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  1. red card

    CPL General

    CPL should ask Huawei. I see Huawei is now a sponsor at Impact matches.
  2. If you're going to NKU, you're prioritizing nothing. NCAA doesn't do much for your development - better to stay with Whitecaps or try CPL. Education wise, NKU is a low ranked place to go - can get a way better education staying in Canada using student loans.
  3. Defense looked good again. Other than the goal, Nigeria wasn't close to doing anything on attack. Riviere got an assist and a hockey assist, so she has played herself to at least being a sub and maybe even one start. Huitema wasn't too visible. I think she needs Sinclair on the pitch with her till she knows better how to make use of space and make better runs. Overall attack was again often stymied in the final third. The starting forward line rarely take on the defense in the final third and there is little to no play within the box trying to unlock the back line.
  4. As I have mentioned previously and as noted by Kent, there isn't a lot of interest in CNL by US fans. And most importantly, the US support fervour level for the MNT is probably at its lowest level in this century with missing the WC, one year of aimless play under an interim manager, stupidly high ticket prices for friendlies and various missteps at the federation level. While they have some promising youth players, they aren't yet given playing time by the new manager and/or haven't shown much yet at their clubs. Pulisic is having a so so year and is injured again. Interest will pick up for WCQ. If they play good at the GC, a bit more will pay attention to CNL. Based on various website chatter, most of the talk is about how they can (if they can) get to Cuba and how many will defect. And with Canada, they know Davies, some MLS players and many still think we're crap (understandable since we haven't beat anybody of note and they haven't seen any of our CNL matches). Nearly all haven't heard of David or most of our Euro based players. I would say 80% can't name Herdman as our manager. Some do know our defense is the weak spot.
  5. Much better than Algarve. We rarely beat a team ranked higher than us, so this was also a step forward. But still finding it hard to create good opportunities. Very little action in the final third. At least this time, they took a couple of good shots - one which led to the goal. Defensively Canada continues to look quite good. So, if they play a quarter or semi like this, I can see a pathway to advancing which I didn't see post Algarve. England looked dangerous quite often on attack in the SheBelieves Cup while I didn't see the same pace and incisive passing from them in this match, which in some part is due to Canada's defensive organization. If it was in the WC, Lawrence would have likely switched with Chapman to deal with Parris and/or Chapman subbed out at the half. Buchanan was named player of the match. SZ also was solid. Riviere looks to be a heir apparent. I believe Matheson & Quinn were injured. Rose hasn't seen much action recently which is likely why she got some minutes. I hope though some of the others get some playing time against Nigeria on Monday.
  6. No one expects the CPL to outdraw the EPL consistently. Based on average tv ratings, MLS in Canada fails to outdraw the EPL ex when TFC was in MLS Cup, a couple of playoff matches between TFC/Impact and TFC in Champions League final. MLS isn't also the watched football league in the US either. Liga MX holds the number one spot and like in Canada, average tv ratings favour EPL over MLS.
  7. The US advantage is that they get the extra FIFA ranking points for winning/drawing at a continental championship but the rankings don't account for the fact all their matches are at home. Canada gets a bit of advantage from the experience of playing away matches but we really benefit much more if it was played in Mexico, Costa Rica or Jamaica. Moneywise, it is best for CONCACAF since ticket sales will be in US$ and they can charge the highest prices in the US than in Canada or Mexico.
  8. This. The Americans aren't coming in droves. They never have to Canada matches. Plus today, they're disillusioned with their national team and their federation. Attendance is in decline. Ratings are off. There is very little talk about coming to Canada on their sites - all the interest is about if there is any chance they can get to Cuba. Most are behind the curve and think Canada is just Davies and some journeyman MLS guys. US will need a good performance in terms of results and style during the Gold Cup to gin up any interest.
  9. Also from article, another example of a local youth club coach betraying Canada: “My club coach at Brampton made contacts with a guy down in Florida. He told one of the national team scouts to come to New York, watch a kid play named 'Ayo'. We beat Red Bulls, 5-0, I scored two goals,” Akinola said. “After the game, I saw two national team scouts, wearing gear, standing at the field. I didn't really pay attention to it. A couple weeks later, in March [2014], I got my call-up.”
  10. We lost another youth player...but this time to tennis. Felix Auger-Alliasssime said football was his second best sport. The Telegraph compared FA2 to Mbappé. “In football, I can be pretty handy. I think it's my second best sport. I was a left winger. I can run pretty fast. Either I make it into the centre or I cut and shoot. I have done tests on my speed, but I don’t have the records. But I think he [Mbappe] would be a bit faster than me.” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tennis/2019/03/28/tennis-prodigy-felix-auger-aliassime-rapidly-making-first-name/ It's good to see a golden generation of Canadian athletes cropping in the major sports the world plays. It started with the 2010 Olympics with Canada finally come to the fore in terms of winter sports. Now, we're seeing it in men's basketball, tennis and men's football.
  11. It has been on a downward trend in recent years. Not making the WC has hurt and will temper having a lot of Americans in Vancouver. We got the same number to watch FG that US got against Ecuador and just slightly less vs Chile. Also, when they played in BMO on the CSA 100th year, there weren't that many Americans anyway. Plus, they'll get a chance to see them a number of times during the Gold Cup. Only reasons for Americans to show up in Vancouver is that US Soccer charges more to watch the US team than world champions France. So while attendance has fallen off, revenue has increased on the backs of $50-300 tix. With the lower loonie and cheaper CSA prices, it might be a bit cheaper to watch in Vancouver even with the cost of the drive.
  12. Herdman had the women's team play that way for some time, so I would say yes in seeing it against other CONCACAF teams at home. Maybe see less of it playing WC qualifying in Mexico, Costa Rica or Honduras.
  13. For the broadcast, they missed about 3 plays because of being in replay and focusing on one player (which is the most infuriating). There was also a handful bad camera changes which could be director's fault or camera guy. These looked like issues expected for a first time crew and maybe a crew not used to filming it the way Mediapro wants. Stuff TSN usually misses on for Canada matches but were showed yesterday were players in tunnel, anthems, camera on jack behind goal and more views of Voyageurs (TSN tends to show people in the prawn sections). Sound was also mixed better.
  14. I would like to buy the scarves that were worn at league and also HFX press events.
  15. I was at BMO last time US played in Canada, atmosphere was ordinary. Small group of Americans made the trip. No goals probably contributed to it. On the women's side it is a different story. I prefer Mexico or the Central Americans since our achilles heel is playing in their stadiums.
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