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  1. Of course not all of the Old Firm supporters are bad...just a few pockets of dopes that give them a bad name.
  2. Don't act like Rangers fans are anything to be proud of either. A gang of them murdered Thomas McFadden for wearing his celtic strip. And we all remember the crossbow incident. Both clubs have complete retards as supporters, and only the most delusional dope couldn't see that.
  3. Well Radz is playing today...confirming your suspicions.
  4. I was just following your logic from previous threads. It seems you can make statements about anything, but when someone else makes a statement you pull the "were you at the match/event" card.
  5. Prove he isn't hurt. Unless you talked to Fulhan's team doctor you're really not in position to make such comments.
  6. A domestic league seemd to help the US quite a bit
  7. How do you know that K-head? Were you at the match? Were you in the trainer's room?
  8. I hate to say it, but I think they're toast. Once Canada is officially eliminated, they should try and do their best to cap every solid young prospect they have that has a chance to play for another country.
  9. Someone should ask the players where they would prefer to play. Maybe Neil Davidson will bring it up in an interview somewhere down the road.
  10. Sounds like they hired SkyDome security guards for this match.
  11. I agree Massimo, let's see a game in Montreal. The Impact have been drawing good crowds.
  12. Isn't Aguiar coming off an injury?
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