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  1. red card

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    Not as mainstream as today but not off the radar with CBC showing the WC on tv in 82. 500k in streets of Toronto after Italy won. CBC got 1 million to watch the 86 Canada WC match vs France. And Manic/Whitecaps were getting 50k for a handful of matches.
  2. Another Canadian in the French league with fifth place Paris FC - looks like the trailblazing of Lawrence/Buchanan is paying off. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canadian-rebecca-quinn-signs-paris-fc/
  3. red card

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Could it be due to the makeup of the coaching and front office staff? Hart has obvious connections to T&T. Other clubs appear to have little or no connections to American soccer, let alone Central America.
  4. red card

    CPL TV Contract

    The NFL fans are the group that still gives DAZN blowback - check DAZN's twitter account. So, if you're used to 4k or HD quality and easy switching between games, DAZN is a downgrade. I didn't give DAZN much thought when it came to Canada. But given it is now headed by the former boss of ESPN (who only left because of the cloud of some addiction) and is backed by a Ukrainian-born media tycoon who oversees a $20 billion empire that includes Warner Music, it is a force to reckon with. It charges the most in Canada but it actually offers the most programming in Canada. This tells me our sports media companies are still being run by traditional guys who aren't willing to pay up for programming beyond the big 3 of hockey, baseball & football and also curling. That's likely because they can easily get cheap content from the US sports networks.
  5. red card

    Jordyn Huitema

    Average salaries in top leagues like French, English & German are about C$50k. In top clubs such as Lyon, the average salary is about C$250k. NWSL average is only about C$35k. Top players in top clubs in these leagues make more around C$100k - which I believe is the closer range for Lawrence & Buchanan. Elite players in top clubs make C$200-300k. Elite players haul can be 2-3x higher than their salary based on marketing deals. Plus, as with the men, there should more opps opening up for woman players after their playing career is over.
  6. red card

    Jordyn Huitema

    I like the decision. Full time training + getting paid good bucks for an 18 year old (will make more money than I did at 22 coming out of university). She'll be a good role model for other top end Canadian youth players to look beyond the NCAA. This is the proven model on the men's side. So, for the women's play to advance to another level or two, they need to devote more time to their development vs the part-time and limited breadth of the NCAA. We already see this advancement in countries like Spain. For Canada not to fall behind, we need more players in the top clubs sooner. I prefer she ends in Europe with their infrastructure, technical skills, football culture and money advantage over the NWSL.
  7. red card

    January 2019 #CanWNT training camp - Spain

    Not exactly a compelling performance by Canada (but off season for many vs Norway mostly in mid season form). Again, the subs brought more dynamism to the team than the starters. Hellstrom looked good coming on as a sub and set up Sinclair for the goal. Sinclair again largely non-existent for the match but scores on basically her second goal scoring chance. While Norway had a number of stellar chances, Labbe made some solid but expected stops.
  8. red card


    Hopefully, it is just a placeholder. Otherwise, no reason to wear black when Norway is wearing all white today.
  9. red card

    CPL TV Contract

    Some interesting broadcasting tidbits from UEFA's annual benchmark leagues report: The 20 Premier League clubs received €1.8B ($2.05B) more TV money than they did a decade ago and 54% of Premier League revenue comes from TV rights. Sweden has the most equitable model in respect to the distribution TV money with a ratio of 1:1.2. The Premier League ratio is 1:1.3 while Portugal is 1:15.4! The only countries in Europe that don’t sell TV rights centrally are Cyprus and Portugal. Celtic received six times as much from participating in the Champions League group stage as they did from Scotland’s domestic TV deal. Only Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid banked more TV money than the 20th Premier League club. Other tidbits: In the 2018/19 season, there are 62 different manufacturers across the 54 top divisions. Nike 18% and Adidas 16% have a combined market share of 34%. Joma, Macron, and Puma are the only other manufacturers with a market share of more than 5%. In the last decade, the number of leagues with a “split-season” format has gone from 8 to 18. Northern Ireland has the highest percentage of foreign ownership - 6 of 9 (66%). The Premier League is just behind - 13 of 20 (65%). For most clubs, the matchday fans remain the heartbeat of the club, but the percentage of overall club revenue that is accounted for by ticketing has continued to decline, falling from 22% in 2008 to 14% in 2017. Iceland has the shortest domestic league season, with a total duration of 155 days. https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/OfficialDocument/uefaorg/Clublicensing/02/58/98/12/2589812_DOWNLOAD.pdf
  10. red card

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    An euphemism from Davies: Davies, wearing No. 19 at Bayern, said training now is “very different” to what he was used to at the Whitecaps, and that he is determined to make the most of his chance. https://globalnews.ca/news/4853495/mens-soccer-alphonso-davies-bayern-munich/
  11. red card

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Nope, this is Sportsnet. They leverage their content across all channels. So, they have shown afternoon weekday Bundesliga matches many times before. Though, this might be the first one since the opening weeks. And most matches are always on Sportsnet World or online on Sportsnet Now.
  12. red card

    NCAA Canadians 2018

    Even MLS teams don't think anything of the potential of NCAA players.
  13. red card

    CPL TV Contract

    DC United becomes second MLS team to go with a stream package rather than over the air. Though at least with LAFC, it was part of the Youtube tv package where you get other channels for $40/month. DC is going standalone with flosports which charges $30/month but DC package will offer a lower rate. Based on comments, reaction is negative given free matches will now cost. Some say it should be free for season ticket holders. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/01/07/dc-united-cuts-cord-will-show-most-games-via-pay-streaming-service/?utm_term=.9a38eec69e17
  14. Like the 4 nation idea but not your teams. We need to play against a variety of team styles that ideally are close to our group opponents. Plus, it is a no no to play against a group opponent before the World Cup (i.e. NZ).
  15. red card

    Herdman new head coach

    Herdman interviewed on fan650. Says Canada's talent has always been 4-5 ranked in CONCACAF but obviously have underperformed. Likes Davies mind strength and character. https://www.sportsnet.ca/650/sportsnets-starting-lineup/herdman-alphonso-davies-single-minded-pursuit-success/