him hawking his rag... "Soccer Canada! Soccer Canada! Soccer Canada!"
  9. Interesting intersection of both groups at an organization level and the individual. "We don't do all of these things in spite of the CSA, we do them because of them." Not sure if that is wholly accurate. They didn't setup this organization, they didn't create the cup, etc. The impression from that statement is they are the horse leading the cart but I think it's more the other way around. A good start is the mission statement of both groups. The CSA's core business is to "promote the growth and development of soccer for all Canadians at all levels and to provide leadership and
  10. The Voyageur's forum, inasmuch in terms of governance, is pretty much one person. To the question - What should we do with the Voyageurs forum? A suggestion would be have more people share and bear that burden. Shouldn't all be on one person's shoulders.
  11. Sorry this might be easier... the Herdman thread in MNT

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    2. Vic


      Ahh ok you're a champ, sorry thought maybe you were lawyered up or something. 

    3. socceronly


      It's close to that. 

      People want to continue down this rabbit hole. 

      They can be right all they want.  

      We will be destroyed, and effectively lose everything, and they will still be right.


    4. Vic


      Brutal. Tell them to get a room or take it outside


  12. Hi Jeffrey, 

    I was in Barcelona last week and had a real awakening to Spain.  I'd been there maybe 10 times before for work but hadn't been there in about five years.

    I was working with a couple dozen locals, mostly women and had just been out to dinner with a couple on the Ramblas above Catalunya (Ciudad Condal, Cachitos... amazing food) and was just sitting on a bench with them after when it all hit me like a truck at 100mph.  Just how beautiful this place is and these people are.  Not the architecture or design, just how real the people are and their great outlook on life.

    Back in the snow again but wishing I could have stayed.  Have to figure out a way to winter there.

    Cheers, hope life is being good to you.



    1. Unnamed Trialist

      Unnamed Trialist

      Hi Vic (your real name?), sorry, since this was on my profile I saw it then "lost" it, did not mean to ignore you.

      Also was thinking when I saw it you were going to berate me for being a bit of leer on one of my posts on the Women's U-20. That business of me being fond of Nahikari.

      If you are back pls be in touch, I have met a few Vs here over the years, a few I knew from the old Southside at Swangard, like mmaster, others from the board and nothing more. I live in Poble Sec below Montjüíc. Could I ask what you work in?

      As for Barcelona and beauty: I just wrote my monthly column for a mag here on the end of beauty in Barcelona, on it being in a post-beauty phase. I am sure few will agree with me, most of my columns are provocations anyways, the series is called Shibboleths, some are here: http://bcnmes.com/author/jeffrey-swartz/

      There's one there on Barça, I am a club member but not too happy about how the club is run.

      Take care



    2. Vic


      No worries at all, we're all drowning in the digital world.  I miss the good old days before the internet with a half dozen TV channels and writing letters.  Life was slow and simple.

      The bit about Nahikari made me laugh, it's okay for people to pay $20 to watch Alex Morgan or Genie Bouchard to have her "Genie Army" or Natalie Gulbis to fill the fairways at an LPGA event, but even mention you think a player is good looking and you're typecast.

      Garcia's Real Sociedad play Espanyol March 18th, but it's not up on the hill it's over at the Espanyol training grounds.  I spent a day there a while back and got to see their U16 and U18 boys play.  Also saw a roller hockey game in a neighbourhood around the corner which freaked me out.

      I work in technology (NFC or short-range communication - i.e. tap-and-go) and used to spend a lot of time near you at the FIRA.  This time I was up at Diagonal and the CCIB.  Thanks for the invite and will definitely let you know in advance when I'm heading back over.  First beers on me...


      Anarchy and culture sounds really interesting...


  13. Cheers Dalton, welcome.
  14. No I hadn't seen that and thanks, looks fantastic. The weather in Bahrain would be amazing in January and the food unbelievable but I'm not sure about the cultural weather. I struggle to keep an open mind when it comes to women's rights in the Middle East. I'd probably be beheaded or locked up pretty quickly. Not sure the W5 of the trip but if you're over there and have time and can get a cheap flight go to Cape Town. Just an amazing place.

  15. Get over to Sweden for the Euro next year...

  16. Get over to Sweden for the Euro next year...

  17. Hey Ingrid - sorry I've been MIA. Been overseas a lot, working, laming, etc. Just getting around to life and all things human. Looks like you worked it all out fine. Nice professional shot. I like the closer cropped and flipped versions: http://goo.gl/E771G http://goo.gl/5rsEB Heading south at all this summer?

  18. Vic

    Forum Change

    This upgrade is great. Huge bonus. Thanks Jamie.
  19. Vic

    Forum Change

    x10 It's brutal. Surprised the ad network allows banners like that. We shouldn't.
  20. I don't remember it ever being as bad as it is now with page chunks halfway that just spin forever waiting for the ad. It's one thing to put up with the annoyance of ads, it's another when you're constantly having to hit reload. [EDIT] - honestly, when the screen came back after this post the page stopped halfway again and wouldn't continue loading, same deal, right on the right square ad block. I opened the clock on my computer so I could see the second hands and I waited. I gave up on 60 seconds and just hit reload.
  21. Yeah I get it too. Pretty sure it's related to an ad because you can reload and sometimes not get it. There's also some weird Chinese javascript alert popup error on one of the ads too.
  22. Like it too. Paul you have some good experience administering content, what do you think?
  23. Good stuff but I think it was in a Canadian uniform... otherwise we're down to high school and youth club footage.
  24. OK, how about another left-foot? Fast-forward to 1:51
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