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  1. Interesting tidbits about Hegerberg's upbringing from NYT: Hegerberg’s parents instituted various rules — though they were meant to embolden their children, not constrict them. For example, they never drove their children to soccer practice. “They had to go to training by running or by bike,” Stein Erik Hegerberg said. “If it’s not important for you, then you won’t go.” The Hegerberg children were encouraged to make their own choices, and to learn from their own mistakes. And, above all, they were told to always, always remain humble. “You can always criticize upward,” Stein Erik Hegerberg said, “but never kick downward.” Those values, at the same time, will keep her away from the biggest platform of all: the Women’s World Cup next summer in France. Last year, Hegerberg quit the Norwegian team after determining the organization was not — in her view — doing enough to support the women’s program. Hegerberg’s decision to quit the national team kept her up for many sleepless nights, she said. But after she made the announcement, she said she felt a huge weight lifted from her shoulders. The new peace of mind, she mused, has played a role in her ascent as a player. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/11/sports/ada-hegerberg-lyon-ballon-dor-twerk.html?emc=edit_th_181212&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=770267681212
  2. Cathal Kelly of the Globe just put out a piece discussing the top 100 ranking and no discussion about Canada winning next year outside of Canada. He concludes The seventh-ranked Dutch had six players on the list. The sixth-ranked Australians had five. If the Guardian’s judges are to be believed, Canada – working with one proper striker well into athletic middle age, the 10th-best defender in the world and a collection of backup staff ranking between 101 and infinity – has managed to regularly plant itself among the very best. For this to be true, Canada must have the greatest coaching staff on the planet, in any sport. Life has handed them lemons and they’ve made Dom Perignon. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/article-the-canadian-womens-soccer-team-and-its-perpetual-holding-pattern/?cmpid=rss&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  3. It is a bit jarring but only Ashley Lawrence would have an argument to be on the list. Our sum of the parts has been better than our individual parts. Credit goes to Herdman. And this isn't one author's view but the top 100 is based on votes by players, coaches and journalists from around the world - including two Canadian journos.
  4. red card

    CPL TV Contract

    EPL moving to DAZN is bad news for the sport's exposure in Canada at least for the short term. EPL is the highest rated football on Canadian tv. It took a generation but EPL is now viewed by the average Canadian sports fan as part of their sports diet. They'll watch the big match ups just like they watch the big NBA games. EPL, World Cups and women's success are what moved the needle for football in Canada. Now other than 15-20 matches on NBC, one of the pillars will disappear for them. The average sports fans has no real reason to pay $15-20 for DAZN on top of their cable bill. The most watched sports in Canada are still on tv - NHL, Jays, Raps, curling, CFL and NFL (only hard core fans signed for DAZN since it was basically the Sunday ticket package). And the casual viewer is completely lost - though the silozation of viewing appears to be an unstoppable trend. Serie A back on TLN is nice but it didn't move the needle in the 90s and will not now given how Serie A has fallen off. Possible addition of a CPL match or two or UEFA Natons Legaue and more CONCACAF World Cup qualifying matches would also be nice but it doesn't replace the loss of EPL and Champions League.
  5. red card

    TFC 2018-2019 Off-season

    Media coverage is a reflection of the no interest in MLS when no Canadian team involved. It isn't a good enough league to warrant casual interest when there is no rooting interest. Confused at the US college football coverage today int the Sun as the big weekend was last week. Nothing going today other than Army/Navy which is more of a symbolic interest than football interest.
  6. In Guardian's countdown to top 100 woman players, Sinclair is ranked 16th. Buchanan is only other Canadian player on the list so far at 83. Sinclair continues to defy the odds and it is no surprise that, even at 35, she continues to lurk around the top end of the rankings. Nine goals and six assists ensured she was at the heart of everything good the defending NWSL champions Portland Thorns did in 2018, even if it meant ending the year as runners-up on this occasion. Canada’s captain also had another highly influential year for her country, scoring eight goals as they qualified for the World Cup and Sinclair personally closed in on Abby Wambach’s all-time international record https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2018/dec/04/the-100-best-female-footballers-in-the-world-2018
  7. Because of widespread abuses, you can't train as a team whenever you want in the NCAA. They have limits on the number of hours of practice and during which months practice is allowed. In this respect U Sports is better as you can have a team practice whenever you want.
  8. As you noted, Fleming is an outlier. Going to a school with a well known rep for being tier 1 in education and sports. And she is majoring in a tier 1 program in terms of job prospects and salary. But many of the Canadian women are signing with tier 2 level schools in sports and tier 3 level in education. Because the US college system was the only place developing women soccer players, it has made the US ranked #1 for most of the time. But as with men, once the Euro clubs get serious about women and European society becomes more open about women playing sports their methods will easily outclass the seriously flawed US college soccer system.
  9. red card

    Kadeisha Buchanan

    Guardian is slowly rolling out their top 100 women players this week based on voting by various stakeholders including 2 Canadian based journalists. #83 is Buchanan: Buchanan has found it difficult to gain regular game time at Lyon, although that should be no reflection of her quality. She had only featured three times in the French domestic season by late November but has been a more regular member of the team in cup matches. Despite those frustrations the defender has added two more titles to her CV this year and continued to be a key part of Canada’s defence as they secured a spot at the World Cup. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2018/dec/04/the-100-best-female-footballers-in-the-world-2018?CMP=share_btn_tw
  10. Spain was easily the deserving winner. Real final was Spain vs NK where both teams looked like they knew how to play football. Now we'll need to see if all this youth success is seen in the senior team next year. Canada looked again off on attack. Continued to have lots of difficulty getting decent chances and shots on goal. It appears the system of play is to play like Spain but the Canadian players just haven't received the training to be at Spain's skill level and be able to think quickly to move the ball faster and pass it accurately over longer distances beyond triangles. That being said, despite losing to Mexico and NZ, I think there is more potential senior team players on Canada's team. Mexico was better coached and both Mexico & NZ played with much vigour and played their systems more cohesively. Other than NZ's keeper (should have been golden glove winner) and one defender, they looked ordinary. Didn't notice any Mexicans of note probably because with the influx of American trained players on the Mexican team, the skill level has eroded but they are much more athletic and fit. It was good to see Huitema grow her game and finally try to dictate matches on her own.
  11. If the aim was to win, it was the wrong starting line up. Both Walk & Akindjou have not had impressive tourneys - especially Walk. Then I thought Wilkinson learned the mistake of putting Huitema on the wing from the first match but I was wrong. Then with losing the defensive rock in Rose, adding two new faces on the backline is very unorthodox. Plus, Vallerand has played better than Portelance. Antoine's mistake was not accepting she lost the ball. instead she went hard charging after the player rather than cutting off the angle and banking on Karpenko to make a save if needed. Wilkinson corrected her major mistakes for the second half but given they were behind, they weren't as composed on the ball and Mexico did a decent job of clogging up Canada. The rest was what we saw of Canada in the tourney - limited offensive skills and iq in midfield to unlock the opposition. Limited set pieces achieved to give a chance for Huitema to put one in.
  12. About half of the teams were sub par relative to their past performances (Japan, Brazil etc..) or simply bad in absolute terms (Uruguay, South Africa) Even the mostly good teams had at least one bad match (Ghana, Germany, NK & Spain). Only three teams have outperformed: Canada, Mexico, NZ. But they haven't looked always good. Mexico was scoreless with South Africa (2nd worst team), NZ barely beat Uruguay (the worst team) and was outclassed by Ghana and we know Canada's lacklustre first halves and looking like a really bad team against Spain. Basically, the traditionally good teams did not deliver this time around, the outperformers haven't played at the level the traditionally good teams have shown previously and there has no been no stand out performances by any individual player ex Germany goalkeeper vs USA. Most of the matches have also been ordinary to boring. The handful of interesting encounters for neutrals was in the group with NK/Germany/USA/Cameroon only.
  13. The starting back line and goalkeeper continue to be the strength of the team and also have the most potential for senior caps. When only one played against Spain, it showed how much they were missed. As a good striker should do, Huitema scores with the limited and half chances she has had. Thankfully, Wilkinson moved Huitema from her the wing after the first half of the first match. The midfield is the weak point. But Balata had her best match against Germany. She seems to have a good football iq but will need to be more consistent in passing and first touch. The others show flashes of quality only like Shaw's run, Kazandjian's goal and Novak's pass for the goal but they then disappear for most of the match. In all matches, they had a hard time unlocking opportunities with runs, dribbling or passes. Service to Huitema has been poor. Shaw and Kazandjian corner kicks have also been inconsistent. And once we get beyond the top 13-14, there appears to be a large drop off in quality. Except for Spain, this has been the weakest group of WC u17 teams I have seen. Individually, there has also been no stand out players emerging as the next superstar. Only area of improvement has been goalkeeping.
  14. Japan was in a mess going into WC. Coach was let go for some issues dealing with a staff member. Replacement coach played all different line ups and everybody in the four matches. He was the u20 coach, so maybe more interested in seeing players for next u20 team? And just watching Japan in their first match vs Brazil, they looked off. So, loss is an aberration as they have won almost everything else in the past year including u20. NZ didn't look impressive other than being organized. They were in the weakest group which helped them advance for the first time. I didn't see anything where they have put a system in place to make this success repeatable. They really shouldn't be getting an auto bid for all the youth WCs.
  15. TSN has decided MLS playoffs between American teams supersedes a quarterfinal match involving a Canadian youth national team. I haven't seen any Canadian media interest in MLS playoffs and there is no discussion on our forum. But at this point, no live TV for Canada match. At least Sportsnet would have offered a stream option but no sight of it on TSN's site. In fact, all the quarters are being shown on a delayed basis. Canada match will be aired 1 day later on Monday afternoon. Update: Stream now available for Spain vs NK on tsn and Canada is listed to be streamed.