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  1. Here are the post game comments from his manager and media pundits: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/47728028
  2. Jackson gets the start up front for St. Mirren against St. Johnstone. Had his penalty saved at 8mins.
  3. Just for fun, I decided to look back and see when Canada's last competitive fixtures were with the other League A teams: Mexico – 2016 2-0 L in Mexico City (2018 WCQ) United States – 2011 2-0 L in Detroit (2011 GC) Costa Rica – 2017 1-1 D in Houston (2017 GC) Honduras – 2017 0-0 D in Frisco (2017 GC) Panama – 2013 0-0 D in Denver (2013 GC) Haiti – 2007 0-2 W in Miami (2007 GC) T&T – 2000 4-0 L in Port of Spain (2002 WCQ) Martinique – 2013 0-1 L in Los Angeles (2013 GC) Cuba – 2012 3-0 W in Toronto (2014 WCQ) Curaçao - never (also applies to when they were the Netherlands Antilles) Bermuda – 1992 0-0 D in Hamilton, Bermuda (1994 WCQ)
  4. Thanks for the update. So, if you're in Canada, you are geoblocked from watching CNL games on both CONCACAF Go and FloFc. What are they going to do when it comes to League A games then?? Highlights on Twitter?
  5. After digging around on the official CONCACAF Nations League Twitter account, they are advertising the games as being streamed on FloFc (a Texas-based company). https://www.flofc.com/ They charge $12.50 per month (presumably USD) and are listing all the CNL qualifying games. They also appear to be the streaming service that DC United now uses... I haven't tried registering.
  6. It is giving me the "no passes available" regardless of whether or not I am logged in. I agree that they are not ready for this. Good thing Canada's final game is being played at home.
  7. Last week I logged into my CONCACAF Go (Oz) account to see if it still worked. I was able to watch past matches and highlights from CNL qualifying no problem. I tried it today though and now the only video content that actual works are short "clips" from past games. After I logged in, it also displayed a box stating "no passes available". It seems as though CONCACAF is getting ready to put up the paywall before Matchday 4. The FAQ section for Oz hints that there will be the following subscription options: day pass, season pass, and monthly subscription. No reference to prices. Does anybody have any more information?
  8. I liked what I saw from Hellstrom in the friendly against Sweden and am glad to see that she is on the roster. Hopefully she gets some decent playing time.
  9. Labbé will be featured in a TSN Original series entitled "One Heavy Medal". It will air today on Sportscentre as part of Bell Let's Talk initiative. https://www.tsn.ca/video/tsn-original-one-heavy-medal-trailer%7E1597805/tsn-original-one-heavy-medal-trailer~1597805
  10. If Canada wins their group, then they play runners-up in Group D (England or Japan). If Canada finishes runners-up, then they play runners-up of Group F (USA or Sweden). If Canada qualifies as a 3rd place team, then they play either winners of Group A (France - or anyone from that group really) or winners of Group D (England or Japan)
  11. It seems to have fixed the problem for me. I am no longer getting the error message and needing to refresh every session.
  12. Iain Hume returned from injury and played his first minutes of the season in Pune City's 2-1 win. Hume came on as a second half sub and played 30 mins.
  13. Jackson has signed a contract extension with St. Mirren until the end of the season. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/2311-simeon-jackson-signs-contract-extension Although he only has the one goal in 5 games, he's not getting great service.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up. That definitely improves Ottawa's chances.
  15. With one game left in the season, the Fury's chances of making the playoffs are pretty clear, but slim. They need to win at home against Charleston on Saturday and then hope that Bethlehem Steel lose their game on Sunday. Unfortunately, their goal difference is so poor that they cannot win any tiebreakers with Bethlehem or Nashville.
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