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  1. Some news to report on Roberto Stillo.

    Last week it was reported that he and Genoa opted to part ways as Roberto was looking to get game time as a starting keeper.

    Well, he wasnt with a club for long as he has agreed to terms with Parma FC (SerieA) on a 4 year contract. He will be sent on loan to A.C. Perugia (Lega Pro, formerly known as Serie C1) where he will fight for his opportunity to start. His head coach will be former Serie A Golden Boot winner Cristiano Lucarelli

    Roberto had some offers to move to the UK as well but opted to sign with Parma instead. I wish him luck and hopefully, if he gets regular game action, our new CMNT coach will opt to bring him into camp with the men's team.

  2. ^ so well said Trillium....so well said.


    Only thing I will tell you is that the top people at the CSA probably agree with your assessment as well. Now it's contingent on them to do something about it.

    The overwhelming focus on boosting participation numbers at the expense of funding/subsidizing/investing in the the elite end of the sport has been shortsighted. There is obviously some focus now on addressing that but it's going to be a very bumpy ride

  3. I met and chatted with Senor Floro and his son on Friday after the presser. In one word: Impressive!

    He is a man with presence and you can just feel that things are going to be different with him at the helm. I can't predict that success is inevitable but he bring a level of experience, knowledge and, most of all, credibility to the role that will be impactful.

    Ultimately, he will be judged by the results he is able to get from the team but I know that his influence will extend throughout the technical department of the CSA. It will be impossible not to.

    I'm excited and cautiously optimistic that the Benito Floro era will establish a new, better foundation for this program.

  4. From what I read on some spanish website, he is coming with his son, who is a fitness coach.

    That leads me to believe he will be looking to hire some Canadian coaches too, which is important. We DO have some good coaches in Canada but many of them just don't have the kind of experience that someone like Floro has, or they don't have the relationships to get the good jobs. I am hopeful that Floro's hiring ushers in a new era where track record, knowledge, experience and qualifcations earn you jobs at the top level of Canadian soccer.

  5. Details about this tournament are starting to come together. Digz TFC is correct that the Women's event is Open Age and Men's is U22, likely with 3 overage and there will be 8 teams for each gender.

    It might not be widely known but I'm the Chair of the Sport Organizing Committee for the Pan Am football tournament (11v11) to be held in Hamilton and the ParaPan football tournament (7v7 Para Soccer and 7v7 Blind Soccer/futsal), to be held at UofT

    I will be needing ALOT of volunteers for this event to come off properly and I'm hoping we can get a big contingent of V's in the Toronto area to pitch in and help out.

    I'm working with TO2015 HR dept to work out a volunteer recruitment/registration strategy and when completed, I will be back to provide details.



  6. the CSA is still accepting survey submissions for their strategic planning process.

    today, I received a breakdown of how many surveys have been submitted thus far.

    I thought it would be interesting to share this info with this forum

    Data as of June 5



    Newfoundland and Labrador - 6

    Nova Scotia - 11

    PEI - 3

    New Brunswick - 6

    Eastern Quebec - 11

    Montreal - 37

    West/North Quebec - 25

    Eastern Ontario - 91

    Central Ontario - 262

    Toronto - 91

    Western Ontario - 61

    Northern Ontario - 18

    Manitoba - 87

    Saskatchewan - 44

    Alberta - 745

    British Columbia - 207

    Territories - 21

    Total as of June 5 - 1726

    Kudos to Alberta....you guys are doing great. Everyone needs to catch up.

    Spread the word folks

  7. I'd like to encourage all Voyageurs to fill out this survery. They truly do want the process of developing a new strategic plan to be as "crowdsourced" as possible.

    Share this with everyone you know in your personal soccer sphere of influence.

  8. helluva long shot IMO. at least going NCAA route, he has a back up in form of education for his life. heck, even PDL/NCAA is better for his development right now than Finnish 3rd div.

    Schools will always be there and believe me, there aren't many full rides so it would have cost him a fair bit of $$ more than likely to go the NCAA route.

    Going this route ensures that you are being seen by professional scouts, even if they are only pro scouts within Finland. It is definitely a long shot but that is the reality for a young Canadian footballer who has the desire to go pro. Its a crapshoot. Which is why we must address this problem with a Canadian solution.

  9. I've got a few updates:

    In Germany - David Kadoic (windsor native and formally of Windsor Stars and Toronto Croatia) has signed until the end of this season with SV Fortuna Regensburg (6th tier), which is where Chris Suta is currently on loan. My guess (and only a guess) is that he is hoping to parlay a short spell at this club into an opportunity at a higher level. He was a leading scorer for Windsor last year

    In Uruguay - 3 young men who were playing at Oakville Soccer Club in 2012 (with their Senior Men's Team) have joined the ranks of Defensor Sporting in Montevideo. Marco Rodriguez is training with Defensor's reserve side while Adam Bouchard and Nicolas Galvis have joined Defensor's academy (although they can't officially sign with the club until their 18th birthday).

    Rodriguez had previously been in South America (can't remember if in Uruguay or Argentina) and had been called into a U20 camp by Valerio Gazzola but didn't make the final cut. He is a very talented left footer and hopefully can earn himself a contract.

    Bouchard was a member of the OSA provincial program and was up for consideration by Sean Fleming for the U17 program until an injury left him out of the mix. He played for Milltown in 2011 as a 15 year old and is a very technical player who has a lot of potential to go with a huge passion for the game.

    I don't know much about Galvis other than what I saw of him when I caught a match he played in last year for OSC. He is young (not sure if he is much more than 16) and not particularly big but he held his own against a bigger, stronger men's team and was one of OSC's top players in that game. He was coached last year by Rafael Carbajal (assistant for U20 and U23 MNT teams), who was quite high on Galvis' potential to develop into a professional down the road.

    Carbajal is the coach who introduced these three boys to Defensor Sporting.

  10. most of the salient points have been covered well by others so no need to go into much more detail.

    A key point made was that, as a soccer community, we must shed our willingness to accept mediocrity and seek out the best people for the jobs that are available, not the most affordable because we desperately need talented, experienced people working full time in the sport, not just people who are willing to work for free/cheap just to work in the business.

    Overall it was a lively and candid conversation. I will reach out to the CSA and Nick Bontis specifically to possibly organize one more event where people can offer up their input on the strategic plan.

    The CSA does intend to initiate a "crowdsourcing" strategy that will allow the full stakeholder community to provide input on those 4 main Strategic Plan questions. This will allow everyone to have a say in a realistic, cost effective manner, no matter where you live in the country.

    @DigzTFC - i think the word Victor used to describe Daso's status is that he was hired on an "honourarium" basis (not a full time staff coach). Victor made it clear that, in his view, that is a far from ideal sitiuation. They need full time youth team coaches. I think we all agree that must change.

    Also, to clarify, people like Victor and Nick (Board Members) are volunteers, despite how much work they are responsible for. Staff (like Peter, Michelle, Richard, max, etc...) are full time paid employees.

  11. the boy is an outstanding talent. I know he's been to Europe a couple of times already and has impressed those clubs that he has trained with.

    putting Michael in the proper development environment is important but i'm not sure what the ideal landing spot is for this boy. Obviously, a club like Barcelona or Real Madrid would provide a high quality development environment with alot of competition. There are clubs in Germany and holland that would also be very good.

    an MLS academy might be a good spot for him but they don't have enough of a track record at this point to likely provide this highly motivated family with the kind of assurance that their son will achieve his full potential

  12. A club president in the Peel Halton district contacted me about this league the other day. At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about.

    I tried clicking the link to their facebook page but it doesn't appear to work for me. Am I the only one having this issue?

    to Whoever is running this EWL Canada account, please send me a direct message through this site or reply to the tweet I sent you. If you are reaching out to community clubs in the district I represent, I'd like to know more about your set up.



  13. I find it very hard to believe what Montagliani says that 90-100 inquiries have been received. That many people around the world are interested in coaching Canada? Wow! we must be famous and be offering a few million dollars contract! I don't think Mr. Montagliani has received even 10 applications. But I stand to be corrected.

    I have no doubt in my mind that the CSA would have received a large number of applications.

    No matter what we might think of the state of the Canadian MNT program, this will be an in demand position. There are very few MNT jobs in the world to begin with and even fewer jobs available in countries where you have the type of conditions Canada can offer:

    - a wonderful and safe country to live in

    - a job where getting paid is assured and where the salary should be pretty good.

    - a country that plays in a confederation where qualifying for the WC is challenging but feasible within reason.

    - having a program budget that is workable if not generous.

    So, while it is easy to be cynical, I do believe that this would be a very in demand job. Of course, whether everyone who puts their name forward is a good candidate is impossible to speculate. Time will tell who we ultimately get. I don't care if the new coach is available for this month's friendly but I think it would be ideal to have a coach in place for the Gold Cup.

  14. ^ The kudos for Chris' move to Germany ought to be doled out to Windsor Stars, where he has been playing the past couple of years. We gave him an opportunity but we only had him for a short time in 2010. I'm just very happy for him.

    As for implementation, I'm not privy to specific details but I think the CSA did a media call an hour or so ago to provde more information. I'm sure it will be shared.

    I do know that the idea, as laid out in the Easton report, is to have provincially sanctioned leagues operating at D3 who will, in time, benefit from co-ordination from a "national" organization (similar to CHL's role with the 3 Major Junior hockey leagues).

    Lots of work to be done

  15. ^ ted....

    your quote:

    "This troubles me because while Ontario and Quebec might be able to support independent leagues they would be better served as a single region and no other single Province could make this happen alone...My Opinion has long been, and remains, that a successful D3 should be regional play under a national framework with a national cup championship based on the regional winners alongside participation in the VCup competition"

    Your concerns are valid and I feel quite comfortable in stating that the medium to long term vision involves exactly what you are hoping to see happen.

  16. I have seen plenty of kids that would have hit 10K hours by that age in the two countries in which I lived. Ecuador and Japan's improvement on the world stage has been dramatic over the past 10-20 years, at this might be a part of the equation. In Japan, a serious future club player would be practicing virtually every single day through grade school, most of it skill-based training with their coach and teammates. In Ecuador there would be early age club time but also plenty of recreational ball outside of those times.

    Think of hockey in earlier generations when people played on outdoor rinks all the time, especially in Quebec and Ontario, where my father was one of those children in the 30's and 40's. You couldn't get them away from the game, whether it was on an official club or just with the neighbourhood boys. You would have hits those kind of totals for hours on ice (or on pavement) easily. You rarely see that kind of unilateral dedication and enthusiasm for any sport with Canadian kids these days.

    completely agree and your hockey metaphor is perfect

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