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  1. quote:Originally posted by nolando

    Well, well..good second effort VP. Now you've got the hang of introducing yourself.

    We could always use another avid fan joining in on the subjective conversation over our shared passion. Welcome aboard.

    I think if you'll re-read your original post, you would see how it very easily would fall into the category of either; a) someone connected to the business operations of TFC, or B) someone with something personal against Serioux.

    We have had dozens of messages left by family and friends and MNT players (and MNT hopefuls)themselves, as well as numerous volleys fired by media, PR and club reps posing as "just your average impartial fan". Forgive the mistaken identification.

    i guess I'm naive...I figured that this was mostly a fan forum. I didn't imagine that TFC staffers or other PR types would be lurking around trying to spin information on these threads.

    Thanks for the welcome. As we lead up to TFC's first season, I am sure we'll all be chatting it up alot. I'm looking forward to Tuesday's announcements for sure. This mystery international player is the one I am most intrigued with.

  2. quote:Originally posted by theportal2002

    Paul Stalteri has not played a Tottenham game for a while. I'm pretty sure he has an injury. He did not even appear on the sub list for the game against Reading. I'm even suspecting he might be in talks with TorontoFC.

    Don't count on Stalteri suiting up for TFC any time this decade. The money in the Premiership is way too good. as is the level of competition. Once Paul's back healthy from an injured knee (3-4 more weeks), he'll be fighting hard to win back his spot in the starting 11.

    As one of the other poster's mentioned, Tottenham is featuring a bunch of guys that are banged up right now so if Paul can get fit, it's likely he will get inserted sooner than later.

  3. quote:Originally posted by nolando

    Don't you just love these bitter messages left by newbies writing here for the first time that hint at a much more personal (or professional) relationship to the topic than your garden-variety Voyageur. It always leaves me curious...

    Thanks for the warm welcome. :(

    I wasn't aware that having an opposing view = bitterness.

    Yes...I'm a newbie to this forum. I don't normally post often on any type of forum but I've been following the reaction to the expansion draft closely on a number of different forums and simpyl can't understand some people being upset over Serioux being traded.

    I'm an avid Canadian soccer fan of over 20 years. I am also an excited TFC season ticket owner.

    I don't think TFC lost much by trading Serioux and they got a proven offensive talent in O'Brien. TFC will be loaded with Canadian talent that bring the same type of skills to the table as Serioux would have. He has an awesome throw in but there is nothing else that he does that would rank as anything more than just Average/Good.

    O'Brien will be a big help to a team that will likely struggle to produce offense (all expansion clubs, in all sports, generally find it tougher to score than established teams). Defensive fundamentals can be more easily than Offensive flare. Canada produces lots of defensive minded players. Serioux is one of many. We don't produce a lot of creative, offensive talents (at least not many that would make themselves available to TFC).

  4. Serioux is not someone worth fretting about. Just an average player with one notable talent, that being the ability to throw in the ball like a rocket launcher. His throw-ins are definitely impressive.

    O'Brien is top-notch. Serioux isn't. This was a good trade.

    All those allocations they got from the other trades will come in handy as they attempt to lure other Canucks home from Europe.

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