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  1. Tie game in Haiti. Canada currently in first... yknow... in case they decide not to score(Cyle I'm looking at you!)
  2. same. I'm in France. Trying to figure out if this game is being overhyped when it most likely is an easy 3-0 win... likely going to stay awake until we've scored 2 so I hope Herdman puts out his attack formation like the previous two matches!
  3. Why did we make him come to this game at all? Cap tie BUSTI already. Even if he goes bust in Italy, he's gonna end up in the MLS or CSL. We can't risk a guy who's on Italy's radar.
  4. cmon, it's florida so they're likely snowbirds!
  5. 8-1 but how can I name the scorers til I see how late they leave David on the bench?
  6. Same crew as always will be meeting at Scots corner on Dundas Street in London(Ontario) for all the games. Volume will be on.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/events/515909821945574/ London event fixed! Please tell your friends in the area!
  8. London is set up and ready to go. https://www.facebook.com/events/537410923127288/
  9. nice that we are still attacking. id say this one is in the bag, im going to bed. #saidnovoyageurever
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