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  1. DoyleG

    CPL General

    But let's watch Bill Manning choke on his pizza.
  2. He finally realizes what MLSE is really about.
  3. Useless in Victoria. I have an antenna and the only networks I can get are CTV Vancouver Island and the Rogers stations in Vancouver (the latter have a rebroadcast transmitter based in Victoria).
  4. He can use all the cheese graters he wants to now.
  5. Someone bumped this thread. Now I feel old.
  6. Darts already has contracts with European sports channels. The deal is meant to make up the supposed lack of fans watching due to the time it is put on air in Canada.
  7. DoyleG

    CPL Stadium Thread

    To be fair, I went by Westhills a couple of days ago and nothing hasn't been started on expansion for Pacific FC either.
  8. DoyleG

    CPL Stadium Thread

    I guess that the Military Museums must be just the same as Calvary FC. 🙄 Sorry, Calgary has been as part of the cities identity. Hard to ignore given that CFB Calgary used to occupy a large portion of the city including some land along the Bow River. Even the old home of Calgary soccer has military ties (Sorry, but its not Foothills). You cant erase that fact no matter how hard you try.
  9. I see that some Fury fanatics overdosed on the Ottawa moonshine today.
  10. I go away for 6 months. I come back and find that the Fury FO and fans are becoming as paranoid as the Sens FO and fans.
  11. Men Canada v. Costa Rica – ’96 Oly Qualifier Canada v. Australia – ’96 Oly Playoff Canada v. Panama – 98 WCQ Canada v. Cuba – ‘98 WCQ Canada v. Cuba – ‘98 WCQ Canada v. Mexico – ‘98 WCQ Canada v. Honduras – ‘06 WCQ Canada v. Brazil – U20 Friendly Women Canada v. Denmark - ’02 U20 Women’s World Cup Canada v. Japan - ’02 U20 Women’s World Cup Canada v. Nigeria - ’02 U20 Women’s World Cup Canada v. England - ’02 U20 Women’s World Cup Canada v. Brazil - ’02 U20 Women’s World Cup Canada v. United States - ’02 U20 Women’s World Cup Canada v. Mexico – Women’s Friendly Canada v. Germany – Women’s Friendly Canada v. England – ’15 FIFA Women’s World Cup
  12. This. Not owning the property hurts his overall value and also limits what he can leverage out of the club in regards to investment. Whitecaps would be in a similar position since they have to rent BC Place and leasing from UBC when WFC2 was running. The expansion money that is supposed to be coming in has to be taken with some considerations. The payouts that the teams get wouldn't be as great as thought with the $150M fee. USSF and SUM get their shares of the pie before any of the money trickles down to the teams. With it being divided equally and paid out over time, the amounts each team will get won't be as large. Miami would be getting in at a discount as MLS has to keep up its end of the bargain with Beckham & Co. They have to convince prospective owners that the price is worth it and someone will balk in the end.
  13. We should take into consideration that TFC seemed to be riding high and were a goal away from playing the likes of Real Madid.....six months ago. SIX MONTHS AGO Now TFC is out of the playoffs as the bench strength wasn't as deep as people thought. Winning the CCL helps alleviate the issues but now you have fans getting tired as winning the title might not matter much, especially if TFC can't repeat even a good performance in the CONCACAF CL. The emergence of a new league would certainly worry the MLS clubs as younger players now have a viable option to further their careers than playing for TFC II or whatever the Caps and Impact can provide. Ottawa certainly has to have this worry themselves as the non-local talent is considering their options.
  14. The more of a training camp that you have, the better a team has to gel and learn what your teammates are capable of. This tournament doesn't help with its small size and basically only needing to win a SF to qualify. The league issues don't seem to jive when you see the problems the NWSL has been having. Boston folding the way it did an Sky Blue being nothing more than a patient waiting for life support to be switched off. Having the USWNT players paid by the USSF takes away a financial issues, but it leaves the players feeling less loyal to the clubs that they are a part of. This can be seen when Lloyd walked away from the Dash for "personal reasons" after the Rio Olympics. All the complaints about the unfair prize money from FIFA but nothing as equal in regards to the NWSL from the player pool.
  15. We need to remember that the USVI is still pretty fucked over thanks to two hurricanes hitting the island. The USVI Basketball team had to play its home games in the Bahamas, even though they had a facility capable of hosting it.
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