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  1. thanks for the update. I can see that Timko is talented but those numbers are impressive. In a few years, she might be a good offensive partner with Sinclair (if the coach allows them to play a more up tempo style)
  2. This coach is pathetic. I have watched at least a dozen WNT matches over the past 3 years and have been uninspired by what I have seen. The Canadian ladies have talent. I liked what I saw from some of the players. They may not be as talented or deep as the USWNT but unless they start to play a more positive style (ball control rather than Dump 'n Chase) there is no chance that they ever get to the top of the podium in the woman's game. Other countries are catching up and overtaking Canada already. I have been so pleased to see the MNT start to play a ball control style and look good doing it. Now it's time for Pellerud to start to teach the "modern" game or step out of the way and let someone else take these ladies to the next level. The style of play being preached is so restrictive, especially for the midfielders. We'll never know how good some of these women are if the continue to play that style. On the positive side, despite the poor tactics, some of these women really impressed me (specifically Gayle, Hermus and Sinclair, who was definitely playing hurt). I will be curious to see how this team fares if they can get healthy all at the same time. What ever happened to Ayesha Jamani (from Calgary...I hope I spelled her name right). I saw here score a ton of goals for the U-20 team a couple of years back but have not seen her since.
  3. I think BringBackTheBlizzard is bang on with his assesment. All those allocations that Mo has traded for will likely be used on 1 or more players with some degree of name recognition (they might not necessarily be Canadian but recognizable nonetheless). If they happen to be Canadian, TFC will likely have to pay a bit of a premium (the same way CFL teams pay non-imports a premium just for being Canadian). I can't believe TFC would really have to pay a big transfer fee for Sutton but I believe signing him would be a good move, even if for PR only, because he is a Canadian international and has had good success in the USL. If the stories of a 6 figure transfer fee are true, Saputo must have his shorts really in a knot over Federal funds building us a nice stadium in Toronto. Why else would he impede the progress of one his star players. You would think he would be proud to seeing one his guys move up to a bigger league under normal circumstances.
  4. VPjr

    MLS expansion draft

    i guess I'm naive...I figured that this was mostly a fan forum. I didn't imagine that TFC staffers or other PR types would be lurking around trying to spin information on these threads. Thanks for the welcome. As we lead up to TFC's first season, I am sure we'll all be chatting it up alot. I'm looking forward to Tuesday's announcements for sure. This mystery international player is the one I am most intrigued with.
  5. not bad...much better than the other 3.
  6. Don't count on Stalteri suiting up for TFC any time this decade. The money in the Premiership is way too good. as is the level of competition. Once Paul's back healthy from an injured knee (3-4 more weeks), he'll be fighting hard to win back his spot in the starting 11. As one of the other poster's mentioned, Tottenham is featuring a bunch of guys that are banged up right now so if Paul can get fit, it's likely he will get inserted sooner than later.
  7. VPjr

    MLS expansion draft

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I wasn't aware that having an opposing view = bitterness. Yes...I'm a newbie to this forum. I don't normally post often on any type of forum but I've been following the reaction to the expansion draft closely on a number of different forums and simpyl can't understand some people being upset over Serioux being traded. I'm an avid Canadian soccer fan of over 20 years. I am also an excited TFC season ticket owner. I don't think TFC lost much by trading Serioux and they got a proven offensive talent in O'Brien. TFC will be loaded with Canadian talent that bring the same type of skills to the table as Serioux would have. He has an awesome throw in but there is nothing else that he does that would rank as anything more than just Average/Good. O'Brien will be a big help to a team that will likely struggle to produce offense (all expansion clubs, in all sports, generally find it tougher to score than established teams). Defensive fundamentals can be more easily than Offensive flare. Canada produces lots of defensive minded players. Serioux is one of many. We don't produce a lot of creative, offensive talents (at least not many that would make themselves available to TFC).
  8. VPjr

    MLS expansion draft

    Serioux is not someone worth fretting about. Just an average player with one notable talent, that being the ability to throw in the ball like a rocket launcher. His throw-ins are definitely impressive. O'Brien is top-notch. Serioux isn't. This was a good trade. All those allocations they got from the other trades will come in handy as they attempt to lure other Canucks home from Europe.
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