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  1. As someone who has had to stare hopelessly at a computer screen, trying to type a story after my team had a bad performance, I can understand leaving out the score.

    Hell, I can't bring myself to type that scoreline in a bloody text message yet...it makes my head hurt to just think about how many goals were conceded.

  2. IMO, even though Cavallini is an inexperienced striker, he is in form, scored 3 of his clubs 5 goals this season (on a team that just got promoted to the Uruguayan top flight this year), and has proved to be dangerous.

    he has scored those 3 goals in just 5 games. he was on the bench for 1 game (a loss) and a late sub in another game (a tie)

  3. Yes I guess I am consistent and proud of it. Is there any official word from FIFA that they postponed a decision until after the Olympics in this case? And so far as supporting the WNT I think I have been doing that for at least 10 years now. And our team is good enough to win against France with or without Sinclair had she been banned for that game.

    Yes, FIFA did announce in London that they had opted to defer their decision until after the Olympics. That is NOT common. They have a discipline committee in place at major tournaments for JUST this sort of thing. For that reason, I suggest that CSA likely deserves some credit for getting FIFA to opt to deal with this later. I don't know this for fact but call it a gut feeling.

    Final point...I have no desire to go off topic but I think you would be in a very small minority who thinks our team can beat France without Sinclair. WITH Sinclair they were the 2nd best side but the French just couldn't get a goal and we did....great for us but I'm not going to pretend that we were the better team on the day...just the side that got the goal when it counted

  4. Lucas provides something a little different, that could benefit both Ricketts and Jackson.

    unlike those two, he is effective at creating with the ball at his feet. He is effective setting up in the middle or out wider in a 4-3-3 and putting good balls into dangerous spots. Ricketts and Jackson are more effective, IMHO, when the ball is put behind the back 4 and they are able to use their pace to go get it. They're not as effective having to beat someone 1v1, especially Jackson, who gets physically overmatched out wide and doesn't really have the ball skills to do much more than chip the ball past his marker and try to beat him to it in a foot race.

    I'm not sure Lucas will start but I don't think he will be scared. He's a strong, confident young man and he was the right choice to call up. I just wish he had been brought into the Cuba game because it would have been great for him to get those few days of training in the lead up.

  5. I'm still floored how another player can punch someone out during the Olympics like Andrade did to Wambach and just get two game. How does it make any sense?

    Being suspended 2 games in the Olympics is a FAR more harsh penalty than getting suspended for 4 friendly matches.

    Remember one thing, FIFA bases its discipline decisions on more than what shows up in the media.....they also base it on what is put in the referee's report. Who knows what was written in that report that might have been more damaging.

    At the end of the day, Sinclair got off easy because FIFA decided to wait until after the Olympics to make a decision and for that reason, WNT fans should be thanking the CSA and FIFA, not getting all twisted into knots.

    And yes, the CSA will pay her fine.

  6. ^ I'm sure there is a fair bit of cash involved.....

    The CSA business development department has done a very good job of late in terms of generating new revenue sources for the program + they have done a great job of sponsor retention as well

    IF we make the HEX (coupled with the WNTs Bronze medal), I sincerely believe that there will be a bunch more sponsors ready to send significant dollars to the CSA for the NT programs.

  7. Dino + NASL + Lamport = Win.

    You already have 300 supporters at least ready to go.

    We will volunteer to help fix Lamport up.

    You are too kind....

    if we could turn 300 supporters into 3000 supporters, we'd be onto something.

    I've got alot on my plate right now but come this winter, when things calm down, I plan to do some work on this. As I said, it's been on my mind since 2011.

  8. Is it time some savy investor and soccer lover gets a NASL franchise for Lamport ?

    Downtown location near bars, league with growth and Iconic franchises, see Cosmos, oppourtunity to play in Voyageurs Cup within walking distance of BMO against TFC, Whitecaps, Montreal, Edmonton and soon Ottawa ?

    Imagine five V Cup home games in the Toronto Market, with a team that wins the hearts of its fans based on work ethic on the field and not on marketing dollars ?

    Would a second professional team, a real club in Toronto improve the landscape for soccer in Toronto, giving fans choices ?

    Were you reading my mind? I was thinking about this very thing earlier today (and for the past 12 months or so)

  9. What a brilliant evening all around. The crowd was loud, the Vs were unbelievable, but I was just as impressed with the rest of the crowd. The crowd was educated, passionate and very into the game. This has been my dream for many, many years as a Canadian footy fan. It seems as though the general public are finally learning what great football they are missing out on.

    As for the actual game, wow, I was on the edge of my seat and beyond watching them try and hold on. All my past experiences clouding my judgement, tempering my expectations. Felt like I had to keep telling myself that this was a new Canadian team, a team that can hold a lead. McKenna and Hainault, as has been mentioned, are absolutely anti-air destroyers at the back. Cleaned up the long balls in the last 10 minutes effectively. I will say that I thought Panama never took the opportunity that they can exploit in attacking the wings with pace. The times that they did were when they were most effective. They play almost solely through the middle and work to set up the 1-2 through. I think it's important we are aware defensively of their exploits and really look to congest the middle of the park with our three midfielders.

    Offensively I thought there were some bright spots and we should have been up 1-0 on either of the McKenna headers. At home they are barely defensible, away, they are indefensible. Missing free headers from set pieces is not an option if we want to take a draw or better in Panama City. Our aerial ability off of set pieces is one of our greatest strengths in CONCACAF and one we need to exploit away when chances will be fewer and further in between. I thought Johnson whipped in some excellent balls from set pieces that were touches away from scoring and they will need to continue. The free kick was a touch of genius from Atiba, and the calm, assuredness of Dero. After watching the replay, I'm sure some strikers would miss that sitter only because of the circumstances of being so free. Credit to Dero as well.

    Overall moving into game 2 of the H and H, I have a hard time believing we will keep a clean sheet. I assume we will bunker and play for a nil-nil draw, but I think Panama has too much class moving forward, to not score at home. Our key is to score first and then defend soundly so as to ensure one goal by Panama still achieves a draw. I was impressed with Simeon at home, but I would place Ricketts in his position and hope to counter fast. Bring in Simeon at around '60 for Olivier and let him run at the Panaminian defense fresh with Ricketts matching his pace on the wing. Though I understand and respect the loyalty and dependability of starting Jazic at LB in Panama, you have to believe that De Jong should be inserted into the Jazic's spot. Bring Jazic in late if we have a one goal lead to bring veteran savvy and stability. De Jong will be ideal for the counterattacking football we'll play in Panama.

    Ultimately, we will have to deal with the travel, crowd, referree, pitch conditions and a snarly Panamanian team willing to use every trick in the book against us. Expect play acting, time wasting, etc. The moment we hid the ball under the bench, I knew it was probably going to be a **** show in Panama. I would not be the least bit surprised to see a red card in this game. I almost expect it. Hopefully it's with a one-goal lead at the '75th or later.

    Friends, get ready. That was only part one of our Hex qualifying lives. It only gets more intense from here!

    enjoyed reading this synopsis....well written and good comments

  10. Dino and Jamie, it can't be said enough, Thank you.

    Learn from this example boys. I'm not gonna lecture anyone on financial means, as I don't have a leg to stand on, but if you can take a night off of the club, skip a couple restaurant meals and shell out 100 bucks for 5 friends, it could go a long way.

    Thanks Cal but its Jaime who I top my cap to. If I'm lucky, I'll have moved 500 for this game by the time all is said and done.

    Jaime and the V's have sold upwards of 4000. that is impressive!!!!

    I just sent in an order for 170 tickets in section 118. That section only has 200 in total so there are only 30 tickets left in 118 and a decent number in 117. the South End is going to be JAMMED.

  11. just watched....excellent marketing initiative. High quality production. It has me very excited for next Friday

    gotta give the CSA credit. This organization has evolved in an incredibly signficant way over the past 3+ years. During the Pipe era, they would NEVER have done anything like this

    Well done CSA

  12. So before someone says that DeJong is a shoe in at the LB position over Morgan, think about that for second. Morgan has proven that he can play and contribute against at this level.

    you make good points. no one should underrate the value of being a regular contributor to an MLS team. But I think DeJong starting over Morgan is a lock if he stays healthy...that guy has been jinxed.

  13. There's a little more detail on the Top Drawer Soccer rankings, with the top 20 players from each of the 20+ conferences.


    Jason Mills, IPFW, 5th

    Myles Stanley, IPFW, 5th

    Jason Mills left IPFW. He's over in France right now and I wouldn't be surprised if he turns up on the roster of a good French side soon enough. He's a good one to keep an eye on. He's Technical, pacey, strong/tough (always played a few years up as a youth in the SAAC Academy system and in the OSL U-21 league)

  14. Man Ledgerwood seriously must have compromizing dirt on Hart cause that dude wouldn't be seeing a sniff if it was anyone else's team... playing D2 in Sweden and all AND playing a position we already have strength at... **** me, I'm usually not hyper critical of players on this forum but seriously, drop that bum and bring in a wide player... i.e. Issy or Tiebert.

    Ledgerwood isn't a world beater but he's one of the few guys who seems to play better with the MNT than he does at the club level. Not sure why but he has been very respectable the last few times for Canada and clearly SH trusts him if he needs to use him.

    Issy is a confounding player. He is one of those guys who kills it on the training pitch but is largely invisible on match day. Lots of talent but something is missing with that guy. I don't blame SH for leaving him in Cyrpus.

    Tiebert needs to get more game experience at the senior level with his club. He was good vs. T&T so that means that the staff likely now consider him an option if someone gets hurt but he's not ready to be among the top 22 in a critical series of matches. We need mentally strong, experienced players for these 2 games. That's the same reason guys like REB or Cavallini don't get chosen yet. However, I could see Cavallini get a shot if he starts regularly for Juventud in Uruguay and gets some goals. Results matter.

    to me, the saddest thing in all of this is to come to grips with the fact that Klukowski is pretty much done as a national team player. DeJong is a more than adequate replacement and there is depth behind him but it wasn't that long ago that MK was the best Left Back in Concacaf. Sad to see how far he's fallen

  15. Way to go Jamie and i applaud all the V's for their hard work getting the numbers out for this critical game.

    118 is filling up (I think the quantities I've got committed will fill 118 completely) and I've got various youth teams scooping up chunks of seats in the East End Grandstand as well..

    As for how many tickets have been sold thus far, i think it is safe to assume that the numbers for this one will be equal and possibly greater than the game in June. I'm not sure if there is any activity in the west end upper deck unfortunately. Right now, the focus is on selling out the lower bowl 100% (which would be about 17,000 tickets). I know that when I offered to try to help the CSA again, my hope was that we would start filling upper deck sections but the demand hasn't been as strong as I'd hoped it would be.

    I do feel confident in saying that if our game in October vs. Cuba can be very meaningful and could serve to clinch a spot in the HEX, that stadium is going to be hopping.

  16. The Gyorio's and Attakora's of the world who are marginal MLS talents are going to have to either accept reality at some point or just leave the game. I'm sure it is not the greatest to get paid $35-45k a year (although not horrible for someone in their early twenties), but you get a shot at being a professional player in a place where you understand the language and fit into the culture. Players in baseball and hockey have to fight their way through the minors, there's no reason soccer players, with a lot less money in the system, should be any different.

    Unless you are a superior talent, your alternative is just going bouncing around the secondary European leagues, where no one gives a crap about you, and there are issues with language, race, work permits and getting paid. Stuart Holden and Chris Wondolowski were not making too much more a a few years ago and look where they are now. It's a matter of how much you really want to be a professional. Hell, people intern for free to try and get coveted gigs in the media world, it's time some of these players who are turning down low-level MLS contracts to take a bit of a risk and a chance on themselves rather than holding on to the unlikely dream that some big money European club is going to snatch them up.

    very well said.

    many canadian players don't understand what it takes to make it as a pro. it is resaonbly easy to get a 1st contract....the challenge for so many Canadians is getting a club to offer a 2nd one. Clubs are looking for far more than just talent. They want attitude, discipline, hunger, intelligence, etc.... because lots of people possess talent and technical ability. In today's soccer industry, with so many players looking for a stable club setup, the competition for roster spots, from 1st divisions all the way down to semi-pro, is fierce.

  17. i've heard he has been trying to seek out opportunities with club sides in Europe but nothing all that great has come from it. Unlikely he is "officially" retired at this point but unless a good opportunity presents itself, he is equally unlikely to be on anyone's roster as the 2012/2013 season kicks off. However, if he stays fit and some club finds themselves with lots of injuries at right fullback, he'll likely get a few opportunities to provide some experienced cover

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